Top 14 most famous cats in the world

Cat is the cutest and most peaceful member of the Cat family not to all but for us. Most of us love to have a cat pet in our home. Cat is a moody animal, it loves human especially when it wants something to eat. Dancing on your furniture, crawling and spinning on the floor, making funny faces, cat will make you give your most of time taking care about it.

Some cats you will like for yourself, some are famous in the neighborhood while few have fans in the millions. Those are internet celebrities and I will be sharing with you the most famous loved by millions of people all over the world known as “internet celebrities”.

14 most popular cats in the world of internet


  1. Maru

    Winner of Catwood “Oscar Award”, Maru is the top achiever among all the Cat celebrities on internet. Japanese born “Scottish Fold” has 200 plus million fans on internet.
  2. Grumpy Cat

    With a bossy facial expression Grumpy has 7 million likes on Facebook. It has been featured in the front page of New York Times and on the Wall Street Journal.

  3. Snoopy the Cat

    The cute face snoopy is a hot topic among cat lovers. The cat loves hat, clothing and jewelry, as told by her caretaker.

  4. Lil Bub

    Lil Bub is an american beauty owned by Mr. Mike Bridavsky, his caretaker. The cat has over a million likes on facebook. The cat is also been documented in “Lil Bub and Friendz” at the event of Tribeca Film Festival.

  5. Colonel Meow

    The winner of “Guinness Book of World Record” for having the longest fur on the skin, colonel meow, a dictator among other cats on the internet. Recently passed away from us.

  6. Cooper

    Cooper only, not david cooper, is a katty celebrity as talk about millions on the internet. Funny thing about Cooper is that he take camera pics wherever it goes. A photographer among the other cats, as people about him.

  7. Nala

    2 and half years of age Nala is among the most beautiful cats present on the internet. It has millions of like on instagram and thousands of cat lovers are talking about it.

  8. Scarface

    “What is a cub doing among cats?” Scarface is a cat that almost like a baby lion. Scarface is a resident of Singapore who is the chief rulers among all the other cats in the cat’s society.

  9. Hamilton the Hipster

    With a beautiful moustache hipster is born on the 4th of July. Strange face and white black color can amuse any person in the world.

  10. StreetCat Bob

    Bob, the street cat collects plenty of likes on facebook and instagram. He has a best friend that sings and dance along with him on the street i.e. James Bowen who was befriended with Bob in the year 2007. They are still each others best friend forever.

  11. Tama

    Station Master, Tama was born on April 29, 1999 in Kinokawa City, Wakayama, Japan. He was famous for being the “station master” at Kishi Station in Kinokawa City.

  12. Sam

    With strange eyebrows and black eyes, sam has gained famous in the recent year on internet.

  13. Garfi

    Due to his strange Garfi is known as the “Angriest cat” in the world of internet. I has more than million likes on facebook and people can also find its pics on instagram.

  14. Venus

    Venus is a beautiful cat with a mysterious looking face. You can easily quote it as “dark side of the moon”.

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