Yellowstone National Park fun facts for kids

yellowstone national park fun facts

Yellowstone National Park is a natural wonder in the State of Wyoming, USA. However, the park boundaries may extends to the other states of Montana and Idaho. The park was established by U.S. Congress, signed by the president Ulysses S. Grant on March 1, 1872.

Yellowstone National Park is also said to be the first to be established national park in the world. The park comprises of several different ecosystems, but subalpine is the most abundant in the park.

The park spans over an area of 8983 square kilometers, comprises of lakes, rivers, canyons, and mountains. There are a few active volcanoes in the national park such as the Old Faithful geyser, the most prominent feature of the Yellowstone National Park.


In the recent years, documentaries of different kinds of mammals, reptiles, and birds have been filmed in the park.

A few animals in the park are considered endangered to the World. Grizzly bears, wolves, bisons, elks, mooses, mountain goats, mules, and mountain deers are a few common animals in the National Park.


Yellowstone National Park fun facts to read

Did you know where the Yellowstone National Park is? There are lots of other questions in your head that need answers. I have compiled a few Yellowstone national park fun facts that you would love to read.

  1. The park lies at the high waters of Yellowstone River that gave the park its name. A large portion of the park is located in the Wyoming State, however, boundaries may extends even far to the Montana and Idaho States.
  2. On March 1, 1872, U.S. Congress established the park, and the president Ulyss S. Grant signed the park document under the US state law. It is said to be the first national park established in the World.
  3. There are about 300 active geysers in the park. Among them, Old Faithful geyser is the famous and most prominent feature of the park.
  4. There are 67 different species of mammals documented in the Yellowstone National Park including some canine mammals such as grizzly bears, black bear, lynx, wolverines, and wolves.
  5. The grand canyon of the park is approximately 24 miles long, some 0.4 km to 1.21 km wide, and 1200 feet deep.
  6. There are more than 300 geysers in the Yellowstone National Park. The park experience 2000 approximate earthquakes every year.
  7. There are more than 40 major waterfalls in the park and approximately 290 in total.
  8. It is the first national park to be established in the World.
  9. Yellowstone National Park is one of the 30 super volcanoes recorded all over the World.
  10. Grand Prismatic pumps 4000 gallons of hot water in every single minute, making it the largest hot water spring in the North American continent.
  11. Eruption in Old faithful geyser happens after every 91 minutes.
  12. Yellowstone National Park is the largest source of fresh water, around 3.3 million acre-feet of water, in the Western United States.

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