Top 10 famous Pakistani chef celebrities

Pakistani recipes are liked by my people around the World. Famous Pakistani chefs make spicy recipes on different cooking shows. Masala TV and Khana Pakana are some of the best cooking channels in Pakistan. There are many top Pakistani celebrity chefs who give tutorials about how to make different Asian recipes and beverages. Get to know about the best chefs on different TV channels.

10 famous Pakistani chefs celebrities people need to know

1. Mehboob Khan

Mehboob Khan is a Masala TV chef and a judge on Master-chef Pakistan. He is an expert in cooking several different foods of Pakistan, India, China, and a few food of South African countries. He also give health advice to the viewers. Mehboob also have written a cookbook, Food for life. He has appeared in several shows on Masala TV and ARY digital. You can also visit Mehboob Khan’s official website.


2. Zakir Qureshi

Zakir Qureshi is a famous Pakistani chef celebrity and host on different cooking channels. He has hosted several cooking shows on Masala TV, Indus TV, and Hum TV. He also owned a hotel in Clifton, Karachi. Zakir Qureshi has 5 children. His son Ashan is also a celebrity chef.

3. Zarnak Sidhwa (FOOD DIARIES)

Zarnak Sidhwa is one of the best celebrity chefs in Pakistan. She host a TV show, Food Diaries on the Masala TV. She is specialized in several different Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese foods. Zarnak is also an expert chocolatier and she was affiliated with Chocoholics, a community site about chocolates.

3. Gulzar Hussain (Dawat)

Gulzar Hussain is a chef on Khana Pakana and other different Pakistani cooking channels. He also has hosted a TV show (Dawa) on which he gives guide about making different delicious foods and beverages. You can check Gulzar Hussain made recipes at Khana Pakana official website.


3. Zubaida Tariq  HANDI

Zubaida Tariq is a famous Pakistani chef celebrity, health advisor, and media personality. She has 10 other siblings including famous humorist, Anwar Maqsood. Fatima Suriya Baiya, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>famous Pakistani female novelist</a> is also a sibling of Zubaida Tariq. She has hosted several cooking shows on different TV channels. Handi is a cooking show on Masala TV hosted by Zubaida Tariq. She is a patient of Parkinson’s disease which made her write a book of how to live with the Parkinson’s disease.

4. Ammara Noman

Ammara got famous by winning in the first Pakistan masterchef competition. In the competition she won a prize of US $50000. You can see her tutorial of making delicious recipes at Khana Pakana official website.

5. Basim Akhund (FLAME ON HAI)

Basim Akhund host the cooking channel, Flame on hai, on Masala TV. He make several different cooking recipes on the channel. There are about 70 different food recipes Basim Akhun has cooked on his show. You can watch his show episodes at the Masala TV official website.

6. Samina Jalil (LAZZAT)

Samina Jalil is the host and cook of TV show Lazzat. She has appeared on several cooking channels on ARYzauq and Masala TV. Her show Lazzat is loved by many people who have their interest in cooking delicious recipes. You can watch the show at the Masala TV or at Khana Pakana website.

7. Shireen Anwar

Shireen Anwar is a famous Pakistani chef celebrity. She host shows on different channels. She also give tips and health advice to her cooking fans. Her cooking episodes are available on cooking websites such as Khana Pakana.

8. Tahir Chaudhry (CHASKA PAKANAY KA)

Tahir Chaudhry host a cooking show, CHASKA PAKANAY KA on Masala TV. He makes different kind of foods including Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese.You can get the show episodes on the Masala TV official website.

9. Rida Aftab (Tarka)

Like other top chefs of Masala TV, Rida also has her own charm that you can feel by following her cooking show, Tarka. There are hundred of recipes that rida have made on the show. You can readily get the episode and cook book of Rida Aftab from the Masala TV online site.

10. Farah Jahanzaib (Food Afternoon)

Farah Jahanzaib is the host and chefs on the cooking show Food After hosted by Masala TV. Watch the episode at the channel’s official site.

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