6 Fun facts about Danakil Depression for kids

Discovery Day

Today, Kids will learn about the Danakil depression facts, the hottest place in the World. Before going into details, we should also talk about Afar Triangle. So, let’s go kids to our discovery class.

Afar Triangle

Afar Triangle is a geological depression caused by the continental rifting of Afar triple junction in Eastern Africa.

Where it is located?


The depression overlaps the borders of Eritrea, Djibouti and the entire Afar Region of Ethiopia. Lake Asal, which is said to be the lowest point below sea level, also lies in the Afar Triangle region of Djibouti, East Africa.

Fun facts about Danakil Depression


danakil desert

Kids might be wondering that why they need to know about Afar Triangle, before they can learn the fun facts about Danakil Depression. It is because of the fact that the depression itself is the northern part of Afar Triangle. Now we go into details of our topic about Danakil depression. To make it easy and fun for kids, let’s divide the whole information into a list of facts.

  1. The first thing that kids already has learned that Danakil Depression is the hottest place in the World.
  2. The depression lies in the northern region of Afar Triangle, Ethiopia.
  3. Kids learned about Lake Asal located in the Afar Depression, Djibouti, is said to be the lowest point, i.e. 155 m below sea level.
  4. Kids should also know that Erta Ale, the longest continually erupted volcano also lies in the Afar triangle region, Ethiopia.
  5. One scary thing about Danakil is the average annual temperature of 94 degree Fahrenheit or 24.4 degree Celsius. That is an average temperature, just don’t think about extreme temperature or your head might start boiling.
  6. In the Danakil expression there are hundreds of pools of sulfuric acid. These pools are the indications that deep underground are titanic stirrings, volcanic activity that is dividing in the region apart, 1 to 2 cm each year.

So much for today, your discover lesson about Danakil depression is completed. If you like the class, share the information with your friends.

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