Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner – Ultimate solution to your pool cleaning problems


Many people have been exhausted about the subject of finding the solution to cleaning of their water pools. Visiting the best pool cleaning company and hiring their quality staff give them some hope, but again they have to pay extra bills to the pool cleaning company. Self-managing a pool would also take time and effort. And Paying extra dollars to the cleaners hurts their pocket. Also, they just can’t rely on the cleaning staff members. As the swimming pool belongs to them and only they can keep it in the best possible condition, cleaners would only be doing their formal job in their field of work. Whether there are still some places to be clean doesn’t matter to them; they will leave the job unfinished.


Is there a solution? Yes, many robotic pool cleaners have been manufactured that help people in cleaning their pools and they can rely on the cleaners. The cleaner will relieve them from all the worries of paying extra dollars to the cleaning team.


There are hundreds of different kinds of pool cleaners on the market, provided by several different brands. Some cleaners are available at higher prices and a few with cheap prices. Some people like to pay lesser money by buying a cheap price cleaner. Does it help? Well, for a few days people will enjoy the features of the cleaner to dive inside the pool, removing all the bad stuff away from the pool. Then a few days later, you will hear that the cleaner is no longer working for them.


So all money gone wasted; again, people have to hire the pool cleaning company to help them maintain their pool. Why not you pay money for quality of the cleaner. Sounds fair! No, it’s still not, because paying extra money more than the product real price is unfair.

You just have to pay the right price for the right product in it market. Is there any such thing or is there any such product available in the market? Fortunately, yes, there are many great robotic pool cleaners out there in the market, available at affordable prices.


Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner


Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner, is the champion in cleaning water pools, and many people have cherished the product for its great features and functionality. Just let its rein loose and it will wash up all the debris from your swimming pool. It will dive into the depth of the pool and clean all the dirt hidden in different corners and sides of the pool. It is provided with a great computing system that works on a small voltage i.e. 12 volts. It also comes with a cart that helps the robot move easily along the surface of the swimming pool.


Next, I will give you details of everything you needed to hear about Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner, discussed in separate headings. The topics that we will talk about are explained in the following separate heading:


  1. Features of Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner
  2. How Does Diamond Pool Cleaner Works
  3. For Whom Diamond Pool Cleaner is made for
  4. How to clean, maintain, and adjust the cleaner
  5. Troubleshooting the pool cleaner
  6. How effective is the Pool Cleaner
  7. What is the price of the cleaner? Is there a Warranty?
  8. Drawbacks of the Blue Diamond Cleaner
  9. Final Words


Features of Diamond Pool Cleaner


  • The cleaner is comprised of heavy duty components
  • It has an economic 12 volt battery
  • The cleaner comes with a carry and a story caddy card
  • Pre-programmed guided computing system operates the cleaner
  • It takes 1 hours for Diamond Pool Cleaner to clean an entire pool
  • 13 * 16 * 18 inches are the product dimensions
  • It has a 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • It weighs only 23.5 pounds
  • The product is made up in Israel


The blue diamond pool cleaner is a great product made and manufactured in Israel by the company Water Tech. The company also operate is different states of the United States. In case of troubleshoot; company member will come to your home to optimize the cleaner back to its working position. When you buy the product, the item will be shipped to you from its manufacturing unit free of any shipping cost.


How does the Diamond Pool Cleaner Works?


The Blue Diamond pool cleaner is the ultimate weapon against all kind of debris including algae, fungus, bacteria, dirt, metallic particles, large and small leaves, or any kind of rubbish that you can think off. Just let is dive in the water and leave the job to the robotic cleaner. You will be surprised with its ability of pool cleaning.


Detail explanations of how Diamond Pool Cleaner Work

Let me give you detail explanations of the working of the pool cleaner. As you buy and bring the pool cleaner in your home, you can start using it. Before you turned it on, you should remove the air out of the vacuum bag. Otherwise, it will affect the working of the pool cleaner.


Open the guide or manual to read all the instructions before using the Diamond Pool Cleaner. Some important points that you should keep in mind are to:


  1. Power-on the cleaner only when it submerges into the water pool. If you power it on while it is outside of the pool, it can cause damage to the cleaner and you will lose your warranty.
  2. The product should be provided a RCD (residual current device) with current no more than 30mA.
  3. In case of a damaged wire only a service agent should replace to avoid any mishap or unwanted situation.


Now the cleaner comes up with three main components, i.e.


  1. A cleaning system
  2. Moveable Cart
  3. Power Supply


When you let the cleaner goes down into the pool, you are ready to power on the cleaner using the power supply. Keeps the supply more than 3 feet high off the ground to avoid the wire touching the earth surface. Let go of the unit sunk deep into the water pool. It will not take more than 90 minutes to clean an entire pool. So your all worries go away and you have your champion that would help you cleaning your swimming pool.


How to clean, maintain, and adjust the cleaner


After the cleaner is done in clearing all the debris from your swimming pool, turn its power off.


  1. Pull the cleaner outside of the pool and make sure that there is no current in the main power supply. So you have to unplug the main power supply before you pull the cleaner out of the water.
  2. Make sure you are pulling the cleaner out of the water using its handle, not by the strength of the wire.
  3. Now, you are allowed to lay the unit to its back on the floor surface.
  4. Now you can remove the filter bag from the support bar of the cleaner. Remove all the debris from the bag. You can easily clean the bag using clear water, but make sure you are not using any detergent. Cleaning agent can affect the bag surface and the company wouldn’t recommend use any cleaning agent, otherwise it can cause damage to the vacuum bag.


Who is the Diamond Pool Cleaner for?


The cleaner is manufactured for people who love to free themselves from the headache of cleaning the pool on their own, paying to the cleaning agents, or just pay for some cheap cleaner out there in the market. People who want to save money and effort can pay the money to buy the product and then they can forget paying money for next 10 years. As the product can work easily for about 10 years from its manufacturing time.


Troubleshooting the Cleaner


If you are experiencing problems while using the pool cleaner follow these steps:

  1. Make sure if the cleaner is connected with power outlet.
  2. Make sure if the power outlet is providing power to the cleaner.
  3. Make sure that the transformer is plugged into the grounded outlet and the blue cable assembly is connected to the transfer
  4. Make sure if some debris is obstructing the driver pulley or belt from the free movement of the cleaner
  5. If things go above your head, call the customer service provider officer to help you in proper working of the item.


How effective is the Diamond pool cleaner?


The cleaner is very effective against all kinds of debris. It can rise against the wall or sink deep into the pool to clear any kind of dust or waste out of the pool. It has a power vacuum suction pump that will pull the entire small and big dust particles out from the pool surface. A great guided operating unit will help your product work effective for a long duration of 1 hour. 30mA current supply to 12volt batter wouldn’t cost you high bills, and such cost efficiency makes the pool cleaner different from its competitors. The cord length is 60 meters so you can take the cleaner as deep and far into the pool as possible.


Price and warranty


Blue Diamond power cleaner price is $899.99 available at Amazon. The product also comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year along with customer labor. The product is made up in Israel where the products are manufactured for better quality not quantity. So it work better as compared to the other products manufactured in some other countries of the World.


Drawback of the Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner


Coming up with many great features and working people also have reported many drawbacks or faults that they have experience while using the cleaner.


  1. It has been reported that the cleaner works great in a first few years, but later the machine was not processing in its best possible condition.
  2. People also have reported that they are some hidden warranty cost associated with the product. It can give people alarm; however, the company assures people the best price for this product in the market.
  3. The product is told to work in a great condition or working life of 4 year, but many have reported against it. Few people have reported that the product work again only in a few season to start, but later the processing slows down.
  4. Power cord of the unit is not a swivel that means you have to be carefully monitor the unit so that it moves without any problem.
  5. People also have reported lag times in support by the customer service provider of the company working in the US. That is irritable; as such, a big should provide better support to the customers or client.
  6. Some have reported that you have to pay warranty care fee of $152 in case if there is a problem with the unit.


Final Words


If you want to ease yourself from the headache of cleaning water pools using cheap cleaner or paying to the cleaning agents, you should buy Blue Diamond Pool Cleaner. The product is very efficient in cleaning swimming pools. It has a great power efficiency and an optimized guided computing system. Operating the cleaner is very simple and even with some little read you can easily operate the cleaner, but make sure you read all the instruction listed in the manual. Other than that, you have the champion pool cleaner in your home that will help you cleaning dirt, debris or any other unwanted stuff from your pools. Finally, the product price is very much affordable, as you have to pay it for one time and it will be your friend for next 10 years.


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