How to protect your kids from inappropriate content on windows 7

Do not let my kids see that stuff!

It is somewhat creepy, finding your son or daughter stumble upon on an adult website, accidentally. Luckily, there are counter tactics that you can use to stop your kids from watching inappropriate content.

how to protect kids from inappropriate content

YouTube is supposed to be used for people of age more than 17. However, kids can easily access videos on YouTube, and staff would say that it is your job to stop your kids from watching such videos.
Some parents allow their kids to see fun videos and lectures on YouTube which is good. But on the other side, your kid might open a video, from the right side bar, not appropriate for their age. You can’t allow your children from watching any inappropriate videos.

Luckily, there are many different ways to disable adult or inappropriate content from the eyes of your kids. Starting from window 7 operating system, family safety filters can help you identify the website that are safe for your kids and those which are not supposed to be used by kids.
Some websites which are not appropriate for kids, but still are frequently used are listed down:


You still can allow your kids to use YouTube but you have to turn the restricted mode on so that inappropriate content wouldn’t appear while on video stream of YouTube.

Window 7 safety family safety filter

  1. First go to your control panel
  2. Then go to user accounts and family safety
  3. Select Parental controls
  4. Go down below to see the provider list for additional controls
  5. Select Window live family safety
  6. Choose the user of your guest account or kid account
  7. Selecting the account will redirect you to your windows family safety login
  8. Select sign in with microsoft account
  9. Add your microsoft login credentials
  10. Family Safety will show you the family options of kids and adult users on your computer.
  11. In the kid section, you will see your kids recent activity, web browser, and several other options, on the right side of the screen.
  12. Click web browsing
  13. Turn the block inappropriate website on, so that it turns into blue. Scroll down below to see the option for, “always allows these websites” and “don’t allow these websites”.
  14. Enter the websites that you want your kids to see. List the bad sites, in the always block these website option, below.
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Family Safety in Google Chrome

You can also set family safety on Google Chrome without using Window Family safety feature of window 7 Microsoft operating system.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Scroll down below to see advanced setting
  3. Below You will see privacy, where you will find content setting option.
  4. Click Content setting, which will show to you, further different options.
  5. Check down below to see image setting and flash settings.
  6. You can manage exception for both flash and images to show or not to show to your kids.

Setting content advisory in Internet Explorer

Content advisory setting for internet explorer will take you to window life safety login. You are not required to adjust your internet explorer setting.

Content Advisory in Mozilla Firefox

You need to add additional plugins and extension in Mozilla Firefox to enable safe search and filtering any adult content while browsing websites. Foxfilter is a popular mozilla plugin that you can use to restrict children or under 17 boys and girls to view any inappropriate content not fit for their ages.

Safe Search in Google

Surfing on Google is safe only if you know how to do it.

In order to enable safety feature on Google, you have to login to your Gmail account. After login into your gmail account, you can visit to see the setting options.

Below search area you will see the setting button. Click it and you will see “safe search” setting option. You can either, switch the safe setting on or off based on the age of your kids.

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Internet is safe or not safe

Letting your kids surfing web and social media sites is just not appropriate especially if they are under 7 years of age.
As far as the e-learning is concerned, you can make guest account of your kids. Window 7 is powerful enough to help you, making a better environment for your kids using internet and computing technology.

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