Top 10 developing countries in Asia

People are living happily in different parts of the World. There are many “happy faces” lives in European countries and the North American lands. You can also find happy people in the continent of Australia and the nearby country of New Zealand.




Beside North America, Europe, and Australia, there are still a few developed countries in other regions of the World. Considering Gulf countries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait. Moreover, people in Russia and Iran are living a peaceful and happy life without stress and economic challenges.




Nevertheless, many are still struggling to achieve the merits of being called a “developed country” in the World. A few countries have shown great results in all the fields and industries such as technology, food, health, education, and other aspects of life.



Consider China is becoming the World’s top leading economy after America. It has not reached the merits or the standards of a developed country, which is not true, because people of China are living a peaceful, safe, and healthy life. And soon China will be the leading economy of the World.

10 best developing countries in Asia

The list of top 10 developing countries of Asia goes as follows:


  1. China

    Data for quality of life indexes are taken from

    Quality of Life Index: 92.90
    Purchasing power index: 66.73 (moderate)
    Safety index: 65.30 (high)
    Health care index: 62.40 (high)
    Cost of living index: 44.53 (very low)
    The Chinese are a proud nation. They love to work and they have their own agenda in each field and industry. Quality of life index by several different surveys are not enough to clearly indicate whether quality of life is higher in China or it has a low quality of living. They are not relying on the technologies of the Western Countries. China has its own search engine, i.e. Baidu, which is the second biggest search engine after Google. The Chinese give respect to their language and they want everything to be translated in Chinese which their public can easily understand. Now, consider every big industry of company has their manufacturing units in china. Even Apple Inc. has its manufacturing unit in China. If there is one prospering country in Asia, China would be the one.

  2. South Korea

    Quality of Life:
    Purchasing power index: 97.30 (very high)
    Safety Index: 74.89 (high)
    Health Care: 83.07
    Climate: nice

    Key economic strength of South Korea lies in the Shipbuilding industry. Other important economic sectors are automobile, mining, armaments, and tourism sector. Due to its stable economy, South Korea has developed its own military weapons.

  3. Turkey

    Quality of life:
    Purchasing power index: 54.15 (low)
    Safety Index: 58.87 (moderate)
    Health Care index: 71.77
    Turkey is a developed country or still developing, there is quite a debate on it. According to the CIA World Factbook, Turkey is classified as a developed nation. However, many other organizations such as Dow Jones, FTSE, and MSCI, are still considering Turkey as a developing country. Nevertheless, the main thing is that, Turkey is one of the best economies of Asia. It has a strong tourism sector; agriculture is the main sector; and it has a high reserve of oil and gas. Turkey is truly a developed country, whether the facts say the opposite about it.

  4. Taiwan

    best developing countries in asia
    Purchasing power index:
    Safety Index: high
    Health care index: high

    Taiwan is prospering in the sectors of foreign trade, technology, agriculture, and industry. It is very advanced in IT fields. Taiwan manufactures and supplies IT goods to multinational markets. 90% of the population are employed and working in the services sector. Economic liberty in Taiwan helps people in doing any business for their individual property. Thus, help improving the economy of Taiwan. It is becoming one of the best economies of Southeast Asia.

  5. India

    India 3
    Quality of life:
    Purchasing power index: 75.98 (moderate)
    Healthy Care Index: 69.00 (high)
    Climate Index: 9.68 (low)
    Cost of living index: 24.90 (very low)
    Property price to income: 10.41 (moderate)
    India is a developing country and there is no doubt that most of people in India are living in poverty. However, the country on a whole is growing at a fast pace. There are increasing trends in technology, transport, banking, real estate, and other businesses. However, the country still lacks in educational growth and health sector. It will take quite some time to reach the standards of a developed country in the World.

  6. Singapore


    Quality of life: 87.74

    Purchasing power index: 83.34 (high)
    Safety Index: 69.87

    Banking is the major economic power of Singapore. It provides people internet banking facilities, telephone banking, fixed term deposits, and wealth management services. The country is focusing on the development in biotechnology, energy, and infrastructural growth. It is one of the best countries to live in Asia.

  7. Indonesia

    Quality of life
    : 58.96
    Purchasing power index: 27.97 (very low)
    Safety Index: 56.10 (moderate)
    Health Index: 69.00 (high)
    Climate Index: 1.83

    Indonesia is the largest economy in the Southeast Asia. The country has shown 5.2% growth in the economy from the previous year. Economic reforms would take the country to the next target of 5.6% in all over growth of the Indonesian economy. Due to the population stress, the country is dealing with a lot of challenges such as growth in health and food sector.

  8. Thailand

    Thai people

    Quality of life: 58.11
    Purchasing power index:
    34.28 (very low)
    Safety Index: 51.13 ( moderate)
    Climate Index: -20.21 (very low)
    In the present day time, Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. Thai foods are favorite all over the World. Tourism is one of the biggest factors of economic growth in Thailand. The agriculture sector is the major power of Thailand economy. Other industries include fishing and forestry, foreign trade, labor, and banking sector.

  9. Philippines

    Phillipines 3

    Quality of life: 57.03
    Purchasing Power Index: 34.85 (very low)
    Health care index: 68.74 (high)
    Climate index: -42.92
    Cost of living index: 34.61
    Property prices: very high
    Pollution: high

    The Philippines is a beautiful island country in the Western Pacific. People live a calm and healthy life. Cheap labor and stable economy of the Philippines brought it to the list of top 10 developing countries in Asia. 2015 Bloomberg economic survey seen an interesting trend in the economy of the Philippines. The key economic sectors are agriculture, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, and electronics. Tourism is also a great contributor to the economy of the Philippines.

  10. Malaysia


    Quality of life: 50.70
    Purchasing power index: 27.97 (very low)
    Safety Index: 35.20 (low)
    Heath Care: highMalaysia is the third richest and third largest economy in Southeast Asia. It is largely dependent on oil and gas industry, palm oil sale, retail, banking, tourism, and agriculture sectors. Due to its beauty, people used to call Malaysia as “Truly Asia”.

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