The largest river on the earth is invisible and airborne

Amazon river



Did you know the largest river on the earth is invisible and airborne! Antonio Donato Nobre a senior researcher at Brazil’s National Institute of Amazonian Research discovered a remarkable fact about the Amazon Rain Forest. According to the researcher, on every sunny day 20 billion metric tons of Water flow upward from the trees and fields of the Amazon into the air building an invisible river that float 4000 million of distance in the airfield of the Amazon Forest.


Story of the largest invisible river on the Earth – Amazon

Whether in your garden or in the forest, each river is a silent geyser that transpires hundreds and thousands of water vapors every day of the week. Same story goes for Amazon Forest, the largest rain forest in the World. Trees in Amazon Forest release water vapors, especially in a sunny day. The transpiration rate could be 1000 liters of water vapors from a single tree in the Amazon forest. When combining together with the water vapors of the other trees in the Amazon Forest, it builds a huge field of water vapors that we can’t see with naked eyes. Such a field of water vapors looks like an invisible river floating in the air.


Invisible River is the life of Amazon Rain forest

Each rain forest in the World builds its own atmospheric river in the air, invisible, but the river is the life of the rain forest. Amazon jungle also lives in the same life cycle; when the evaporate invisible river or water vapors condense, turns into rain, which gives life to the flora and fauna of the Amazon Rain Forest. This makes the sense that rain forest builds its own environment and life cycle that give life back to the green fields and tree of Amazon Rain forest.


Without Amazon South American would be a Desert – says Nobre

Antonia Nobre says that without Amazon Forest the South American continent would be a desert and that explains how much important is Amazon to the life of people living in the areas inside and around the Amazon Rain Forest. $4 trillion tons of economic activity come from the Amazon Rain forest. Amazon is not only important to its own flora and fauna, but the large population of South American countries is also depending on the economy coming through it. Keep it safe and let the life cycle running.

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