Top 10 South African fashion designers to watch for


Eccentric and glamorous South African designer’s clothing not only attracts crowds from Africa, even celebrities from the United States, and European nations also love their designer’s dresses. Top South African fashion designers are working hard to provide people the best fashion clothing in each season of the year. People love to wear dressings from top South African fashion designers such as Thula Sindi, Gavin Rajah, and others in the industry. Moreover, media stars and celebrities are also found of their designer clothing. Even the first lady of America, Michelle Obama was seen wearing some of the traditional African clothing during her tour to South Africa. Today, you will learn about the best South African fashion designers. Also why are they so popular in the World?


10 Best South African fashion designers


  1. Thula Sindi

    South African fashion designers

    Photo by jennifersu CC by 2.0

    The odds are always on the side of the South African fashion label of Thula Sindi. There are many other nice fashion wearable, but Thula Sindi is the favorite of everyone’s heart. It is one of best South African fashion designer’s brand that people adore and keep in their wardrobes.
  2. Gavin Rajah

    Gavin Rajah is another great fashion house working in the South Africa. People can find its products from several different clothing stores. The brand is also planning to open an e store for its customers.

  3. Selfi

    Beside Thula Sindi and Gavin Rajah, Selfi is also another great South African fashion brand people love to buy. Celeste Lee Arendse started Selfi in 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. The brand got its inspiration from architecture and form in nature to create a lovely connection between the items and the wearer. Wearing their garments, you will experience the true beauty of nature.

  4. Pichulik

    Katherine-Mary Pichulik started the brand in the Cape Town City, South Africa. She got her inspiration from the traditional African and Middle Eastern ornamentation. Today, Pichulik is one of the best South African fashion brand in Africa.

  5. Isabel de Villier

    Isabel de Villier fashion house manufactures and design fashion wears for women, especially from age 32 above. Summer and winter collections are available for women of different weights and ages. Besides the online store, there are many other stores of Isabel de Villier in different cities of South Africa.

  6. Dear Rae

    The brand is specialized in Jewelry products. Rings, bracelets, earrings, and Sashes are the most valued products by Dear Rae. Beside selling jewelry, Dear Rae also sells wedding accessories to its valued customers. Fiancé can buy his new fiancée a ring for their upcoming marriage.

  7. Palesa Mokubung

    Palesa Mokubung, another great fashion designer from South Africa. You can buy here solo collections from several different clothing retail stores.

  8. Margot Molyneux

    Margot Molyneux provides womens tops, sleepwear, dresses, and other accessories. It is one of the most prestigious fashion brands in South Africa. You can shop their clothing’s and accessories from Margot Molyneux online store.

  9. Laduma Ngxokolo’s MaXhosa

    Laduma MaXhosa is another great name in the South African fashion industry. MaXhosa charmed the people’s life with his great collection of menswear and women’s clothing. To know more you can visit Laduma MaXhosa official website.

  10. Bongiwe Walaza

    We could place Bongiwe Walaza On the last of the list of best South African fashion designers. Though it wasn’t any inferior in ranking as compared to the previous. You can shop their collection of several different online clothing retail stores.

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