Top 10 best cities to live in Ireland

best cities to live in Ireland

Dublin Castle

Ireland is one of the best countries to travel in Europe. It provides tourists a lot of fun places and tour sites to the tourists. Besides traveling and fun, there are many best cities to live in Ireland where people can live at very affordable cost. The country provides a great “spice of life”. People can live at mild cost while enjoying all the necessities of life. To get the best for a happy life, you first must know where you can all of your demands. So, today you will be reading about the best places to live in Ireland.

10 best cities to live in Ireland

There are many great Irish cities that provide people a calm, spicy, and healthy life. Below is the list of the top cities to live in Ireland.

1. Galway

Dubray books Galway

There are many best places to live in Galway. There are beautiful suburbs and small towns in Galway where you buy/rent homes at affordable costs. Besides that you can also visit some of the top tourists sites in Galway City such as the Eyre Square, Kirwan’s Lane, Quay Street, Latin Quarter, City Museum, and many other places. Besides that people can enjoy day trips to some of the best beaches and Islands near the city.

2. Dublin

Dublin is the capital and one of the best cities to live in Ireland. It provides people every charm of life. People can enjoy good job opportunities, fun places, healthy atmosphere, high purchasing power, and also the night life. There are great theatres and restaurants in Dublin for tourists. Top tourists locations in Dublin are: Blarney Castle, Kilmainham Gaol, The O’Connell Monument, The Famine Sculpture, Gaiety theatre, and day trips to the Cliffs of Moher.

3. Kinsale

Just like other cities of Ireland, Kinsale also provide affordable cost of living. There are great historic sites to see in Kinsale such as Charles Fort, James Fort, Lusitania museum, and Desmond castle. People can enjoy playing golf or they can have dinner in some great hotels and cafes of Kinsale.

4. Killarney

Killarney is the best town to live in County Kerry. There are so many tourists locations in the town that would keep you occupied during you living there. People can enjoy day trips to the different sites in Killarney national park or they can enjoy several different sports of the town including cycling, rowing, rugby, judo, and golf. It provides people a sparkling nightlife. You will never get bored in Killarney.

5. Cork

Cork is a university city of Ireland. There are great schools, college, and university in Cork. People can get higher education and research facilities in the town. There are many great suburbs in the city such as Ballincollig, Blackpole, Douglas and several others. People can have fun in several festivals and yearly celebrations. There are many fun places to go in Cork such as Blarney Castle, Fota Wildlife park, Elizabeth Fort, Cork City Gaol, and day trips to Spike Island.

6. Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a great tourist city in Ireland. Millions of tourists visit Kilkenny every year. There are several historic sites in the city. Some best places to visit in Kilkenny are: the city castle, Grace’s House, Rothe house, Shee Alms House, and several other. While living in Kilkenny, people can enjoy great many festivals and celebrations that happen every year in the city.

7. Waterford

Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland. It is named after Waterford crystal, the city’s legacy for glass-making. The city offers people a lot of reasons to live. People can enjoy nice weather and a lot of job opportunities. It also has a deepest port that connects Ireland to other European countries. People can also enjoy sport and other fun things to do. Some of the interesting sites in Waterford are: Waterford Crystal, Treasure Medieval Museum, Bishop Palace, The Viking Triangle, Kilkenny Rail Trip, and several other places.

8. Belfast

Belfast is the industrial city in Ireland. It is a main center from many different industries including, linen, rope-making, tobacco-processing, and ship-building industry. RMS Titanic was built on the Harland and Wolff, is one of the biggest and most productive shipyard around the globe The city offers a lot of job opportunities to its citizens. People can also visit several interesting places for fun and adventure.

9. Limerick

Limerick is the fourth most populous city in Ireland. It has a rich history, packed filled with the tales of Vikings and other medieval tribes. People can enjoy, a lot of job opportunities, nice weather, and fun activities. The University of Limerick provides people high education opportunities. There are several historic landmarks that people can visit including, King John’s Castle, the Hunt Museum, Limerick City museum, and several other sites.

10. Tralee

Rose of Tralee Festival

Rose of Tralee Festival

Tralee city is famous for Rose of Tralee International Festival that is celebrated in August every year. The city provide higher education opportunities to the students living in the city. People can enjoy a lot of job opportunities. There are many popular sports in Tralee including, Athletics, Soccer, Rugby, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, and several other sports. Places of interest in Tralee are: Tralee Bay Wetlands, Jane Hillian Gallery, Kerry County Museum, The Playdium, and several other sites.

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