Kristen Bell says we might expect another season of Veronica Mars

Fans might be wondering if there is a mere possibility of another season of the hit crime mystery show, Veronica Mars. Yes! The possibility is there, but when it will going to happen is not yet cleared to the fans. Bell also appeared in the movie “Veronica Mars” based on the T.V series and the movie turn out to be a successful investment of the director, Rob Thomas. Even before the movie was released many spin-offs of the T.V were filmed included the T.V show, Play it Again.

Coming back to the possibility of another short season of Veronica Mars, let’s just discuss the viewpoint of Kristen Bell, lead actress playing as Veronica Mars. While sitting with her co-star Ted Danson in an interview with the team of TV Guide about the revival of the show, she said,

“Our primary concern is still if there is an audience, which we feel like there is. And if people want it, we will still try to remake it.”

Hmm! Nice to hear about the news from the lead actress. Fans would be excited if the news doesn’t turn only to be a news and soon we will see a remake of the great Crime-Mystery show. Further more Bell gives more fruit to her comment by saying that,

“We would like to do a more typical route,” then she added. “We don’t want to crowdfund… Our crowds don’t deserve that anymore, they stepped up to the plate, it was amazing, but we feel like a network or a studio should pay for it this time around.”

About the length of the season, she said “We would like to do a more typical route,” and “We would hope in the future to do some sort of mini-series, or some sort of the truncated series where it wasn’t 22 episodes…”

The Co-star interrupted her asking, “Because you’re busy right now!”

She approved, “Yeah,” but she means, “this would be more like a priority”.

Here friend, Lily Kane (Amanda Seyfried) might have died in the TV show, but Veronica Mars is still very much alive!

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