Top 7 best places to live in Galway, Ireland


best places to live in galway

Getting to know the Irish culture, language, music, and traditions will be an amazing experience for those who have a grasp of the history of Ireland. Such as Irish local fairs, festivals, celebrations, and other related events.  ‘The tribal city of Ireland’, i.e. Galway, offers you a great number of income resources plus tourism and theatre life. That is why it is one of the best cities to live in Ireland.

Top 7 places to live in Galway City

Interesting to fly there? If you are interested in beginning a new life or to enjoy sometime in Galway, you first should know some of the best places to live in Galway. Secondly , you need to buy a great house or rent your home; I am sure you will find many great Irish neighborhoods for home living in this city.


Salthill is the most beautiful but an expensive area to buy a home in Galway. There are pubs, hotels, villas, amusement park, beaches, and much more you can find in this part of the city. Leisureland is a notable amusement park located in the salthill.

Advantage of living in Salthill

Obviously it is a great area but for those who have higher economies and can afford to live by paying expensive rents or can afford to buy houses that might cost them €775000.

Disadvantage of living in Salthill

Real estate prices are very high in the area. You must have higher economies or high paid jobs to get a great rental home in the Salthill.

City Centre

The obvious reason to get your residence in the city centre area is that people can get to visit all the cultural and historic places of the Galway city. People can enjoy nightlife, eat food from great number of hotels, or spend some time in the museums or other places of interest in the Galway. It is a culture rich city and hoping to become the cultural capital of Europe in the year 2020.

Knocknacarra is located on the Gaeltacht region of the city. The best part of buying a home in Knocknacarra is that it is affordable as compared to Salthill and the City Centre. Houses are available at the price ranges between €350000 to €450000. Rapid development in the area, made it one of the best places to live in Galway City.

If you have a lighter pocket then you can afford to get a rental or buy a home in Roscam. Prices of homes in Roscam ranges from €250000 to €355000. It will take only 15 minutes to reach city centre from Roscam. It is a family friendly location which would the best thing for people who come here with their families.

Taylor hills

Taylor Hills lies just a few minute walk from the Salthill. Houses are affordable as compared to the neighborhood. People can enjoy their fun time while visiting the beaches or other tourist spot in their nearby neighborhood area.


Rahoon is just a few steps far from the City Centre. So you can get anything you want; such as travel hotspots, theatre, museum, culture, food, and nightlife. It is also a cheaper neighborhood of Galway as compared to other places, previously discussed.


Doughshika is the sporting hub of the city. Merlin Woods FC sports club is located in the Doughiska. It is an affordable neighborhood as there are many cheap houses in the Doughshika. People can get a cheap home at price of €175,000. The price range may differ so that you can choose the home that suits your budget.

Lastly, you can also compile all the information on a sheet and start to check which of the neighborhoods in Galway serves your family the best way possible. Then you can move your family to your desired home.

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