How to make Spanish chorizo sausage recipe

Spanish chorizo

How to cook Spanish chorizo sausage recipe

Chorizo recipe is considered as the best Spanish food available in all the cities of Spain. People will find the tasty sausage not just in Spain, but also in the other hotels of Europe. World Class hotels always place the Spanish Chorizo in their manual, so whether you are visiting the “City of Light” or the “Westernmost Country” of Europe, you will have the dish given to you on the hotel manual. People might be amazed about the different kinds and types of Spanish Chorizo recipe while they visit several different hotels of Spain. Chorizo comes in different versions, but the basic ingredient will be the same for all the different versions of the recipe.

Types of Spanish Chorizo Sausage Recipe

Pimentón is the prime ingredient used in making Spanish Chorizo. It is available in Spanish in three different versions i.e. Pimentón Dulce or Sweet Paprika, Pimentón Agridulce or Medium Hot Paprika, and Pimentón Picante or Hot Paprika. Therefore, people can make their sausage in hot, spicy, or sweet tastes.

How to make Spanish Chorizo recipe in home

People who want to try the recipes sitting in their homes got the right place. You will learn here how to make Spanish Chorizo and what are the different ingredients used in making the recipe.

Spanish Chorizo recipe Ingredients

Pile up all the necessary ingredients in your cook-house or kitchen. In order to make a Chorizo soup recipe you will need these following ingredients:

  • About 40g of Paprika whatever the version you may choose is all depends upon your likings.
  • Finely chop 1 kilo meat from the shoulder joint of the animal so the fat percentage is usually about right.
  • Two cloves of finely peeled and grounded garlic
  • Salt to 20g or to the taste also the percentage must be 2.5 to match the combined weight of meat and fat.
  • 50cm animal intestine or Collagen tissue for sausage making tube.
  • A half beaker of water
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Step by Step Guide to make Spanish Chorizo Recipe

Now move to the steps in making the Spanish Chorizo sausage recipe.

  1. Collect the meat in a grinder to slice and cut into fine pieces
  2. Mix all the ingredients including: garlic, paprika, and salt with meat.
  3. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, use a little water if necessary to facilitate the mixing.
  4. Filled the animal intestine with mixture, leaving one end free to remove air space and to tie the knot.
  5. Ferment the casings at 20 degree Celsius temperature and 90% humidity for about 72 hours.
  6. Hang the filling for about 2 months at a temperature of 16 to 20 degrees.
  7. Collect the dry sausage ready to be served.

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