Top 10 dangerous countries to live in Africa

When it comes to home moving, Africa is not a very good choice as crime index is quite high in several different countries of Africa. There are many developing countries in Africa that are progressing in a positive manner, especially South Africa, Botswana, Algeria, Libya, and Ghana. Some of the developing countries have also been criticized as not fit for people to live in. But crime index is not the only thing that tells us whether you should live or not live in that country.

South Africa, which is considered as the most beautiful and developed country in Africa. However, it is not considered as a good migratory country. People also consider safety as the major issue in their selection of most optimum countries to live in.

Whether you decide to move to South Africa or chose some other African countries is all on you. I have to tell you the crime and safety ratio of some of the top countries in Africa. In the next heading, you will read about the top 10 dangerous countries to live in Africa. Read all the details, before deciding whether that country is your next destination or not.

10 Most dangerous countries to live in Africa

Below is the list of top 10 dangerous countries to live in Africa. Whether you should move to these countries or not depends upon where you will be buying your home or apartment. Not the entire country could be classified as a dangerous country to live because the people of South Africa still live a safe and happy life. Indexes are not enough to describe the whole scene.

  1. South Sudan

    dangerous countries to live in Africa

    Crime Index: 78.18South Sudan got the worst prospect for safety. The crime rate is high and poverty is making it worst. Ethnic genocide is there, when we look back in history. Police and other military group are being controlled by politicians for the purpose of gaining power and land. People are not much cared about, which make South Sudan as the worst African country to live in.

  2. South Africa


    Crime Index: 77.49

    South Africa is also blamed of a large number of criminal activities. Crime rate tops in the years in between 1980 to 1994. The numbers of murders were 67 for every 100,000 people. Then the rate starts declining to a total of 30 murders for every 100000 people. In the latter year, death rate started increasing due to the increasing population of the country. Other crimes such as rape, robbery, and kidnapping are also very high in South Africa.

  3. Nigeria 

    top 10 dangerous countries in Africa

    Crime Index: 77.49

    Criminal activities in Nigeria include some organized crimes involving trafficking heroin and other drugs from Asia to Europe and North America. Also trafficking cocaine from South America to Europe. Also, there are frauds and gang crimes in Nigeria, that people must be aware of.

  4. Kenya 

    Crime Index:

    The high crime rate is reported in Kenya including theft, robbery, ethnic violence, terrorism, and drug abuse. Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu are reported to have a bad respect as compared to the other cities of Kenya. This also includes terror attacks of 1998 East Africa Embassy attacks and the 2002 Kikambala attacks. The murder rate in the common public is not that high as compared to the previous listed countries. Drug abuse is also another contribution to the crime rate in Kenya.

  5. Angola 

    Crime Index:

    Angola crimes include theft, armed robbery, drug abuse, corruption, and bribery. Money laundering and political corruption are also a major issue in Angola. The government has introduced new pact for the protection of money laundering. However, the issue is the implication, which most of times, never happens.

  6. Namibia 

    Crime Index:

    Criminal activities in Namibia include domestic violence, rape, infanticides, serial killings, political corruption, and money laundering. Many cases of domestic violence have been reported in the year 2015 and the year 2016. There are a huge number of rape cases that have been reported between the year 2010 to 2015. According to an estimate, from 2012 to 2015, there were 40000 assault cases, 2839 rape cases, 1 138 attempted murders, and 734 murders.

  7. Tanzania

    Crime Index: 62.12Crimes in Tanzania are categorized in street crimes and property crimes. Murders and rape cases are not very fluent. However, some cases have been reported in the category of assaults and rapes. That includes only Tanzanian people. There are only rare cases in which a tourist has encountered in threat from the local public.

  8. Libya

    Crime Index: 56.47Just like Tanzania, crimes in Libya are only encountered by the local public. Categories include robbery, bribery, corruption, and armed robbery. Bribery and corruption are the main crimes that exist in Libya in the recent and past few years.

  9. Egypt 

    Crime Index:

    Crimes mostly occur in major cities of Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria. Such as theft, armed robbery, vehicle theft, bribery, and political corruption. Terrorism is also a major contributor to the crime index rates in Egypt. Major incidents include Sinai bombings, 2005 attacks in Cairo, Dahab bombings, and other terrorist acts in Alexandria.

  10. Zimbabwe 

    Crime Index:

    Most of the crimes in Zimbabwe are nonviolent, such as theft, purse snatching, and mugging. Robbers often work in teams to snatch peoples purses, even in public areas. Harare suburbs and downtown areas are considered as more violent, while other places are usually safe for public. Nevertheless, causation is always the best option.

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