How Much Gas Does Your Favorite Beverage Produce?

How Much Gas Does Your Favorite Beverage Produce
Do you know each of your favorite Beverage produce gas into your stomach? Beverages like milk, soda, juice, etc. produce gas that enters into your system. Each beverage release gas in different percentages or amount. Can you calculate the amount of the gas each of your favorite beverage produce? Today, you will learn how to calculate the amount of gas that different types of beverages produces.

Project objectives

Following are the objectives of this project.

  1. Which liquid produce more gas
  2. Calculating the amount of gas produced by each liquid

Equipment required

You need a few things before you start your fun project. First, you need to define your beverage that you use for your pleasure time. Liquids that you consume each day such as milk or soda would be enough for this fun project. Next, you will need Vinegar that would help in starting the reaction with the liquid or beverage. Vinegar has a combination of several vitamins, mineral products, and fats which will react with the liquid of your daily use. Next, you will need heating pad that will help in facilitating the reaction of beverages with vinegar. Let’s list down all the things required in the project.

  1. Empty bottles
  2. Vinegar
  3. Your favorite beverages such as milk, soda, juice, etc.
  4. Balloons for collecting the gas produced in the reaction
  5. A large empty container
  6. A Small basket
  7. Measuring jug

Science project for kids – How much gas does your favorite beverage produce?

This is how it is done.

  1. Fill some empty bottle with equal amount or volume of each of the beverage or liquid available.
  2. Enter two table spoon of vinegar in each of the bottle labelled with different beverage.
  3. Cover the opening of the bottles with empty balloons.
  4. Place each of the bottles on heating pad and let the reaction start i.e. vinegar reaction with the beverage inside the bottle. Vinegar will represent the acid in the stomach of yours.
  5. Removed the inflated balloon carefully while closing their opening with cotton strings.

Thing you need to measure

Watch out carefully which liquids inflated the balloons. Which liquids produced the more gas in the balloons?
How to calculate the amount of gas produced by each liquid
The simple way to do this is to use the method of water replacement. If you didn’t know about water displacement method, below steps will help you calculate the amount of gas each beverage produce with the help of water displacement method.

  1. Take a large empty container and place it on the floor.
  2. Also, take a small basket to be place inside the container.
  3. Fill the basket full of water.
  4. Pick each balloon and immerse the balloon inside the basket until fully submerged. Water inside the basket will flow into the empty container.
  5. Remove the basket from the container, and measure the water flowed outside into the container using a measuring jug.

Repeat the process with each of the balloon filled with different amount of gas. It will help you find how much gas your favorite beverage produced and which beverage is introducing the more gas in your system each day of your life.

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