Best places to go shopping in Waco tx

Are you in Waco Texas? Whether you are a traveler or a local, you must get shopping in Waco TX, top shopping malls. There are several fantastic shops in the Waco City from where you can buy all the needed stuff for your bedroom, or gifts for your friends and family.
You can buy quality antiques, decor items, art pieces, clothing, and accessories; guess everything in the Waco City. So what are some best shops in Waco? Keep reading, as you will find all the details in the next heading.

go shopping in Waco

Where to go shopping in Waco, TX

The Magnolia market

At The Magnolia market people can buy all the different types of products including, clothing apparel, jewelry, bags, purses, perfumes, kitchen appliances, and many other products. You can also buy gifts from the magnolia market’s official website.
Address: 601 WEBSTER AVE, WACO TX 76706

Spice village

Spice Village gives real spice of life to people. You can get all the stuff needed for your room, kitchen, or wardrobe. It is one of the best shopping centers in Waco, Texas. You can rent Spice Village party rooms for your special occasions and events. Get to know more about them at their official website.
Address: 213 Mary Ave, Waco, TX 76701, USA

The findery

At the findery, people can buy antiques, gifts, flowers, and home decoration items. Quality products are available to people at the shop. The findery also has an official site for online shopping. People can buy or browse their collection of antique and decor pieces at the website.
Address: 501 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76706, USA

Harp design (home decor)

Harp Design is the best furniture shop in Waco, TX. You can buy their quality furniture from the store located in the city. Quality furniture at Harp design includes kitchen furniture, farmhouse collection, and indoor furniture. The idea is to combine the techniques and skills of craftsmen with modern lines and styles. If you want to browse their collection, visit their official website.
Address: 808 N 15th St. Waco, TX 76707

Christi’s (interior design)

Christi’s started as an interior designing store in Waco by the founder, Christi Proctor. The company later introduced more products and appliances to its valued customers. They provide a huge list of products at their store including, jewelry, gifts, fabrics, interior goods, pillows, decors, and other products.
Address: 1023 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

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Craft gallery (home decor)

Buy quality decoration pieces from the Craft Gallery store in Waco, TX. They also provide people women’s clothing, antiques, furniture, and gifts at their store. You can get a little information about their products at their official site.
Address: 7524 Bosque Blvd., Suite I, Waco, TX. 76712

Shades of shabby

Shades of Shabby store in Waco provides people custom build tables for farm houses and other areas of your home. Unique, amazing, and stylish furniture of Shades of Shabby made it as one of the best shops in Waco to visit. They also sell gifts to their valued customers at their store. They also have an online website from where people can browse their collection of products.
Address: 926 LaSalle Ave, Waco, Texas

Salvage sisters

Buy beautiful antique picture, decor pieces, and gifts are being sold at their local store. They also got an online website for shopping. Don’t forget to take a look at their collection.
Address: 1708 Austin Ave Waco, Texas 76701


Prefontaine is a women luxury and vintage clothing shop in Waco, Texas. The store provides a wide range of clothing collection and apparels to their clothing addicts. You can also buy their products for your own use or as gifts for your love ones.

Address: 914 Lake Air Drive. Waco, TX


Sironia is a shopping center in the heart of Texas. People can find a wide range of clothing, gifts, antiques, and other products provided by independent sellers, who rent clothing section from Sironia store owners. To learn more, visit their website.

Address: 1509 Austin Ave, Waco, TX

Lil monkey boutique

Heartwarming and always smiling staff of Lil Monkey boutique will provide you the best shopping services in Waco. You can buy their excellent clothing, highly recommended by their previous customers. Staff will guide you to let you buy the quality clothing based on your taste and style.
Address: 2052 N Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX

Papillon antiques

Papillon is the taste of your heart. The French colors in their contemporary antique piece will magnetize you to buy their exciting collection from their store. You can also check their art pieces and products at their official website.

Address: 1025 Austin Ave, Waco

Summer Ellis Bijouterie

Summer Ellis is a vintage clothing, jewelry, and women’s apparel shop in the Waco City. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and other jewelry products are available on their online store. To browse their pieces, you can visit Summer Ellis official site.
Address: 601 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76701, USA

Brazos Valley cheese


As the name says, Brazos Valley provides people organic cheese made from natural resources and efforts of their staff. They promise you as the cheese will be pure and organic, without any additional flavors. People can check their wide range of cheese products at their website.

Address: 206 Halbert Ln, Waco, TX

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