How to make an Anemometer – Science projects for kids

how to make an anemometer

Never heard of Anemometer! Do you ever heard of calculating the speed of the wind! You already are getting the impression, “Anemometer is a device that people use to calculate the speed of wind.” It might sound rocket science to you, but there is no big deal in making an Anemometer, especially if you are making it with paper cups! That’s right! Today you will be learning, how to make an Anemometer using paper cups.
Robinson Anemometer

It is a device that uses cup-like shapes to calculate wind speed. There are many different kinds of Anemometer, but Robinson Anemometer is normally used as a science project for kids. Other Anemometers use laser and ultrasonic measuring technologies; Robinson Anemometer, however, uses stop watch to calculate the speed of the wind.

How to make an Anemometer – kid’s science project

This is a simple tutorial for kids to make an Anemometer. In this project, students will learn what things are needed to make the Anemometer and the steps require to build your project.

Things needed to make an Anemometer

  1. Equal size 5 small paper/card cups
  2. Hole punch
  3. Duct tape
  4. Scissors
  5. 3 thin wooden dowels/sticks
  6. Empty water bottle
  7. Stopwatch


  1. Take 4 out of the 5 paper cups. Leave the remaining to be used later.
  2. Take a marker and make small marks, somewhere in the middle, of each of the 4 cups.
  3. Using a Hole Punch to make a hole on the side you have marked.
  4. Now, use the 5th cup and make 4 holes evenly space around the rim/center of the cup. This would be the center of the anemometer.
  5. Use a wooden dowel/stick to slide through the holes on the opposite side of the cup.
  6. Take another wooden dowel/stick to slide through the remaining two holes. The two sticks/dowels should cross like an “X” at the same position the 5th cup.
  7. Insert each of the 4 remaining cups at each end of the dowel or stick. Make sure each of the 4 cups face the same direction.
  8. Take the last wooden dowel/stick and make a hole in the bottom of the center cup or rim.
  9. Push the dowel upward so that it meets the X position of the previous two dowels/sticks.
  10. Use the duct tape to tie everything together.
  11. The last thing is to place the center dowel or stick in an empty water bottle.
  12. Use the stopwatch to start counting the wind speed for an interval of 30 seconds.

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