Top high-end fashion designers in Denmark

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Modern styles in clothing have impelled many Danes in the Nordic region of Europe, such as the happy people of Denmark, where born up, are many innovative fashion designers.

Trending clothing from Denmark is valued by many high-end fashion houses and magazines of Europe. Norse Project and Soulland introduced people a huge collection of high-end fashion dresses.

People need to know about the big names in the Danish clothing industry. Take a deep look at each of the high-end fashion label in Denmark.

Photo by danmarksdesignskole CC by 2.0

Elka Regntøj

People need soft, waterproof, and heartwarming wears and tears in the harsh weather conditions of Denmark. In such a time, people always adapt to the best winter clothing designer, which is Elka Regntøj. The company provides winter clothing collection to their valued customers.
It all started, in the year 1958, in the small town of Karup, where Ejnar Lauridsen opened his store to sell durable rainwears to the Danish fishermen, policemen, and people who work in the open fields. Besides selling rainwears, Elka Regntøj also sells clothing accessories to their customers at their designer’s house in Denmark.

Asger Juel Larsen

People value skills, and fashion entrepreneur proved he is the champion of designing skills. Achieving the first position in his degree at the London College of Fashion in 2009, Asger officially started his career in the fashion industry of Denmark.

Asger values purity, quality, and sensuality in the clothing he designed for every season of the year. Fusing the classical textures with the modern-day textural style, Asger is introducing his valued clients a sensual, romantic, and durable collection of clothing.

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Karl-Oskar Olsen & Brian SS Jensen (Wood Wood)

Fashion entrepreneurs Karl-Oskar Oslar and Brian SS Jensen were born in the capital city of Copenhagen, at the time, when street culture was new to the people of Copenhagen city. Together with his friend Brian SS Jensen, he founded the streetwear brand, WoodWood, which is considered as the best streetwear for men and women in Denmark.

Their streetwear were styled by fusing artistic patterns, music, and urban culture with high-end fashion sport-wear and streetwear. You can visit WoodWood fashion store at Grønnegade 1, 1107 København K, Denmark.

Kjetil Aas

Fashion changes with time and every season breads new styles and patterns in the clothing. Kjetil Aas, born in Norway, learn a lot from his studies, skills, and experience in the fashion industry. He implied all his efforts to create seasonal, trending, and contemporary collection of fashion dresses.
He started his own label, i.e. Armoire Officielle in Denmark. The brand provides people all different kinds of dresses including trending, cultural, and contemporary dresses for Danish men and women.

Silas Adler & Jacob Kampp Berliner

Two innovative designers, i.e. Silas Adler and Jacob Kampp, brought to the Danish people a new aesthetic collection of clothing, which is more inclined to menswear as compared to womens wear. In the year 2002, they founded Soulland, as their co-owned fashion house in the Copenhagen city.

At Soulland people can buy contemporary and streetwear dresses including T-shirts, knitwears, pants, caps, outerwears, footwear, and jackets. Visit their webstore (see references), to discover more of their collection.

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The brand collection is praised by many designers and critics in well renowned fashion magazines including ID Magazine, Bangkok Post, The Guardian, The New York Times, and a few others.


Elka Regntøj

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