Top 10 fast bowlers of all time

Top 10 fast bowlers

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10 top fast bowlers of all times

Fast bowlers have ruled the World of Cricket. Fast bowlers are considered in high regards when it comes to selection of cricket squad. Speed is not the only merit of being a fast bowler, there are many other merits experts take into account while selecting for a genuine fast bowler as a team member.

Fast bowler must have speed, control, style, stamina, and charisma in his bowling. Control and stamina are the most important merits of being a fast bowler. But here we are talking about the best in the fast bowlers of Cricket history.

Fast bowlers: A history

A few decades ago, English and Australians used to rule the fast bowling field of Cricket. There are many great Australians and English fast paces who troubled many greatest batsman who played against them.

The opening pair of Jeffrey Robert Thomson and Dennis Keith Lillee was one of the wildest bowling pair in the Ashes series between England and Australia.

England also had many talented fast pacers such as Harold Larwood and Bill Voce opening pair, Fred Trueman and Brian Statham opening pattern, Sir Ian Botham and many other great players of the British Cricket history.

West Indies also introduced many great players such as Andy Roberts, who made the second fastest after Thomas Jason during that era of cricket. The bowling attack of Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh was daring to be challenged by any big batting star of Cricket. These fast paces have made their name into the Cricket hall of fame.

In 1990s, bowling attack of Pakistan takes the role into their account. Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis are considered as the best ever bowling duo ever introduced in Cricket. “The King of Swing“, Wasim Akram and the “Master of Pace“, Waqar Younis; they can take wickets on any pitch of cricket against any batting attack.

Later year brought a few new names in the ICC fast bowling, Shoaib Akhtar was the one who ruled this era of fast bowling. He was the one who breaks the fastest bowl recorded previously made by Jeff Thompson of Australia.

Brett Lee was also a great name introduced in Australian Cricket. Currently Mitchell Johnson of Australia, and Dale Steyn of South are creating problems for the batting attack of other team. Read in the below heading about the top ten fast pacers of all times.

10 fastest bowlers of all times

The list of ten fast bowlers of the ODI, one day and twenty-twenty cricket format is given below:

  1. Shoaib Akhtar

    In the list of Top 10 fast bowlers of all times, Shoaib Akhtar will always be placed at the top position. “Rawalpindi Express” is the nickname of Shoaib Akhtar for its fast bowling, but unlike other pacers, he can consistently bowl at the pace of 160 km/h during his 10 over spell.Shoaib in his entire career, bowled at the pace of more than 155 km/h, he made his record of the fastest delivery of 161.3 km/h against England. He becomes the first bowler to reach speed of 100 miles/hour in the ICC Cricket history.
  2. Shaun TaitShaun Tait is the new face in the ODI cricket platform. He recorded the second fastest delivery at 161.1 km/h in a match against England at Lord’s Cricket Stadium. After, shoulder injury, Shaun made his move to the 20/20 cricket platform. He is considered as one of the brutal bowler in the 20 twenty cricket platform.
  3. Brett LeeIn the list of fast bowlers of all times, Brett Lee is another great name. The Aussie fast pacers can bowl at a regular pace of more than 155 km/h. Like Shoaib, Brett Lee can bowl with the same pace all around his 10 over spell in the ODI Cricket.
  4. Jeffrey Robert ThomsonJeff Thommo is widely regarded as the fastest bowler ever played in the test cricket. His career ended before speed-gun was introduced into the international cricket. He was the first to make the record of the fastest delivery of 160.58 recorded by high speed cameras.

    Shoaib Akhtar broke his record, becoming the first to achieve the 161.3 km/hr pacer in the cricket history. A few might place him on the top of the list of Top 10 fast bowlers of the ICC cricket.

  5. Andy RobertsAndy Robert got the 4th place of the list of Top 10 fast bowlers of the ICC cricket. Caribbean bowler Andy Roberts during his career troubled many great players of the cricket world. He recorded his fastest delivery at 159.49 km/hr. West Indies produced many other fast bowlers but Andy was the big deal in their cricket history.
  6. Waqar YounisWaqar Younis is considered at the second place of the fastest bowler in Pakistan Cricket history. Unfortunately speed gun was not introduced during his career, but expert crickets did recognize him as the second fastest in the green shirts.
  7. Mitchell JohnsonThe Australian star Mitchell Johnson is the left arm fast bowler of the Australian squad, second fastest in the present day ODI Cricket after Shaun Tait, his teammate in 20/20 ICC Cricket. After delivering a ball at a pace of 156.8 km/hr, Mitchell Johnson move ahead of Mohammad Sami recorded deliver, becoming the 7th fastest bowler on the ICC Cricket records.
  8. Mohammad SamiOn the books, Mohammad Sami is considered as the second fastest Pakistani bowler after Shoaib Akhtar. He recorded his fastest delivery at 156.4 km/hr in a match against Zimbabwe. Fidal Edward did deliver a faster deliver than Sami, but lack consistency in his spell so he is placed at the tenth position of the list of all time fastest bowler in the cricket history.
  9. Fidal EdwardFidal Edward takes the 9th place in the list of Top 10 fast bowlers of the ICC cricket. Fidal Edward is the currently playing Caribbean fastest pacer. He produced his fastest bowl at 157.7 km/h in a match against South Africa.
  10. Shane BondShane bond is the last in the list of top 10 fast bowlers of all times. He is an all rounder who can bowl at a fast pace of more than 150 km/hr. The fastest ball by Shane Bond was recorded at a speed of 156.4 km/h during the ICC 2003 Cricket World Cup.

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