How to download ibooks using promo codes

How to download iBooks using promo codes

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Download your iBooks Using iTunes Promo Code

For new breeds this post will bring you fruits, gifts and big smiles. In this post I will share with the rookies in the Apple World, the knowledge of working with promo codes.
Using a promo code is as easy as cutting your birthday cake. Below I will give you details of using promo code in each apple device i.e. Mac, Iphone and Ipad.

How to Download ibooks Using Promo Code for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Step 1:

Here is the step 1 of how to download ibook Tap iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store on your device.

Step 2 of downloading ibooks

Scroll down to the bottom of the Featured section and there it your magical ‘Redeem’ button. Click it and It will show you the login screen for your Apple ID.

Step3: How to download ibooks

Apple ID, yes, you must have an Apple ID for buying or redeeming a free iBook. You didn’t have one, don’t be shy to make one for yourself. Here is the link for Creating an Apple ID.

Step 4: how to download ibooks

Those who already have an Apple account will be going to enter their Promo Code in the Magic box and Your device screen will give you a high five, your downloading will start and then you can find your book in your library. Well, for those who recently have made their account will have to repeat the previous step to find the redeem button again and then they are good to go. Download your book and read it for free.

For downloading ibook You will be needed to sign in with your Apple ID.

Redeeming a code on iTunes for Mac or PC, the Mac App Store, or the iBooks Store

Step 1:

Open your itunes or ibooks in your Mac Machine or Menus in Window 7 and 8.

Step 2:

Click the more button option (…) on the top left side of the itunes. It will show you a drop down list. You can locate the books section here. Click it and you will find yourself in the apple bookstore. It is really fun.

Step 3:

Again, you have to login to your Apple account to buy your book listed in the store.

Step 4:

But wait, you already have the magic code for the book to download. So where to find the Redeem section. Ok click your profile icon on the top left just by the side of the search box. Ah! you find it buddy, click it and then a drop down list will show you the Redeem button.

Step 5:

Click Redeem from drop down menu any you will have your ibook downloaded in your iBook app. Cheers! Your book is there listed in My Book section of your iBooks or iTunes.

So simple and now make a call to your grandma tell her you have read her “gifted book”.

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