Top 10 popular websites like wikipedia

Finding information about any topic on Wikipedia is a great news for computer geeks. People are no longer required to buy dictionaries or visit public libraries; they can just browse any topic on Wikipedia. No doubt, Wikipedia is a mega platform for information such as articles and posts related to different topics, but knowledge has no boundaries. The platform is built by the public instead of their staff. People write on the topics of their expertise on Wikipedia. The article people write either get publish instantly or the staff review the information on the article then approve it for public view.

While you search keywords on Wikipedia, the website will give you information about that topic you search only if the content is already been written about that topic. Otherwise, you can search the content on Google. But is that enough? No, It is not. Google search will show you random websites about the keywords you entered at google search. However, to find accurate and expert information you need to know any other Wiki’s relevant to the topic or keyword of your search. The good news is that there are several different Wikipedia alternatives, where people can search, expert information and reviews.

10 best websites like Wikipedia


Britannica is a popular website like Wikipedia. It is an online dictionary of information about different topics. There is a huge list of articles that people can read on Britannica. You can easily search articles and information from their search box. Take time to discover Britannica, you will surely find it a useful dictionary of knowledge and information.

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At answers, people can seek information about different topics. It is an article directory where anyone can write about anything or topic of their interest. People, who are browsing those topics, learn the knowledge they are looking for.
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Encyclopedia is a popular website like Wikipedia, where people can search topics of their interest. Detail information is provided to the people that include facts, pictures, and videos of different topics.

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About is an article directory that covers all the topics of people’s interest. You can search articles, tips, facts, and knowledge about different topics of your interest. Take some time to discover the directory. Get help against the topic or keyword you are seeking.

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Wikia is a wiki hosting service where people can create their own wikis about different topics of their interest. People can search information on Wikia against any keyword or topic. Such as people have hosted several wikis about popular games, books, movies, and other categories on Wikia platform.

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What, How, Who, and where, everything is answered here! Quite funny. At Reference people can search answers to question, queries that they need to know, or looking for. Against their queries, will show you the list of article relevant to your query.


InfoPlease is a popular website like Wikipedia. It is a huge directory of knowledge about different topics. People can search information against their queries. While you search your query on Infoplease, a list of article will be shown and you can read any one of the listed articles. Take your time to discover the website.

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EOL also read as an Encyclopedia of Life is a huge dictionary of information or knowledge base about life on earth. People can browse articles on topics of human life, plant, animals, and life of micro-organisms. For more information, you can visit


Also read as a virtual library, vlib also work the same way as the previous knowledge bases. Here you can search the answers about different topics and vlib will show you a list of links that you can visit to get the information you needed.

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Ask is a mega search engine of question and answers. People can ask questions or queries about different topics at and the website will show a list of websites where they can find the solution to their queries. Work differently, but still it will take you to the answers of your questions.

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Final Words

Is that enough? As I already said, knowledge has no boundaries. There is always be something that we need to discover either today or tomorrow. However, if the knowledge has no boundaries so as the people with knowledge or expertise. There is always be someone or somewhere you can find the answers to your question. Discover more interesting articles on our website

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