Best Snowdon walking routes for hiking people




best snowdon walking routes

Snowdon Mountains in Wales are the best to hike. Tourist will be seeing a lot of natural wonders of Snowdonia National Park. These mountains attract millions of people to the Wales from around the Globe. People will be surprised to know that Snowdon Mountains have been the top trend in Google UK searches.

These routes will help you discover the beautiful attraction that you wouldn’t find any other place of the World. There are mountainous villages, valleys, national heritage sites, and waterfalls in Snowdonia National Park. It is the highest mountain region in the areas of Wales, UK.

Snowdon railway tours provide opportunity to people to see the park all the way to its highest peak and deep into the valleys. However, walking tours will give you the opportunity to discover the park a lot more in detail. You can access the park from different routes. Also guides can be hired to easy your journey in this national park.

Haven’t you discovered the Snowdon mountain national park? In the next heading, people will read about the best walk tours in the National Park. Walk tours will take you deep into the valley and mountain villages of the national park and it will be a life time experience.


Best Walk Tours Snowdon Mountains


There are tremendous sights to see in Snowdon Valley. People will love to walk and hike across these mountains. People should always keep a camera and other travel stuff along while they tour in these mountains. First aid kit, a carrier, and map of mountains will be the necessary weight that you have to carry as you travel across the Snowdon walking routes. You should know that traveling in different routes need different skill level, so you should select the route that would work out for you.


  1. Llanberis Path 

    Llanberis path is the easiest for a hiking tour. There are three levels; first, one would be easier; second, one will become tricky as you will be hiking to the heights of the mountain, and once you disappear into the clouds only the path would be visible to youModerate level hiking skill would sort your way out of Llanberis path.

  1. Miners track 

    Miners’ track is a 3-hour adventure journey all the way to the top of Snowdon Mountains. The path is easy at the beginning, as the elevation level begins to increase; some hiking skill would be enough for your tour of Miners Track.

  2. Snowdon Ranger 

    Randers route was named after John Morton, guide who years ago opened the Snowdon ranger Inn, which is still providing guide facilities to the hikers.  It is a moderate route made for the hikers all skills. So you wouldn’t have to worry about your skill level.

  3. South Ridge 

    Little bit hiking skill would be enough to walk on South Ridge mountain route.

  4. Watkins Path  It was named after Sir Edward Watkin, railway entrepreneur and Liberal member of the parliament. It was the first mountain route built to open the countryside areas for tourists.  It is a little hard and light heart people shouldn’t pick this one.
  5. Snowdon Horseshoe 

    You should only walk on Horseshoe if you have the skill to walk or hike on higher elevation levels.


There are many other things to do in Snowdonia National Park. You should read about them.

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