How to make glass invisible

How to make glass invisible



Did you ever played a magic trick? I think you might have whether it goes right or wrong. Small magic tricks with cards and other stuff is not a big deal for kids, they love to enjoy their time with cards and other stuff. However, right now, you will learn another magic tricks, i.e. how to make glass invisible. Cool! Isn’t it. You can make glass invisible. Read the next heading, and gather the stuff required to perform this sort of magic.


Do you know how to make glass invisible?

You can make glass invisible and that is not a big deal, you just need to gather a few equipment to perform your science fair project.



This experiment or magic is a fun time making glass invisible.


What would you learn from the science project?


Here are a few things that you will learn from this science fair project.


  • What are the reasons that make glass invisible?
  • What happens to light as its passes through the surface of glass?
  • What kids would learn from this fair project?


Glass is see-through material, but we still can see its surface as there is blending of light rays at its passes through the glass surface. It happens so fast that we can’t see through it.




Equipment or materials needed for the project are outlined below:

  • Small amount of baby oil.
  • Clear glass cup small enough to fit into the bowl
  • Large clear glass bowl that would act as a container of the glass cup.



The procedure of the experiment is outlined in simple step as follows:

  1. Fill the glass bowl with baby oil so that the bowl height in the bowl is slightly less than the height of the cup.
  2. Carefully place the glass cup inside the bowl, making it sure that oil wouldn’t pour inside the glass. Kids can still see the cup inside the bowl. Where is the magic!
  3. Don’t worry; you will be surprise in this step. Using a funnel or tube, pour baby oil in the glass cup, and you will find the cup vanishes at the point you pour the oil in the cup. You can’t see the glass surface of the cup. But how all this happened. It is not just a mere magic; it is science! You will learn what happened in the next heading.



Kids should know that what is happening is not magic it is refraction of light. What is refraction? As most of kids have learn the concepts of refractions and reflections, refraction is the one where light bends. When lights pass from a light medium or fast medium into a dense or slow medium, the rays of lights refracted a little from its path at which it was moving before.


The amount of bending depends upon the indices of refraction as defined quantitatively by Snell’s Law. In a dense medium light speed slows down and wavelength of light is shortened proportionately making it difficult for us to see the cup’s surface.

Baby oil is dense as compared to the air medium around us so the speed of light slows down as it enters into the cup. It makes us difficult or almost invisible to see the cup inside the bowl where it is placed.


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