Top 10 best places to live in Greece

Greece is one of the best countries to visit in Europe. There are several beautiful landmarks in Greece that would keep you occupied and there are no limits to wherever you want to travel or what kinds of places you love traveling. The country has everything and all treasures, including heritage sites, beaches, islands, archipelagos, castles, museums, theaters, and the Public Square. Historians love Greece as the Greek mythology has its roots from Greece. Then there come Romans and Ottoman invasions of Greece. All these facts make Greece one of the best countries to visit in Europe.


Tourism is a powerful factor in developing the economy of the country. Talking about infrastructure, Greece economy is not as stronger as the economy of the other great European nations such as France, Germany, or Italy. Attention is needed in building the economy of the country and strengthening the other departments especially Education and healthcare. Today, you will learn about what are the best places to live in Greece and where you can buy a home in Greece.


Top 10 places to live in Greece


best cities to live in Greece

Cost of Living index: 58.40
Rent Index: 12.26
Groceries Index: 44.93
Local Purchasing Power: 56.37

Athens is one of the best cities to live in Europe. It has an enriched history that comes all the way from Greek mythology, Roman Empire, and the Great Ottoman Empire. No Euro tour is complete without a visit to the city of Athens. It is not just a place for a weekly or monthly tour, you can even buy a home in Athens to spend your days after retirement, or you may want to enjoy your life living in this beautiful city of Greece. The low price to rent ratio indicates the factor for buying homes in Athens rather than renting an apartment or standalone homes. Average grocery prices indicate that Athens is a much more affordable city as compared to other capitals of the continental Europe.




best places to live in Greece


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 50.81
Rent Index: 9.28
Groceries Index: 38.21


After excluding rent, cost of living in Patras lies in a moderate range. You can easily live in any of the best areas of the city. Patras is the commercial hub and an important port of the country. That is the reason for being called the Greece “Gate to the West”. Abundant business and employment opportunities are available for the inhabitants and the foreigners living in the city. Also groceries are available at cheap prices, so you can live easily in this city with the least expenditure on buying goods. You can also buy a home, as the rent index is too low so the houses prices are not that high as compared to the capital city.



Delphi is known for its Roman heritage and archaeological landmarks. It also has a rich history that goes back to Greek mythology. For a history geek, Delphi would be a great place to spend 3 to 6 months. There are many hotels, waterfront villas, and flats where you can rent a small flat or room to spend your time in Delphi.



Halkidiki is a popular tourist attraction, especially for those who love beaches and waterfront villas. People also love to buy their own property in this Greek peninsula. Waterfront properties have a high price, but if you take consultancy from a solicitor you can get a sweet home at a modest price in Halkidiki. There are many fun things you can do Halkidiki such as enjoying your time at Kalogria beach, Toroni beach, Byzantine Tower of Ouranoupolis, Platanitsi Beach, and many more sites.



Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 52.08
Rent Index: 8.58
Groceries Index: 40.97

While you live in Corfu, you can enjoy great weather, oceanic winds, and the pleasant atmosphere of Greece. Rent index is quite low and grocery prices are also very affordable for people living in Corfu. You can even buy a home in Corfu, as the prices are affordable, especially for people coming from the US, England, and other countries with stronger economy than Greece. Therefore, Corfu is counted as one of the best places to live in Greece.

Like Corfu, Crete is also a great place for your living in Greece. It is an Island City that provides you the opportunity to live in waterfront villas and hotels. The city will provide you a great atmosphere, travel, and fun activities all around the week. Ideon Cave also lies in Crete, which was as said to be the birthplace of Zeus, a Greek god in their mythology.



Mykonos, an Island in Cyclades, is one of the best places to live in Greece. It is also a popular tourist spot as there are many white sand beaches in Mykonos. People can enjoy their summer vacation or winter holidays in seafront villas. Especially, couples come here on their honeymoon to enjoy the calmness and beautiful atmosphere of Mykonos Island. Villa rental might be a pricy option, however, you can get a hotel rental in Mykonos at affordable prices.





Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 56.82
Rent Index: 7.91
Groceries Index: 48.98

Among many of the other places, Rhodes is one of the best places to live in Greece. It is the largest Dodecanese Island of Greece. Rhodes had been enriched with riches from ancient period, Greek mythology, Romans, and crusades. There are castles and old building such as Kritinia Castle and many others.

The castles were designed to protect the inhabitants from invader attacks to Rhodes. While living in Rhodes you can enjoy visiting these beautiful sites and also you can spend your weekends at the beaches of Rhodes.


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 51.88
Rent Index: 8.17
Groceries Index: 45.26

Enjoy the Mediterranean climate while living in the Chania city in the Crete region. It is one of the most popular cities of Greece. Moderate cost of living will keep your spirit high, so as the cheap groceries prices. Rent index is also very low and you can buy your home in Chania. Visit the Ottoman heritage of Chania or the beautiful beaches, the city will keep you occupied with its wonderful atmosphere.

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 55.28
Rent Index: 9.08
Groceries Index: 46.48

Heraklion is also one of the best cities to live in Greece. A moderate cost of living and pleasant atmosphere would be the best for living in Heraklion. Groceries are cheaper than that sold in the other cities of Greece. You can also buy your home in Heraklion at cheap prices.

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