Dubai! exciting, extra ordinary and crazy

Dubai PD

What to see and do in Dubai

Dubai! Three words to explain Dubai would be exciting,extra ordinary and crazy! Dubai is a place that as soon as you enter you become fascinated by your surroundings. May that start from Dubai Airport or Dubai mall or Jumeirah beach or the safari dessert or the amazing tall beautiful buildings like Burj Khalifa the most beautiful and outstanding building built by mankind. Everything there is live life large. What to do and see in Dubai starts when you enter the dessert city of Dubai and from there the fun starts!

Dubai Mall

Starting with the airport its so massive that getting to one end to another takes endless time. The amazing duty free shop with so much variety and many many shops. But if you want to go shopping then the place to be is Dubai mall, it is so big that every day you go you will see a new place now come on which shopping mall has its own aquarium! Now that’s why I called Dubai crazy! Shops after shops that Don’t even start counting it will give you a headache, each floor having its own beauty. Interior and exterior left me speechless, but living in Dubai doesn’t come cheap, it is an amazing tourist place, but make sure you have a heavy hand to spend!

Dubai Fountain

One thing that stood out was the Dubai fountain which was so pretty that I have no words to explain it, you are amazed by the movement of the water which danced to the unique songs that was played in the background and you wish that it never ends it is that beautiful! Dubai has the night life that anyone would love for different people who just love to go for a long night walk or is crazy about shopping then you could practically live in Dubai mall it is like Disney world for and Adult! Or you love sight seeing I could go on and on.

Getting Around

The food is great the weather is nice and sunny all the time so don’t need to worry what time of the year to go!  There is no worry of getting to different places because you will see a taxi everywhere, it’s just about getting an empty one!

Safari Dessert

If you’re adventurous then the safari dessert is an activity not to be missed the ride in the car on the dessert is an experience you will never forget bumps humps bangs laughter it all has it. And then after that the belly dance BBQ that is all in a package. It’s hard not to fall in love with Dubai and once you have been you will definitely want a second holiday there. You won’t get bored there and activities to do well, there’s something for everyone. To know more you just have to go and make your own experience of it!

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