Most livable cities in Africa to live and work

There are several cities to live in Africa where you can live and work remotely. Some cities like Cape Town would give you a great atmosphere, pleasant location, nice environment, and lot of fun places to visit. In facts, almost all of the cities of Africa are great for tourism as each places in Africa are keeping natural treasures.

Sahara desert and African safaris are the most wanted destination to visit in Africa. Some cities have good condition for living, while other cities are quite hot. Eastern travelers and immigrant would like to enjoy living in a moderate environment.

Life is harsh in the countries located in Sahara desert such as Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, and others. As today, we will be talking about the most livable cities in Africa to live and work, so environment will also be an important factor in calculating the living condition in a certain city and country.

Best cities or most livable cities to live and work in Africa

To calculate or determine the quality of living in a certain city, you need to know the weather of the city, cost of living, and the fun places to visit in that city. In the next headings, I have wrote the quality of life in each one of the most livable cities in Africa.

Cape Town


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent):

Rent Index: 23.73

Groceries Index: 34.86

Restaurants Index: 39.55

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 33.34

Local Purchasing Power: 93.63

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the World. There are plenty of wildlife and fun places to visit in the city. You can also enjoy the calm atmosphere and healthy weather. It is not an expensive as cost living excluding the rent is 42.0, which is quite appropriate for people of low income to live in that city. Safety is the chief issue to be care about as the crime index is quite high in Cape Town city. You can find job easily in this city.

Accra, Ghana


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent)

Rent Index: 48.51

Groceries Index: 59.83

Restaurants Index: 46.19

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 57.21

Local Purchasing Power: 13.78

Accra is one of the most developing cities in Africa. Getting a job here is quite easy especially for foreigners. Cost of living is quite high in Accra due to the importance of living in this city. Accra enjoys plenty of rain fall during the warm season. Temperature would not an issue while living in the Accra city.

Nairobi, Kenya


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent):

Rent Index: 15.64

Groceries Index: 38.53

Restaurants Index: 35.97

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 29.81

Local Purchasing Power: 29.18

Nairobi is the capital and the most developed city in Kenya. It has a plenty of wildlife sanctuaries where people can enjoy their weekends. Living in this city is quite affordable as the grocery prices are very much affordable for anyone living in the city.



Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent):

Rent Index: 17.84

Groceries Index: 35.87

Restaurants Index: 39.10

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 31.10

Local Purchasing Power: 124.56

Johannesburg is the second livable city in South Africa. It is beautiful and people enjoy a strong purchasing power. Grocery prices and rent index is quite low. So you can live easily in the city of Johannesburg.


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 38.33

Rent Index: 11.99

Groceries Index: 32.44

Restaurants Index: 30.62

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 25.76

Local Purchasing Power: 54.75


Gaborone is one of the most livable cities in Africa. It is green; it is beautiful, and it is wild. People can find plenty of wildlife in the city of Gaborone. It is quite affordable city as the rent index and grocery prices are very low. People also enjoy strong purchasing power, which is a great news for foreigners coming to the Gaborone city. Weather is great and you will enjoy your visiting a few of the most beautiful wildlife parks of Africa.

Libreville, Gabon

Libreville is a chief city in Gabon. French is the official language of the city. It is a charming city and sings about its calm and beautiful environment. Literacy rate is high and people are enjoy a lot of business opportunities. Moving to Libreville is a great idea, you should keep it as an option for moving to Africa.

Tunis, Tunisia


Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent):

Rent Index: 7.11

Groceries Index: 27.98

Restaurants Index: 21.20

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 19.25

Local Purchasing Power: 38.00

The city of Tunis enjoys a charming weather. Temperature is moderate and favorable to everyone. Grocery prices and rent is very low so foreigners coming to Tunis can easily enjoy their life while living in Tunis. There are a lots of business and investment opportunities for foreigners coming to Tunis. Cheap labor is one of the some reason you can think about.

Dar es Salaam

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 57.71

Rent Index: 46.39

Groceries Index: 31.72

Restaurants Index: 37.53

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 45.30

Local Purchasing Power: 36.51

Dar es Salaam is the capital and chief city of Tanzania. Weather is quite favorable for everyone to live in Tanzania. Low grocery prices and rent index is a good idea for foreigners. Employment rate is quite low in Tanzania. However, people can invest in the education and health industry of Tanzania.

Windhoek, Namibia

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 42.24

Rent Index: 23.24

Groceries Index: 37.36

Restaurants Index: 37.17

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 33.17

Local Purchasing Power: 45.01

Living in Windhoek will take you one of the most beautiful countries of Africa, i.e. Namibia. Tourism is a strong industry in Namibia. People can take active role in the industry. Cost of living is quite average for Windhoek so you can easily enjoy a serene and calm life in this city.

Kigali, Rwanda

Cost of Living Index (Excl.Rent): 39.79

Rent Index: 13.48

Groceries Index: 31.93

Restaurants Index: 28.29

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index: 27.24

Local Purchasing Power: 28.17

Kigali is the capital of Rwanda, another chief city of Africa. It provides foreigners a pleasant weather and plenty of travel places to visit. Beautiful wildlife of Kigali will make a worth remembering experience of your time while living in Rwanda.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Abidjan is the capital city of Ivory Coast. It has a lot of French population living in the city. There are quite a number of job and business opportunities available in the city. Foreigners also enjoy cheap cost of living due to their strong economic background. People can enjoy visiting the different number of beaches of the Ivory Coast city.

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