Money hacks – 18 best ways to transfer your money

There are lot of ways you can transfer money locally and overseas while sitting on your desktop. PayPal payment method is very and fast, but the service is not available in several countries of the world. People are searching for best paypal alternatives so that they can transfer money to any business partner or family person living in some other remote city or country.

25 New money transfer methods and services

To make your life easy, my money hacks will help you to transfer easily your money locally and overseas. A few methods or service that are very popular are listed below:

  1. Square Cash

    It is fast, free, and easy to send money to friends and business partners using Square cash. Price for business plan package is 2.75% per transaction. Money will be retrieved from your bank account via your debit card you submitted to the Square Cash account. Other feature of square cash is the email transfer of money. It is a secure payment service, transfer might take 2 days or more.

    • It is secure, fast, and easy to use.
    • Both desktop and mobile application are available
    • Direct transfer of money without any middle-man
    • Email transfer is possible using square cash.
    • It is only available in US.
  2. PayPal

    It is one of the best ways to transfer money locally and to multiple other countries of the World. It is available in several countries of the World. Paypal offer users mastercard so to collect their money at any ATM or their bank accounts. It is free to draw paypal money to bank, but only for UK users. Peer to peer transaction are quite possible by PayPal payment service.

    • Peer-to-peer transaction is possible using paypal payments.
    • You can retrieve money using your paypal mastercard to your bank account at any ATM in your city.
    • Buying using paypal is free.
    • Selling your products will cost you 2.9$ + 0.30$ per sale.
  3. Google Wallet

    Google wallet support people send money using mobile or desktop apps. Its service is available only in the US and UK. The service is made by the team to support peer-to-peer transactions. Sending and receiving money is free to people using Google Wallet.

  4. Chase quickpay

    Is a banking service that provide people banking support in 100 of countries of the World. You can send and retrieve money at your account whether your are in US or traveling abroad. People can also ask loan from the bank.

  5. Venmo

    Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal. You can use your email or facebook account to sign in to the Venmo app. To use the service, you need to install the Venmo app to your mobile and verify your phone to avail the service.

  6. Money Gram

    PayPal and the above discussed service are available to people in the US and some other countries of the World; while Moneygram covers almost all countries of the World. Doing business with overseas is very easy if you exchange your money through Moneygram services. You can find all the details from their website.

  7. Dwolla

    The company, Dwolla provide ecommerce services to its users in the United States. You can use the service for online payments against products that you buy on ecommerce websites. The headquarter of the website is located at Des Moines, Iowa, United States.

  8. Transferwise

    Transferwise was started by two Estonian friends, Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus. The concept of money transfer through transferwise is quite different as compared to the regular transfer of money. A person A (living in Estonia) sending money directly to person B (living in London) doesn’t happen here. An equivalent money from person D living in England is send to the person B. Also a person C living in Estonia receives the money from the person A. This avoid costly money conversion to the senders and the receivers.

  9. Western Union

    It is one of the fastest and convenient method of transferring money locally and overseas. People can transfer their money easily to any of their friends and family living in the country or overseas.

    How Western Union Work?

    • First you have to register for a WU (Western Union) account with the detail information of you and your bank.
    • Next you will be depositing money to your WU account.
    • After that you will be sending money to the receiver along the receiver information.
    • WU branch in your country will receive your money.
    • The money you sent then will be sent by the WU to the WU account of your receiver.
    • He/She will be told about the money so that they can get it from his or WU account.
  10. Xoom

    Xoom by PayPal is also a great service for sending money, receiving money, and for the bill payments. Beside PayPal operations in selected countries, Xoom provide services to a lot more countries of the World including China, Pakistan, and other Eastern countries. It charges a total of 4.49$ against each transaction.

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  11. WellsFargo

    WellsFargo is a banking service for personal purposes, business, and commercial bases. Their online personal banking account let you wire transfer money to all of the states of US. People of Eastern countries such as China, India, Philippines, and Vietnam can also avail their money transfer services.
  12. Moneybookers

    Moneybookers or Skrill is an ecommerce business that can let you transfer money online to your local bank accounts. Receiving money at your moneybookers or skrill account is free. Fees are different for different types of transactions. Visa transfer to overseas residents will be charged as 1.90% per transaction. Withdrawing funds from skrill will cost people Euro 5.5 or GBP 4.76.
  13. Payoneer

    If you can’t use services of PayPal or Square cash, payoneer would be the best option. It is available in almost all the countries of the World. You can request Payoneer mastercard after account creation. Successful activation of Payoneer will let you send or request money to any user or customer living anywhere in the World. Peer-to-peer transaction is also possible by Payoneer account.
  14. ePayments

    Epayment is a service of electronic payments of money locally and across the country. The website also allow people wallets and mastercards for payment against online purchases. Using their merchant service, you can transfer funds to your partners, employees, and other people involved in your online businesses.

  15. Escrow

    It is a secure ecommerce website where you can sell or buy things to collect money or get your product against the money you paid to the seller.

    How Escrow works?

    • You have to make an Escrow account before the process begins.
    • Next you will be transferring your money from your bank to your Escrow account
    • Then you will selecting whether you are buying or selling something to some other person living in your country or abroad
    • Escrow will receive the funds from the buyer.
    • Seller will send the product to the buyer home or office.
    • If the buyer is satisfied with the product or service. He/she will let Escrow know and the money will be send to the seller.

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  16. EntropayAt entropay people can make virtual prepaid visa cards for the purpose of online payments of money. People can shop online using their prepaid card provided by Entropay. It is very fast to make Entropay Visa card and depositing money in it. It is secure, fast, and easy-to-use for people around the globe.
  17. Payza

    Payza is one of the best ways to transfer your money to your friends and family living abroad. You can easily make a virtual Payza account on their official website. The website accepts credit card, bank account, and bitcoins for the money deposit in the account. Sending funds from Payza to others is completely free, out of any cost. Receiving funds will cost 2.90$ + $0.30. Withdrawing funds from Payza will cost $15 per transaction.

  18. Amazon Payments

    At Amazon you can open a merchant or shopper account for free. Merchants can grow their business using their services. It is a trusted and world wide used website. Doing business with Amazon will always bring profit to any business person living in any country of the World.

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