Top famous Brazilian female singers of all times

Female Brazilian women attracts eyes of crowd all around the World. People also need to heard their voices, especially songs of famous Brazilian singers in all kind of music genre. To make it a little easy for you, I have compiled a list of famous Brazilian female music stars.

Famous Brazilian female singers you must know

Some of the best Brazilian female singers are outlined below:
1. Elis Regina (pop, Jazz, rock)

Elis Regina was a famous Brazilian female singer from Porto Alegre. She arosed to prominence after winning singing competition during TV Excelsior festivals, in the year 1965. Her first album was Viva a Brotolândia, which she recorded in the year 1961. In 1982, she died at the age of 36.

Top 5 albums of Elis Regina

  • Elis
  • Tom & Elis
  • Falso Brilhante
  • Elis, Como & Porque
  • Vento De Maio

2. Marisa Monte

famous Brazilian female singers

Marisa Monte by Larissa Barreto CC by 2.0


She is a composer, instrumentalist, and music producer. Marisa has received appreciation and awards in many singing festivals. Mais is the first album that she recorded in the year 1991. A few of her albums are listed in the top 100 music albums of Brazilian singers.

3. Maria Rita (Jazz, Samba, )

Maria Rita inherited singing from her parents, Cesar Camargo Mariano and Elis Regina. She has recorded several music albums including, Maria Rita, Segundo, Samba Meu, Elo, and Coração a Batucar. Beside recordings, she also have a list of live albums including, Redescobrir, Coração a Batucar, and O Samba Em Mim.

4. Ivete Sangalo

Ivete Sangalo is the most popular Brazilian female singer. She has recorded several successful solo albums and paired album with her fellow star, Banda Eva. Ivete Sanalo is the first label by the music star. Billboard called the theme song, Sangalo, as the Brazilian’s Queen Song. Besides singing, she also an actress and a TV host.

5. Gal Costa

Gal Costa is a legendary Brazilian rock-pop music singer. She started her career at the concert, Nor, por exemplo, in the year 1964. She performed alongside the famous singers, Veloso, Gil, Tom Ze, and Maria Bethania. Gal Costa recorded her first album, Domingo, in the year 1967.

6. Daniela Mercury (Pop, Samba, MPB)

Daniela Mercury is a famous Brazilian female singer who has sold about 20 million records Worldwide. She is also a TV host, actress, and songwriter. Her Latin album Balé Mulato – Ao Vivo won her Latin Grammy and APCA award.

7. Asturd Gilberto (Samba, Bossa Nova)

Asturd Gilberto got Latin Grammy for her great music performance of the song, The Girl from Ipanema. She has recorded her songs in several languages including, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Japanese. Many of her songs were featured in several Hollywood movies including, Once I love, Juno; Fly me to Moon, Down with Love, and many other movies. Beside singing, she also has performed as an actress in different movies in Brazil and other countries.

8. Maria Bethania

Maria is an MPB singer and stage performer. She release her first song Carcara in the year 1965. In 2015, Maria was nominated for the 16th Latin Grammy award. She has got 50 studio albums in 47 years of her career.

9. Rita Lee

Rita Lee is a famous female singer from Brazil. She was the member of Brazilian rock band, Os Mutantes. In her music career, she has sold more than 60 million albums Worldwide.
She is also an animal right activist.

10. Claudia Leitte


Claudia Leitte is a famous female Brazilian singer, songwriter, and Television personality. She is also a judge in the Voice of Brazil. She recorded her first solo live album Ao Vivo em Copacabana in the year 2008. As Mascaras was her first studio album that topped in the Brazilian billboard in the year 2004. She has performed alongside many other famous singers including Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez.

11. Nara Leao

Nara Leao was a famous Bassa Nova singer from Brazil. 1960’s military dictatorship turned her to a political singer. She also appeared in the famous album, Tropicália: ou Panis et Circenses, for the song, Lindoneia.

12. Clara Nunes

Clara Nunes was a famous Brazilian samba and MPB singer. Due to her excellent performance, she was called as the Queen of Samba. She has worked with several music composers including, Nelson Cavaquinho, Paulinho da Viola and Chico Buarque. She started her song recordings in the 1970 and onward. In 1974, her album, Conto de Areia was sold, 300000 copies approximately. She died in the year 1983 at the age of 40.

13. Cassia Eller

Cassia Eller is a famous rock/MPB singer from Brazil. She is rated as the 18th greatest vocalist and 40th best Brazilian music by the magazine, Rolling Stone. Cassia has recorded several studio albums including, Cassia Eller, O Marginal, Veneno AntiMonotonia, Dez de Dezembro, and several other songs. She also has recorded several live albums and solo compositions.

14. Bebel Gilberto


famous Brazilian female singers

Bebel Gilberto by Gergely Csatari CC by SA 2.0

She is the daughter of the female singer, Miucha. Her father, João Gilberto, was also a singer and songwriter. Tato Tempo is the first popular studio album by Bebel. She has sung song tracks of many famous movies and TV shows including, Eat Pray Love, Rio, Six Feet Under, and Nip/Tuck.

15. Paula Fernandes

Paula Fernandes is a famous female Brazilian singer, songwriter, and arranger. She is associated with many other World class celebrities including Taylor Swift and Shania Twain. In 2011, VIP magazine readers named Paula as the 16th most beautiful female of the World. She is also one of the few most googled celebrities in Brazil.

16. Anitta

Anitta started her career from Youtube, where she posted her first video. Recognizing her talent, Furacao called her to sign a contract for the song Meiga e Abusada. After which she was picked up by the Warner Music Brazil. Her song Show das Poderosas got her nation wide popularity. It reached to the top of the Brazil hot 100 Airplay chart. Beside recording, she also has sung songs for several films, tv shows, and documentaries.

17. Ana Carolina

Ana Carolina is a Brazilian singer, composer, and musician. She has sung music in several genres including, MPB, Bossa Nova, Samba, Jazz, Folk, Salsa, and Rock. She has recorded 11 studio albums and several singles. Also she has appeared in many live shows and concerts.

18. Beth Carvahlo

Beth Carvahlo is a Samba singer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She recorded her first album, Andanca in the year 1968. She has a career of 40 years of singing with many studio albums and singles.

19. Baby do Brasil

Baby Consuelo is a famous Brazilian performer, singer, and composer. She has recorded several albums with her partner singers Novos Baianos and solo songs. Sem Pecado e Sem Juízo is the best album of Baby do Brasil that has sold more than 1 million copies.

20. Mallu Magalhães

She is a famous Brazilian female singer and songwriter. Mallu has recorded her first solo album in the year 2008. She also is a band member of Portuguese-Brazilian band Banda da Mar. Her group won APCA trophy in the year 2014.

21. Alcione Nazareth

Alcione Nazareth is a popular female samba singer from Sao Luis. She recorded her first single in the year 1972. In 1974, she went to Portugal where she recorded her first full-time album. In 1975, her album LP, A Voz do Samba achieved gold state status. She has recorded several albums in other different countries according Portugal, United Kingdom, Argentina, and Chile.

22. Pitty

Pitty is a Brazilian rock singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Admirável Chip Novo was her first studio album that has sold about 370000 copies, Beside that she has recorded several great titles with many famous music stars including, Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, The Cure, David Bowie, and U2.

23. Zizi Possi
Zizi Possi is a Brazilian singer from Sao Paulo. Her mother, Luiza Possi, was also a singer. Most of her albums are in Portuguese. Some of her famous labels include, Flor do Mal, Pedaço de Mim, Zizi Possi, Um Minuto Além, Tudo Se Transformou, and several other studio albums and live concerts.

24. Joyce Moreno

Joyce is a singer-songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She released her first solo album in the year 1968. She also recorded another other popular album Encontro Marcado with Philips studios. Joyce has sung and recorded several of her songs in many other countries including, Japan, US, UK, Germany, and other Latin American countries.

25. Maria Gadú

Maria Gadu is a MPB/Samba singer from Sao Paulo. She released her first studio album, Maria Gadu in the year 2009. Her single, Shimbalaiê, hit at the top of FIMI chart for about five weeks. In 2015, her album Guela was nominated for the 16th Latin Grammy Award.

26. Céu

Ceu is a Brazilia singer-songwriter from Sao Paulo. Her first American album was released on Sixth degree record in the year 2007. She composed the music two Oscar nominated movies Central Station and the City of God. Her recent album is Tropix that she released in the year 2016.

27. Mart’nália

Martnália Mendonça Ferreira started her career at the age of 16. Due to her talent, many artists promoted her including, Caetano Veloso and Maria Bethânia. Due to their help she paved her way to the top in the Brazilian music industry. In 2015, she was nominated for 16th Latin Grammy Awards in the best Samba category.

28. Zélia Duncan

Zelia started her career by winning a content organized by Fundação Nacional de Artes (National Foundation of Fine Arts). She has performed in many live concerts in Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, and Porto Alegre. In 2008, she released CDs and DVDs of the shows in which she has performed. Her famous labels include, Outra Luz,

29. Vanessa da Mata


She is a famous Brazilian female singer and songwriter. She has won Latin Grammy Award in the MPB category. Vanessa has released four successful albums to reach the heights of Brazilian music. Vanessa is also a songwriter and novelist.

30. Nana Caymmi

Nana Caymmi is a female singer from Rio de Janeiro. Her recorded her first performance in her father’s studio album, Acalanto. Her album Bolero was one of her most successful albums. In 2013, Caymmi, along with her brother were nominated for 2014 Latin Grammy Award in MPB category.

31. Fata de Belem

Fafa de Belem is a female singer who has sung several popular songs in several categories. Most of her songs belongs to the category of MPB, Samba, and Lambadas. She also sung a track for TV Globe Soap Opera, Gabriela. Fafa 2005 album, Nono Millennium was sold a total of 500,000 copies, in its month month of release.

32. Vania Bastos

Vania Bastos is female singer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She officially started her own career in the year 1986. Vania Bastos best albums include, Canta Mais, Belas Feras, Cantando Caetano, Eduardo Gudin, and Vania Bastos.

33. Maysa Matarazzo

Maysa was a singer, songwriter, composer, and actress from Sao Paulo. Her first studio album Convite para ouvir Maysa was recorded in the year 1956. In 1957, she release her second studio album, Maysa. She became a popular singer not only in Brazil, but also in other countries including, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France.

34. Lenny Andrade (Jazz)

Lenny Andrade is a famous Brazilian female singer from Rio de Jeneiro. She has released several successful albums and singles. For her talent, she shared the Latin Grammy award with Cesar Camargo Mariano, for the MPB music category. She is considered as the greatest Brazilian Jazz singer and songwriter.

35. Georgia Brown
Georgia Brown is an Italian-Brazilian singer. In 2005, She was listed in the Guinness Book of World Record for hitting the highest vocal range for a female; approximately eight octaves. Her famous albums include, Black Nature, To da Floor, Hearts Beats, The Renascence of Soul, Body on Body, and many other albums.

36. Marina Lima
Marina Lima is a successful Brazilian rock singer and songwriter. Fullgas is the best album of Marina Lima. Her hit singles include, Fullgás, Veneno, Mesmo que Seja Eu, and Me Chama. Her other hit albums include, Simples Como Fogo, Olhos Felizes, Todas, Virgem, and many other albums.

37. Negra Li

Negra Li is a singer-songwriter from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She also has performed as a lead actress in musical drama-film, Antonia. She has sold over 300,000 copies, albums, and other solo songs.

38. Danni Carlos

Danni Carlos is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, and music composer. She has recorded several hit albums and singles. She has also performed in two films, i.e. A Mulher Invisível and Quanto Dura o Amor. She has won awards and nominations in her music career.

39. Tania Maria

Tania Maria is a jazz-pop singer from São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil. She has performed in several jazz festivals all around the World. She has performed alongside with many famous stars including Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson, Sammy Figeuroa, and Eddie Gomez.

40. Celia Mara

Celia Mara is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Her famous music records include, Santa Rebeldia, Bastardista, Necessàrio, and Hot Couture do samba.

41. Leila Pinheiro
Leila Pinheiro is a female singer from Belem. She has recorded several successful albums and singles in her career. Some of her greatest albums include, Leila Pinheiro, Olho Nu, Alma, Bênção, Bossa Nova, and several other labels.

42. Zeze Motta

Zeze Motta is a Brazilian actress and singer. She is one of the best Brazilian black actresses. Besides acting, she also has recorded several albums. A few of her best albums are: Gerson Conrad, Zezé Motta, Negritude, Anunciação, Dengo, Negra Melodia , and many other albums.

43. Fernanda Poto

Fernanda Poto is a Brazilian drummer and Bossa singer. She has worked with many other female singers and producers. Her song ‘Sambassim’ is one of her best and most popular songs. Fernanda Poto best albums include, Fernanda Porto, Giramundo, The Best Of Fernanda Porto, Ao Vivo, and Auto Retrato.

44. Lisa Ono

Lisa Ono is a Japanese-Brazilian singer and songwriter. She is also an ambassador for MPB, Brazilian pop music. Her famous albums include, CATUPIRY, menina, Namorada, Amigos, NaNã, and several other albums.

45. Rosa Passos
Rosa Passos is famous Brazilian female singer and guitarist. She recorded her first debut album, working with lyricist, Fernando de Oliveira, in the year 1978. In 2004 she released her most successful album, Amorosa that reached the number four position on Billboard World music chart. You can discover and download her CDs and DVD from her official website.


46. Aline Barros

Aline Barros is a famous singer, presenter, and songwriter Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. She has won Latin Grammys awards in the category of Christian music. Best albums of Aline Barros are: Fruto de amor, Aline Barros & Cia, Extraordinário Amor de Deus, Graça, and several others.

47. Elza Soares

Elza Soares is a Samba and MPB singer from Brazil. She started her career by performing at the talent show hosted by Ary Barroso. She has won several awards and nominations due to her extraordinary singing talent. BBC London gave her the title of “the singer of the millennium”. In 2016, She performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, Rio de Janeiro.

48. Virginia Rodrigues

Virginia Rodrigues is one of the best female Brazilian singer. She recorded her first album, Sol Negro, in 1998. The album was produced by Celso Fonseca and labeled at Rykodisc. It received a great number of sales in the United States and the other European countries. The TImes of London described her as the “the new diva of Brazilian music”. A few of the best albums of VIrginia Rodrigues are: Sol Negro, Nós, Mares Profundos, and Recomeço.

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