Top 10 most dangerous cities in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country having all the necessities of life. When you see in the global peace index, it lies at the top positions of the World most peaceful countries. Crime is not very high in Canada; very few homicide cases have been reported in each province. In some provinces, the crime rate has gone almost zero.

Robbery and sexual assault cases are also filed for some cities, such as Winnipeg, St. Johns, and a few other cities. However, the number is quite a few as compared to the other major cities of the World. When we talk about the most dangerous cities in Canada, Winnipeg lies at the top position. It is titled as the “murder capital of Canada”.

Since the year 1981, it has won this title 20 times. Other cities that falls in the same category before include Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary. However, that title is given just 3 or 2 times at the maximum. Now in the listed cities, crime is almost under control.

While talking about the most dangerous Canadian cities, I will not only list the cities based on crimes, but also the living conditions in that city. Especially weather conditions, as they used to be extreme in many cities of Canada. There are other factors like cost of living, grocery prices, rent, and other different factors. In the next heading, we will be talking about the dangerous cities to live or travel to Canada.

10 Most dangerous cities in Canada to live or travel

Canada peace index is much lower than many other developed countries such as America, UK, and Russia. That is why is it is considered as one of the best countries to live in the World. However, crime is everywhere. We also have to consider weather and quality of life. Based on all the different factors combined, give us the most dangerous cities in Canada for a living.

  1. Winnipeg

    -19°C to 27°C
    Crime: 119.9 in Canada

    As you already seen above temperatures are extreme in both summer and winter. The Winnipeg safety index is going higher every year. Crime index of the Winnipeg city was 119.9 in the year 2013. That is the highest crime rate index among the other cities in Canada. It has the highest per-capita rate for homicides. Other criminal activities include armed robbery, drug dealings, vehicle robberies, and a few other criminal cases.

  2. Thunder BayWeather: -18°C to 23°C

    Extreme weather is noted in almost all of the cities in Canada so as in Thunder Bay. However, we are talking about the overall stats for a living or tour of Thunder Bay. According to crime indexes, Thunder Bay lies next to Winnipeg as a city of violent crimes.

    People have to understand that we are about crimes with respect to other cities of Canada, not to the other major cities of the World. Because Canada is very peaceful overall as compared to the United States, South Africa, and other countries.

  3. Saskatoon
    Weather: -21°C to 25°C

    Crime: High

    dangerous cities to live in Canada

    Beside extreme temperatures, Saskatoon has a bad reputation for crime, especially for the past few years. Violent crimes incidents are increasing every year. People are assaulted and sometimes robbed using arms and guns. Drug crimes are also very high in Saskatoon. There is no doubt in saying that as compared to some peaceful cities, Saskatoon is one of the most dangerous cities in Canada.


  4. Regina

    to 27°C

    Winter average weather is not very high for Regina. However, summer temperatures go high compared to the other cities of Canada. For a few years, crime has gone down in Regina; however, it is still there in Regina. People are afraid of things being stolen from cars.

    Property frauds are there, but not that high as compared to rest of the World. Assault and violent crimes are also high in Regina as compared to the other cities of Canada.


  5. St. John

    to 29°C

    St. John is also one of the most dangerous cities to live in Canada. Temperatures are extreme for both winter and summer. People hate going out in nights, especially in winter. Beside a few cases of assault and armed robbery, most of the crime lies in drug dealings category.People are not worried of being humiliated or laughed upon based on ethnicity, color, or religion. Warming public behavior with foreigners and other sects of Canada is the most beautiful thing that every person living in other countries appreciates.

  6. Prince George B.C

    Crime Index:

    Safety Index: 36.13Weather: -13°C, 23°C

    Similar to Grande Prairie, weather in Prince George is not much friendly to the people. Going alone in nights is good inside your cars. However, walking alone is not recommended even there are no criminals on the outside. For the last few years, crime has been controlled by the authorities of the city. Now, most of the people say that in relevant to crime it is a safe safety as compared to others.

  7. EdmontonWeather: -2°C to 33°C

    Crime: High to moderate
    Criminal cases in Edmonton are reported in the categories of drug dealings and a few other crimes. People feel safe regarded public dealings. They don’t face humility or violent behavior such as assault in most of times of the year. However, for a past few years, crime rate is increasing. Authorities should take better stance against the rising crime situation in Edmonton city.


  8. Grande Prairie, Alta
    Crime Index:
    56.88Safety Index: 43.12

    Talking about weather, Grande Prairie has a bad reputation. The weather is cold and wild. It goes normally to -19°C
    in winter. If you stay out more than 5 minutes in winter, then you’re digging your own grave. It is better to stay inside in winter temperatures or wait until summers.

    The average temperature in summer is 23°C. Crime in Grande Prairie is not that high, but violence is still there, as you are not allowed to walk alone in nights. It is not safe and nights are also cold. Murder rate is very low in Grande Prairie.


  9. Halifax

    Weather: -7°C to 27°C 

    Halifax like most of the other cities of Canada has extreme temperatures. Winter is wild and makes problems for the city’s residents. It also face a lot of issues regarding crime. With respect to the other cities of Canada, crime index ration of Halifax is 84.8, which is very high for a Canadian city. Criminal cases include armed robbery, assault, theft, vehicle theft, and a few other crimes.

  10. KelownaWeather: -7°C to 28°CCrime: Moderate

    Crime in Kelowna is from moderate to high. It has been increasing for a few previous years. People are worries of their things stolen from cars or other vehicles. Assaults and armed robberies are also increasing for a few past years. Nevertheless, living in Canada is the best option for any foreigners living in the World.

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