All times 50 best places to live in Russia

Living is Russia is a great idea as there are many best places to live in Russia for people of every taste, color, and ethnic background. You can easily afford to by homes or rent apartments in any good area in the capital city of Moscow. Weather is cold, but there are many Russian cities with optimum weather conditions. Russia spans to almost half of the World and there would be no limit to your decision of buying home or renting home in any of the best cities to live in Russia.

Weather of Russia

Weather is mostly cold, however, you can also choose to live in some mild weather conditions such as in the cities of Sochi, Astrakhan, Yevpatoria, and Makhachkala. In Sochi, Mediterranean climate would let you to enjoy beach tours at the Black Sea. People can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, and other activities at the different beaches of the Sochi city.

Talking about extreme winter, well, you can find it in many of the cities in Russia. Among the coldest cities, 5 cities and towns where people can still live in are: Yakutsk, Norilsk, Dikson, Verkhoyansk, and Dudinka. Among the other inhabited cities, the rural areas of Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk are considered as the coldest inhabited towns or villages in the World.

Best weather cities in Russia

People can still enjoy spring in these best weather cities in Russia:

  1. Saint Petersburg
  2. Rostov-on-Don
  3. Voronezh
  4. Krasnodar
  5. Derbent
  6. Astrakhan
  7. Sochi
  8. Yevpatoria
  9. Makhachkala

50 best places to live in Russia

1. Moscow

Moscow is one of the best cities to live in Russia. It has a strong economy, infrastructure, and attracts millions of tourists every year. People can easily afford to buy or rent homes in Moscow as the prices are not very high. Weather in Moscow is cold during winter season, however, you still can enjoy wild temperature in the summer season. May, June, and July are the best months to visit Moscow.

There are many travel destinations in the city such as Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Bolshoi Theatre, and some religious landmarks in the city. There are several parks, museums, and theatres in the city. It is a huge city and you can find all the fun here.

2. Saint Petersburg (Travel, Food, Culture)

Saint Petersburg is a great city to live in Russia because you can find people of foreign languages in the city such as German, English, and other languages. People can enjoy some nice foods and Russian recipes in different restaurants and hotels in the city. Weather is also nice and people can enjoy spring in the month of May, July, and August.

What to see in Saint Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg is a city for outgoing people who love to discover the culture of different ethnic groups. They can also enjoy some tasty food, and beverages in the city. Places to visit in Saint Petersburg are: walk tours to Hermitage museum, Pavlovsk palace, palace square, Peterhof grand palace and gardens, Nevsky Prospekt, and several other travel sites.

3. Nizhny Novgorod (Education, Sports (FIFA), Culture)

Nizhny Novgorod is the city of Maxim Gorky, pioneer of socialistic realism. It is a city of great importance in respect of river tourism, culture, education, and sports. Another great thing is that the next FIFA World championship 2018 will be hosted by Russia and many of its matches will be played in the Nizhny Novogrod. If that interest you, come to live in this great city of Russia.

4. Novosibirsk (Wildlife, Backpack, travel, economy)

Novosibirsk has a powerful economy derived from industries of aircraft, agriculture, hydroelectric, textile, electronics, and IT sector. There are many universities and search centers in the city including, Novosibirsk State University, Agricultural University, center of economics and management, law institute, telecommunication university, and several other educational centers.

Novosibirsk is the city of backpackers and out going people. You can enjoy wildlife tours to Siberian District Nature & Wildlife areas, where you can spot some of the great wildlife animals including, bears, wolves, foxes, wildcats, reindeer, polecat, weasel, martens, and many other animals.

5. Yekaterinburg (Education, Culture, Sports)

Yekaterinburg is the city of cultural and industry. It is one of the best places to live in Russia. There are many cultural centers in Yekaterinburg, where people can enjoy, learn, and discover the different aspects of life of people in Russia. Moreover, people can get education from different great education institutes and research centers in the city. Travelers can enjoy their time visiting theaters, museums, or river cruises in the Iset River. Major sports of Yekaterinburg city are ice hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, bandy, and futsal.

6. Samara (Aerospace)

Samara is the largest economic city in the Volga region of Russian. The city is known for its role in the Russian aerospace crafts, satellites, rockets, and other vehicles. Samara State Aerospace University is the leading institute of engineering and technology in Russia.

The city also provide people a lot of fun activities as there are many theaters and museums in the city. It also hosts several sporting events. Major sports of the city are football, basketball, ice hockey, and beach football.

7. Omsk (Education, Sports)


People can get easy homes or rent apartments in the beautiful city of Omsk. Beside getting good residential homes, people can learn from a lot of great educational institutes. Also they can further take their studies or make research in different fields. There are multiple research and educational institutes in the city. Omsk is great for people with interest in sports and culture. There are many sporting centers and arenas in the city. Ice hockey, volleyball, football, and basketball are the major sports of the city.

8. Kazan (Travel, Sports, Culture)

Kazan is one of the best cities to live in Russia. It is one of leading economic center in the Volga region. Major industries include, construction, banking, engineering, chemical, light, and food. It also hosts several sporting events including the upcoming FIFA World Championship in the 2018. There is nothing wrong in choosing Kazan as a city for your living.

9. Chelyabinsk (Sports, Culture, Education)


It is one of the top cities in Russia as it provide people great weather and health condition. There are many theatres, parks, museums, cultural sites to see in the city. Visiting or living in the city is a great thing for local people or foreigners.

10. Rostov-on-don (Culture, Education, Sports, Economy)

Rostov-on-don is a city of many great people including writers, poets, architects, musicians, scientists, and adventurers. Notable people from Rostov-on-don include the famous writers Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Alexander Pushkin, Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Sergey Yesenin and other famous writers. Roman Chatov was also born in this city. It is a city of great culture and provide people outstanding education in some of the best cities in Russia.

11. Ufa (Business, Sports, Economy)

Ufa is a business hub and center of economy in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The city derives its economy from banking, business, oil refining, mechanical, and chemical industries. Bashkir state university is the major educational center in Ufa city.

12. Volgograd (Culture, History)

13. Perm (Culture, Education, Economy)

Perm has a strong economic output based on aircraft manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, electrical engineering, and other smaller sectors. People can enjoy musical concerts and dramas in Perm opera and ballet house. There are great museums and libraries that people can visit in the city. Higher education is available at the city state university, Perm state medical academy, and agricultural institutes.

14. Krasnoyarsk (Travel, Culture, Sports)

Krasnoyarsk is one of the best places to live in Russia. It is a good city for a living because there are a lot of education institutes in the university. Moreover, it also boost a strong economy for its residents. Sports and tourism are the main features of Krasnoyarsk. Rock climbing is a popular activity at the Stolby nature reserve. The city also provide people sporting activities. Popular sports of Krasnoyarsk are Rugby, Bandy, Free-style wrestling, volleyball, and football.

15. Voronezh (Culture, travel, sports)

Voronezh boost a strong economy from mechanical engineering, metalworking, electronic industry, and food industry. It is a city that boost a strong cultural heritage. There are several theatres, museums, and parks in the city. Theaters in Voronezh include, Voronezh chamber theatre, Koltsov drama theatre, Voronezh opera, and ballet.

16. Saratov (Economy, Industry, Education, Research)

Saratov has a strong industry powered by natural resources. The city also provide a lot of education and research facilities to the students living in the city. There are several beautiful buildings and architectural landmarks that people can visit in the city. Saratov also boost a strong cultural heritage. Moreover, people can visit several different museums and theatres in the city to learn about the heritage of people in Saratov.

17. Krasnodar

Krasnodar is one of the best cities to live in Russia. It boost a strong economy and attracts millions of tourists every year. People can discover the culture and heritage of the city at different theaters and cinemas. State Arts Museum and theatre square are the major sights to see in the city.

18. Tolyatti (automotive, museums, sports)

Tolyatti is the city known for its automotive manufacturing company of AvtoVaz. People can find jobs in automotive and manufacturing industry. There are several museums in the city including, Togliatti technical museum, AvtoVaz museum, and the museum of local lore. There are many other fun things that people can enjoy in the city.

19. Izhevsk (defense, engineering, and metallurgy)

People can find jobs in the industries of defense, engineering, and metallurgy. It is also known as the army capital of Russia. People can get their children to school, high schools, and higher education is available at different high standard universities in the city. There are several museums, parks, and art galleries that people can visit during their holidays in the city. It is a top city for people of every taste in Russia.

20. Ulyanovsk

Ulyanovsk is a great city for education, sporting, and architectural landmarks. Economy is derived from aircraft and automotive industry. Several different kinds of people live in the city including, Russians, Chuvash, Mordvins, and Germans.

21. Barnaul
Barnaul boost a huge economy. There are more than 100 industrial enterprises in the city. Major industries include, diesel, carbon processing, machinery, furniture, and footwear industry. There is no limit of finding jobs in Barnaul city.

22. Vladivostok

Vladivostok has the largest Russian fleet of the Pacific ocean. It has a humid continental climate. People can enjoy rainy seasons while living in this city. It also has a closed proximity to China and North Korea, so it has a strategic importance for the country. People can find jobs in navy, automotive industry, repairment, shipping, and railways. There are several educational institutes and the city boost a great cultural heritage.

23. Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl is a part of Russian golden ring, group of eight historic cities in Russia. It boost a great tourism and cultural heritage. The old part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

24. Irkutsk

Finding a good job in Irkutsk is not a difficult thing. Employment opportunities are available in several different in the city including, hydroelectric, aircraft manufacturing, and transportation industries. People can get education from several high standard schools and colleges. Bandy is the major sport in the city. There are many theatres and museums that people can visit during their holidays.

25. Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk experience a dry winter climate. It has strong military infrastructure and it is a strategically important city in Russia. There are several tourists sights to see in Khabarovsk, so people can enjoy their fun time during their holidays while living in the Khabarovsk.

26. Tyumen

People can enjoy employment opportunities in several different industries including transport, oil and gas, railways, marketing, and shipping industry. There are a lot of fun things to do in Tyumen. There are a lot of theatres, cinemas, museums, parks, and art galleries in the city. The city provides fun and entertainment to people of all ages.

27. Makhachkala

Makhachkala is one of the few cities of Russia that experience high temperatures in summer. Due to its weather and location, people can enjoy a nice summer weather. They can visit Makhachkala beach at the site of the Caspian sea. Boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling are very popular in Makhachkala. Muslim Magomedovich Salikhov, kickboxer, was born in this city.


Jobs in Kemerovo are available in the fields of railways, mining, metallurgy, agriculture, manufacturing industries. People can get higher education from Kemerovo state university. There are several fun things that people of all ages can enjoy while living here in Kemerovo.

29. Orenburg

Large number of employment opportunities are available in the industries of transportation, oil and gas, and transport sector. People can also get employments in the fields of military, education, and other smaller industries. Cost of living is not very high as compared to some other bigger cities of Russia.

30. Ryazan

Jobs in Ryazan are available in the fields of oil refining and electronic manufacturing. It is one of most electronic manufacturing city in Russia. There are several educational institutes and research centers where people can get high education and research facilities for their studies.

31. Tomsk

Tomsk is an old city and still alive as it was in the past. People can get higher education, enjoy their nights in theaters, museums, art galleries, and cinemas. The city boost its own electric energy supply. There are many things people can do in Tomsk including, visiting the Chekhov monument, NKVD memorial museum, Human Puppet theatre, Camp garden, and several other places.

32. Astrakhan

Beside living in this beautiful city, people can enjoy their time visiting some of the great tourists spot including, Astrakhan Kremlin, museum reserve, Arcadia Park, Nikolskaya Street, Kirova street, and the wedding palace.

33. Penza

Penza is a great city for education and sports. There are several high class educational institutes in the Penza city. Choosing the city would also be a great idea for your living.

34. Naberezhnye Chelny

Naberezhnye Chelny derives its economy through the automotive industry. Kamaz and ZMA trucks are manufactured in this city. Football is a popular sport of the city. People also enjoy several festivals and cultural events in the city especially musicals event by the famous Russian brand, Alkonost.

35. Lipetsk

There are a lot of job opportunities that people can get in Lipetsk. Jobs are available in the areas of metallurgy, machine tools manufacturing, chemical, food, and clothing. Novolipetsk Steel company has hired a total number of 48000 employees. Cost of living is also very affordable in the city as compared to the capital or other bigger cities of Russia.

36. Tula

Jobs in Tula are available in the areas of crafting, metallurgy, machinery, and military division. There are several education institutes and learning centers in the city. It is also known as the city where Tolstoy wrote his famous works, i.e. Anna Karenina and War & Peace.

37. Kirov

People can get homes and properties easily in Kirov city at affordable prices. Jobs are available in the areas of machine building, printing, metallurgy, timber industry, and biochemical engineering. Plenty of educational centers will facilities your kids and elder pupils. There are several museums, theaters, and parks to visit in holidays while living in Kirov City.


38. Novokuznetsk

People can get higher education from a branch of Kemerovo State University. Economy is derived from heavy industry including steel and metal industry. In addition, there are several places that people can visit in Novokuznetsk including, Kuznetsk Fortress, Gagarin city park, singing fountain, and several other attractions.

39. Cheboksary

Cheboksary is known for its great number of museums, opera houses, theaters, and parks. The city boost its economy from heavy industry such as metallurgy, hydro electric supply, and several other areas.

40. Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a great city for travel and leisure. There are several great museums, theaters, monuments, parks, and architectural landmarks in the city. People can also enjoy tasty cuisine along with mesmerizing music of the city. It is a great city of people of every lifestyle.

41. Bryansk

Bryansk is one of the best places to live in Russia. Plenty of job opportunities are available in Bryansk in the areas of textile, electric equipment, metalworking, machine building, agriculture, construction, and garments. There are two universities and a technical academy in the city.
42. Ivanovo

Ivanovo is known as the bridges capital of the World. The major source of economy of Ivanovo is the textile industry. Due to its massive textile production, Ivanovo is called as the textile capital of Russia. Beside that there are many great areas of interest in Ivanovo including, the horseshoe building, palace of arts, Oblsovnarhoz-houses, and other interesting architectural sites.

43. Kursk

Kursk city provides a high source of agricultural products to the country. There are many great fields in Kursk surrounding by the black earth region. Kursk also has the World’s largest iron ore that yield a high source of economy to the region. Also, there are several Baroque style catholic churches in the city. Moreover, people can get higher education from the Kursk state university. Furthermore, orchestra and musical events are very popular in the city. Major sport of Kursk is hockey.

44. Stavropol

People can get education from several economic institutes including, automobiles, furniture, material processing, airport, railways, and other transports. Another great thing is that buying homea or rental houses is not a difficult thing in Stavropol. Also cost of living is very affordable in the city.

45. Ulan-Ude

Ulan-Ude is a great city for travelers and digital nomads. People can visit several interesting leisure sights including, Transbaikal, Diocese of the Buryat, the square of the Soviets, and several other sights. Several different ethnic groups live in Ulan-Ude including, Tatars, Ukrainians, Buryats, and Russians. Learning their culture and lifestyle would be a great idea.

46. Tver

Tver provide people quality education at the State University of Tver. There are several educational centers in the city including, city medical academy, branch of Moscow state university of economics, and Zhukov Air and Space Defense Academy. Associations football is a famous sport in Tver.

47. Sevastopol

Sevastapol is a strategic important city in Russia at the side of the Black Sea. The city has a good infrastructure where quality transport is available to people from air, land, and sea. There are several economic derivatives of Sevastopol especially Plastic manufacturing. Besides that there are several museums, theaters, art galleries, historic building, and parks to visit in the city.

48. Belgorod

Belgorod is a great city for a living. It has a strong cultural and historic heritage. People can visit several theaters, museums, and art galleries in the city. White mask is a popular festival celebrated in Belgorod every year.

49. Sochi

Sichoci is one of the few Russian cities that provide people a climate to enjoy visits to the beaches on the Black Sea. There are waterfront hotels and resorts for tourists that visit Sochi every year. Therefore, living here would be a great idea for people who love mixed climate with both winter and summer.

50. Nizhny Tagil

Nizhny Tagil is one of the best city to enjoy a great life in Russia. People can find all the needs of a good life inside the city. There are great educational institutes, cultural centers, theaters, and academies in the city. A few of the great sports in the city are football, hockey,

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