Where to buy traditional Finnish clothing online

People in Finland love fashionable dresses made by high-end fashion designers. However, love of the traditional dress, kansallispuvu, is still there in the hearts of the people. To keep their traditional values at the highest esteems, many companies such as Marimekko and My-O-My are selling traditional Finnish clothing online.

Marimekko was started by Armi Ratia, who has given deep respect to classical and traditional Finnish dresses. As she have brought to us a beautiful collection of clothing with a mix of traditional and modern patterns. It is not just Armi Ratia, but other fashion stars also contributed a lot to Marimekko. After the start of the company, Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi joined the company to help it manufacture clothing having colorful and stylistic patterns.

After Merimekko, several other fashion labels were introduced in the country’s fashion industry. Designers such as Ivana Helsinki, Samuji, Minna Parikka, and Mirkka Metsola opened their own labels in Finland. These designers have been given a great respect in the international fashion world.


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How to buy Traditional Finnish clothing online

There are several high-end fashion houses in Helsinki, Finland. You can take your ride to any of the top designer’s houses to buy your favorite collection of clothing. Another approach is to buy traditional dresses at the official websites of famous Finnish labels.


Artistic style and colorful patterns define the focus of Marimekko clothing brand. The company makes all kinds of clothes using different types of Fabric. You can buy a variety of different traditional clothing, knitwears, and classics from their local stores in Finland. Or you can buy Marimekko clothing from their official website (see references).

Tiger of Sweden Store in Finland

Tiger of Sweden is official from its parent country of Sweden. However, it has several hundred of stores in different countries of the World including Finland. While your trip to Finland, you can buy dresses from Tiger of Sweden at their store located in the capital city of Helsinki.

Halti Store

Warming, comfortable, and reliable clothing from Halti can help you ride across miles in the wild forests and mountains in Finland. They design beautiful winter clothing such as coat, jackets, mufflers, and footwear for men and women. You can locate Halti store in Helsinki, capital. Or you can visit their website.


My-o-My got the entire package of clothing for people of all ages. You can buy all types of clothing including traditional, classics, modern, and knitwears. You can also buy clothing for your young ones at their official web store.

Vila Store

Vila designers have a vision of designing and creating feminine clothing while focusing on details and patterns. Buy sensual Vila dresses from its store in Helsinki or from the official website.


Lindex is another place where you can find fashionable clothing from yourself or your family. The brand is making colorful and stylistic clothing enriched with emotions and trust. Spreading love, building trust, and customer satisfaction is the main focus of the company. If you buy their collection of clothing, you will soon become a fan.

Sand Concept

Sand Concept is a Danish clothing store with several niche stores in different countries of the World including Finland. You can buy traditional Finnish clothing on the company’s store in Helsinki. Multiple clothing types and categories are available at their store. Don’t feel shy, as you can always buy their clothing from their official website.

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