Top 10 Polish clothing brands people need to know

People know many things from Poland such as Malbork Castle or Masurian Lakeland but do they know some sweet Polish clothing brands and designer’s stores? Today, I will tell you about some of the top Polish clothing brands working internationally among the other great European fashion houses.


Photo by Piotr Drabik CC BY 2.0

There are several brilliant fashion designers in Poland that design and sell fashion dresses across the globe. Polish people love the clothing made by their country designer so they are more inclined to dresses manufactured by the famous fashion designers of their country.


Photo by Piotr Drabik CC BY-SA 2.0

10 best Polish clothing brands people must try

There are many top Polish clothing brands that people can buy. Below is the list of the few famous designer’s brands and designers who have a great influence in the Poland fashion industry.

  1. NON

    Founded by Anna Dobek and Agata Macios, NON might be the best polish fashion brand that sells clothing to the national and international markets. The brand’s aim is to create simple designer’s clothing using fabrics and merino wool coming from their own market.Their elegant pieces are loved by many customers from their country and fan base across the globe. You must also try NON clothing and pieces. Discover more at their official website.
  2. Natasha Pavluchenko

    Using sense of elegance, Natasha Pavluchenko brings you a great collection of her clothing products. She has an impressive career and intellect. Her fashion collection is a mixture of light and heavy dress for women. Wedding dresses and dresses for parties are available at their online shopping store. Family dresses are also available at their website.

  3. Joanna Hawrot

    From t-shirts to fashion classics and from there to arts collection, Joanna Hawrot brings you a great collection of dresses that you can buy from their online store. Elegance, charm, and comfort is the main focus of the brand. Discover more by visiting their official online store.

  4. Robert Kupisz

    He, she, and kids, people of every age is covered by designers clothing by Robert Kupisz. People can buy clothing for entire family from the brand’s official website. To discover their collection of clothing by visiting their online fashion store.

  5. Asia Wysoczynska

    Asia Wysoczynska is an honorable fashion designer having a deep knowledge and intellect in the art of fashion and designing. She got the graduation degree from Jagiellonian University. After that, she spent her time getting a graduation degree in international school of costumes and design.After getting all the expertise in arts and designing, she opened her own brand. The brand got international acknowledgement and several people love to wear her brand’s pieces. For more information you can visit Asia Wysoczynska website.
  6. Jakub Pieczarkowski and ODIO

    Jakub Pieczarkowski and Aleksandra Ozimek aka ODIO are the fashion stars who created this great brand. They sell their fashion pieces to international markets. It is one of the best Polish fashion brands that sell clothing to the international markets.

  7. Michał Szulc

    Famous Polish fashion designer, Michał Szulc, sell women fashion dress to the crowd in the international markets. Women can buy fashionable dresses, skirts, t-shirts, streetwear, jackets, coats, and other accessories from Michał Szulc official website.

  8. Joanna Wawrzyńczak

    Joanna Wawrzyńczak is a great fashion icon in the Poland fashion industry. She has brought to the world a large collection of clothing that you must try as you can check her collection at her official website.

  9. ZUO Corp.

    Having a futuristic mind and respect of traditional dresses, people at ZUO Corp. are creating and manufacturing great fashion pieces that women and men must wear. Shop their collection of clothing and dresses from their official website.

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