Plan now to travel with a dog to London

UK is a dog friendly country, so to travel with a dog to London is not a big issue. People can easily take their dogs on any pet friendly airlines to heathrow airport. Before taking a flight to London, one must plan everything, including, hotel accommodation, to do list, and things you will carrying in your backpack.


Travel with a dog to London

First thing you need to know that many airlines are not well welcoming to pets, especially dogs. Luckily to you, hundreds of airlines travel everyday to London Heathrow Airport. Booking your flight tickets to some of the best airlines is a piece of cake.

Do you know that there are 26033 registered dogs in the London City, and only 53% of dogs have been registered. 

Quite amazing, such a huge population of dogs is rarely seen in any city of the World.

Coming to the topic, what you should take inside your travel backpack. Beside all the needed accessories, such as passport, first aid kit, return ticket, clothing, and accessories, you also have to consider, needed accessories for your pet, i.e. dog.

So things you should carry for your pet is bulleted below:

  • Dog backpack
  • Pet Collar
  • Pet Leashes (optional)
  • Dog carrier
  • Pet food
  • Pet first aid kit

I have listed some of the needed accessories for you dog. If you required more things in the backpack of your pets, you can easily buy it from any pet store in UK.

10 Pet Friendly Airlines UK

Get to know some of the best pet friendly airlines that travel London on routine bases.

  1. Delta
  2. Air France
  3. Jet Blue
  4. KLM
  5. Lufthansa
  6. Swiss Airlines
  7. Southwest Airlines
  8. Turkish Airlines
  9. United Airlines
  10. U.S. Airways

Booking tickets from these airlines will not be a difficult thing to do. Just go to their official website and check for their flight schedule to London City. Then, book your flight through the most affordable airlines in your list.

8 Pet Friendly Hotels in London City

Booking hotel, villas, or guest houses is easy, especially for European countries. Every five star hotel manages an official website, from where people can easily book reservation for their tour to London.

  1. The Arch London
  2. The Metropolitan
  3. Rosewood Hotel
  4. St Pancras Renaissance
  5. Travelodge Battersea
  6. Bermondsey Square Hotel
  7. 41 Victoria
  8. The Athenaeum

10 Pet Friendly Places in London

Most of the parks and cafeterias in the central city are friendly to pets. You can eat and drink delicious food, recipes, and beverages from mesmerizing tourists restaurants in the London City.

  1. The Phene
  2. Battersea Park
  3. Richmond Park
  4. Liberty of London
  5. The builders arm
  6. Cadogan Arms
  7. Shake Shack
  8. Greenwich Park
  9. The Kennel Club
  10. The Society Club

Must see world heritage sites in the UK


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