Top 10 best countries to live in Africa

When we talk about livability in a Country, there are a few things that we must be taken into account, which are prosperity, development, education, health, and safety. Together, these factors define the quality of life in any country in the World.

Who measures these factors?

Economists intelligence unit is a British company that provides the forecasting services through research and analysis, on monthly, yearly, and 5 years bases.The company major services include 5 year economic forecasts, risk analysis, and industry reports of a country.

Beside these analyses, EIU also provide cost of living and quality of life for living in several different countries of the World. However, are these factors are quite enough to give us the list of the best countries to live in Africa? There must be some other metrics that defines the quality of life in a country.

Moreover, when you get the data of economic analysis from companies other than EIU, the results might be slightly different from that given by EIU. What are those other metrics? Some other metrics might include safety, luxury, travel, business, finance, and transport facilities in a country.

Peace index map of Africa

Check below the safety map of some countries of Africa, based on peace index. It will give you an idea whether to travel and live in any given countries of Africa.

Global peace index is showing South Africa in the least likeable places to travel as the peace index is very low as compared to other countries of Africa. So why people are still traveling to South Africa? The answer lies in the real time bases. You can ask the safety situation from the people living in South Africa.

Combining all the different factors, I come up with this list of the best countries to live in Africa. I hope you can enjoy reading this list.

New ranking of 10 best countries to live in Africa

The list of the best countries to live in Africa goes as follows:

  1. Mauritius

    Mauritius is one of the best countries to live in Africa. EIU metrics say that Mauritius is the most prosperous country in Africa. They are right, because in Mauritius people can get free education from primary to tertiary level. In fact, the government expenditure on education in 2013 was RS. 13584 million. Which is 13% of the expenditure in a budget year. Mauritius makes most of its economy through tourism. According to the recent analysis, it ranks as the 3rd most traveled country in Africa. Moreover, peace map says that it is the safest country to live and travel in Africa.

  2. Algeria

    best countries in Africa to live
    Algeria is a big country and World Bank classified it as an upper-middle income country. It has a higher currency reserves, i.e. $173 billion foreign reserves. Beside that people love to travel to Algeria, as there are several heritage sites there that people visit every year. Another great thing about Algeria is its beauty. Some tour places to visit in Algeria include Atakor landscape, Constantine, Ghardaia, and many other places.

  3. Tunisia

    Tunisia is a safe country as compared to the other countries of Africa. It has a safety index of 59.13 and that is far better than many developed countries of the World. People can live and work in the capital city of Tunis. Moreover, there are some beautiful tourist destinations in Tunisia such as Sousse, Mahdia, Monastir, Djerba and many others.

  4. Botswana

    Botswana is a beautiful country, full of lush green and dense forests. Moreover, wildlife of Botswana attracts thousands of tourists each year to the country. Okavango Delta, and Chobe National Park are the best visit destinations in Botswana.

  5. Gabon

    Gabon has climbed up in the list of best countries to live in Africa. The reason is the increasing development human development assisted by funds from IMF (international monetary funds) and World Bank. Another contributing factor is its oil resources. In fact, Gabon make 43% of its GDP through the extraction of raw. Also, there are several beautiful landmarks in Gabon where people can spend their weekends. Furthermore, peace map also says that it is a safe country to live in Africa.

  6. Morocco

    top countries to live in Africa
    Morocco is a top tourist destination for people coming from Europe and other countries of the World. Marrakech is the best city to live in Morocco. There are bustling Arab bazaars, food streets, Djemaa el Fna square, five star hotels, and tourist resorts in the city. Moreover, it is a safe city to live, far better than a few other cities in Europe. People can enjoy trips to the Atlas Mountain range on their private vehicle. Also there is an international airport serving the city i.e. Menara International Airport.

  7. South Africa

    south africa the best country
    South Africa has a bad reputation for safety and crime. However, people should know that Cape Town City is one of the most beautiful city in the continental Africa. In fact, millions of people visit Cape Town every year. Buzzfeed regards Cape Town as the most beautiful city in the World.

  8. Namibia

    Windhoek city is the place you can try in Namibia. Tourists visit the country every year to enjoy the wildlife of the country. Etosha National Park, Soussusveli, fish river canyon, and a few other sights that people visit each year in Namibia.

  9. Egypt

    Economy of Egypt is dependent on the production and manufacturing of oil and gas products. Tourism also plays an important role in the economic development of Egypt. In fact, Egypt receives foreign funds from people living abroad. Economic diversity is seen in the people living in Egypt. 40% of country’s population receives less than $2 money every day of the month. Recent increase in human development is a good notion. Beside that Egypt is a great country for tourism. You can plan your tours to Egypt, as it is one of most beautiful country to travel in Africa. It is below in the list because of its high crime and safety rate index.

  10. Libya

    Maghreb country, Libya, derives most of its economy from the oil sector, which is 80% of its total GDP. It has the largest oil reserves in Africa. The education sector receives 38.2% of the total Libyan budget. Education is free for primary and secondary level. According to 2010 estimates, adult literacy rate was 89.2 percent of the total population. To sump up, there are 12 public universities and a few private universities in Libya.


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