Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow? – Science Project for kids

Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow

Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow

Feeling cold, muscle aches, toothaches, or headaches, Aspirin would be your life saver, but does it work for plants! Today kids will be doing a simple small science project, i.e. does aspirin help plants grow faster and healthier?

Material needed for the project

Are you excited for this science project? Don’t rush it out. First, you need to pick a few things that would help you in your experiment. Things required for the experiment are listed below:


  1. Two plant pots
  2. Aspirin tablets
  3. Sunlight
  4. Fertilized soil
  5. Water at room temperature
  6. A glass of water
  7. Hot or boiled water
  8. Seeds
  9. Ruler
  10. Pen and papers for taking notes


Experiment – Does Aspirin Helps Plants grow faster

  1. Label on one plant pot as “Plain Water Plant Pot” and on the second as “Aspirin Water Plant Pot” .
  2. Put fertilized soil into each of the pots and plant some seeds inside of them. Cover the seeds with the fertilized soil above.
  3. Place them at a location where they can get plenty of sunlight each day of the week. Places such as windows so or may be outside of the windows receive plenty of sunlight ideal for the plant growth.
  4. Put two aspirin tablets in a drinking glass contain hot water so that the tablets melt and dissolve fast. Stir gently until aspirin disappear into the hot water.
  5. Allow the aspirin-water to cool to the room temperature.
  6. Once the water cooled down to room temperature, add the aspirin-water to the plant pot labeled with “Aspirin Water Plant Pot.” Don’t over water the pot just adds enough until the soil is moist.
  7. Water the second pot, labeled with “Plain water plant pot,” with water at room temperature. Water should be added until the soil is moist.
  8. Both the plants pots needed to be water every day of the week.



Water each day both of the plant pots with aspiring-water and plain-water separately. Write your observation of the growth; you can measure the size of the plant with a ruler.

Aspirin Facts

Aspirin is another name for the chemical acetyl-salicylic acid. The late part of the chemical is the real magic in Aspirin. Salicylic acid is a plant hormone that people extract and use as a pain killer and medicine for the treatment of injuries or diseases. Salicylic acid help plant in their defense against the pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It also helps in blockage of ethylene production in plant that would help flowers last longer. So aspirin definitely helps plants one way or the other.

Science Project for kids

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