Top 10 best cities to live in China

best cities to live in China

If you are tired of living in the West and need some time to discover east, why not visit and live in China? It is the economic power of Asia and the fastest growing economy in the World. Why not explore the glamorous and culture rich cities of Shanghai and Beijing. If you have decided to move your family to China you must know the best cities to live in China.

10 best cities to live in China you must adore

1. Shanghai


With a rich cultural diversity, historic, and economic important, Shanghai is the best city to live in China. The “Queen of the Orient” as many says about it because the city combines both eastern and western cultures and group in one single unit. Beside being a great city for travel, Shanghai also has a large number of World class educational institutions where traveled are the students from other countries of the World, especially East Asia.

It hosts a huge amount of tourists every year. Some sights to see in Shanghai include
Huangpu River tour,, yuyuan, wai tan (the bund), Shanghai museum, and many other places. It is a fast growing city and opening business here will earn you great respect in your business and community.

2. Beijing

Beijing, also known as the Center of the World, is one of the best option for a living. It is a big city divided into 10 districts and 8 counties. The innermost area of the city is known as the Forbidden City, which was used to be the residency of imperial family of China. Being a big city, people can enjoy a lot of employment and business opportunities in Beijing. Keep this city as a great option in your list.

3. Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the financial hub of China. Many global companies have their manufacturing units in Shenzhen including Foxconn, Huawei, G’Five, China Merchant Bank (CMB), and many other companies.

Besides, an economic hub, Shenzhen also host a large number of tourist every year. Some beautiful and interesting sights in Shenzhen include, Happy Valley, Window of the World, China Folk Village and many other places.

4. Hangzhou

Marco Polo regarded Hangzhou as the most beautiful city in the World. That is true due to its natural beauty. Famous West Lake run through the Hangzhou city. Also there many other interesting places to see in the city including safari park, underwater world, song dynasty town, and many other places. It is also a modern city where people can open their own businesses. With the growing chinese economy, living there will be a great option for Westerners.

5. Chengdu


If you want to enjoy a clean, calm, natural, and healthy environment Chengdu is the city of your interest. There are huge green plains, mountain areas, and animal sanctuaries in the city. People also appreciate chinese recipes made in Chengdu city. You can live in an environment away from the hustle and bustle of bigger metropolitan cities.

6. Xiamen


China also got many places for beach lovers. One place to enjoy island life is the Xiamen city. It also hosts a large number of tourists and students to visit or get education through several different educational institutes, especially Xiamen University. It is a great educational center for both Chinese and overseas students.

7. Nanjing


It is a great city especially for expats and history geeks. Near the city lies the 1500 years old Qixia Buddhist temple, which is a great historic sites for tourists and buddhist believers. Behind the temple are located hills where are carved many faces of Buddha and other religious symbols.

8. Zhuhai

In the year 2014, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences entitled Zhuhai as the best city to live in China. The city provide a balanced life, i.e. mixed of modern and traditional lifestyle. People also enjoy a nice climate as compared to other bigger cities of China.

9. Haikou


For people who love calm, healthy, and serene views, should choose Haikou as it will serve the purpose. It has the cleanest atmosphere as compared to other cities of China.
There are many historic sights and green lands in Haiku. Some beautiful landmarks in Haikou include Temple of five lords, Hainan crater park, Jinniuling Park, happy valley, and many other beautiful landmarks.

10. Guilin


It is another a serene country or rural city of China. It has a beautiful landscape, especially the hilly areas and the Li River that flows between the cities of Guilin and Yangshuo. Other places of interest include cave reed, elephant trunk hill, and the moon hill. There are also long plains of rice that people can see in Guilin. If you are country lover you need to move to this city.

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