Top 10 best cities to live in Germany

Germany, the country where Einstein was born; where Beethoven made a name for himself in the World of music and lyrics. There people live in a healthy and peaceful environment. There are many great universities in Germany, where foreigners are invited to get the best education for their better living.

A country with 800 islands could be the most desirable destination to visit and living there would even be a better choice for your family. Interested to go! Well, first you need to know about the best cities to live in Germany. In the next heading, you will read about them. Also you will learn about the cost of living in the outlined cities.

best cities to live in Germany

10 best cities in Germany to live in

Moving there would be the best thing you should do this very time. But, what city you should opt as a suitable place for your future living? Read below the cities that are considered as the best to live in Germany.



Cost of Living Index: 68.62
Rent Index: 28.87

The capital city is the best to live in. It is the city of museums, opera houses, parks, and bridges. That many bridges that wouldn’t even find the Venice city. There are three active opera houses in the city. Cheap rent is a happy news for the foreigners. Moreover, grocery prices are affordable for each income people living in the city.

Groceries Index: 55.59

Meal for 2 People: 40.00 €
Water Bottle: 1.32 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.73 €
1kg Rice: 1.61 €
Eggs (12): 2.02 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 7.94 €
Boneless Chicken 5.96 €
Beef Round (1kg): 9.34 €


The second spot of best cities to live in Germany has been occupied by Cologne. It is an old city founded during the Roman rule in the region. Best places you can live in Cologne include Sulz, Bayenthal, Klettenberg, Südstadt, and Rodenkirchen.


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 62.34
Rent Index: 19.16

“Florence at Elbe” is the identity of Dresden, a supreme city of Germany. City of great landmarks and historic sites will give you an enchanting travel experience. However, you are a mover, so it is great to live in a tourist electrified city. Due to its beauty, people called it Florence at Elbe.

Groceries Index: 48.02

Meal for 2 People: 37.00 €
Water Bottle (0.33 little): 1.89 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.64 €
1kg Rice: 1.37 €
Eggs (12): 1.39 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 5.28 €
Boneless Chicken 7.12 €
Beef Round (1kg): 7.68 €

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Frankfurt am Main

best places to live in Germany

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 80.13
Rent Index: 33.99

The city of skyscrapers, Frankfurt, is the economic center of Germany. It has the most opportunities for business people to live in the city. The city hosts international book fairs, where you can meet World’s famous authors and media persons. Rent rates are quite low so as the grocery prices. It is an ideal city for foreigners to live in.

Groceries Index: 68.65

Meal for 2 People: 50.00 €
Water Bottle (0.33 little): 2.33 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.79 €
1kg Rice: 2.15 €
Eggs (12): 2.46 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 10.85 €
Boneless Chicken 8.41 €
Beef Round (1kg): 15.50 €


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 78.13
Rent Index: 29.33

The second biggest city i.e. Hamburg, is the people’s happiest region in Germany. You will be living in affordable houses, while shopping groceries on cheap rates. The historic port, also known as Gateway to the World, would be a unique experience to travel.

If you love to spend your nights in cafes, bars, and restaurants, Reeperbahn would be the best option for you. Live your life in this great city of Germany.

Groceries Index: 65.99

Meal for 2 People: 50.00 €
Water Bottle (0.33 little): 1.69 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.76 €
1kg Rice: 1.55 €
Eggs (12): 1.91 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 10.40 €
Boneless Chicken 8.07 €
Beef Round (1kg): 14.50 €


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 67.99
Rent Index: 32.32

Heidelberg is the place where you can find one of the oldest universities of the World. Living in this city would give your children and high schoolers to study in World class schools and colleges. Even a smaller city, but Heidelberg got everything that you desire from any urban city in the World.

Groceries Index: 53.73

Meal for 2 People: 40.00 €
Water Bottle (0.33 little): 1.66 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.60 €
1kg Rice: 1.28 €
Eggs (12): 1.73 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 6.00 €
Boneless Chicken 8.20 €
Beef Round (1kg): 11.70 €


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 65.16
Rent Index: 17.99

Leipzig, the center of German art is one of the best cities to live in Germany. It is the city of peace loving people. Leipzig played a big role in the fall of Berlin Wall. The city deserves to be placed in the list of best cities to live in the World.

Grocery index: 50.44

Meal for 2 People: 45.00 €
Water Bottle (0.33 little): 1.66 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.67 €
1kg Rice: 1.25 €
Eggs (12): 1.50 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 8.00 €
Boneless Chicken 7.20 €
Beef Round (1kg): 8.13 €


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 75.07
Rent Index: 40.89

Munich is a beautiful city, the gateway to the Alps mountain range. It is the greenest city of Germany. Historic capital of Bavaria will still give you the same experience that you required from the centuries old city.

In autumn season, Munich hosts the World’s largest beer festival that we know as Oktoberfest. The festival attracts six million people from every corner of the World.

Grocery index: 60.55

Meal for 2 People: 50.00 €
Water Bottle (0.33 little): 2.06 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.77 €
1kg Rice: 1.60 €
Eggs (12): 2.07 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 9.15 €
Boneless Chicken 6.91 €
Beef Round (1kg): 10.42 €



Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 66.00
Rent Index: 21.87

The hybrid of Modern age and history, Nuremberg, is a small but beautiful city for a living. People live happy and free life in their own cultural and religious limits. There is a famous Christmas Market in Nuremberg that people visit every year.

Grocery index: 49.05

Meal for 2 People: 50.00 €
Water Bottle (0.33 little): 1.68 €
1 liter Milk (regular) : 0.68 €
1kg Rice: 1.51 €
Eggs (12): 1.93 €
Local Cheese (1kg): 6.74 €
Boneless Chicken 6.87 €
Beef Round (1kg): 6.55 €


Weimar is a small city, but you will find all the necessities of life. Friendly neighborhood will welcome you with big heart. You will get to know the heart of German culture and tradition.

It is the city where many great German artists were born; and many are still alive. Weimar schools and academies will give your children the life they deserve; so, the city should be your top choice for a happy living in the Germany.

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