A 16 Year Old Pakistani becomes the youngest millionaire in E-sports

Sumail Hassan the youngest millionaire in E-sports

Sumail Hassan, A 16 Year old Pakistani becomes the youngest millionaire in E-sports by winning the Dota 2 Asia Championship. He played as a squad member of Dota 2 division of Evil Geniuses based in America. The team comprises of 5 members i.e. Saahil Arora, Kurtis Ling, Clinton Loomis, Peter Dager, and Sumail Hassan; among them three are American National, one is Canadian and one is Pakistani National. The team played against Vici Gaming, a Dota 2 division of CDEC based in China, and won the series by 3-1.

Dota 2

Photo by Jakob Wells CC by 2.0 via Flickr

History and Career

Sumail started his game play at the age of 7. With 5 siblings it was a difficult start, family is not strong enough to thrive in Pakistan so they moved to a suburb in Chicago near O’hare International Airport. With a new start in US, Sumail further improved his gaming skills. He spent most of his time improving his gaming skills while giving much to his studies and social activities and that finally brought fruits to his career. He join Evil Geniuses on January 5, 2015 at the age of 15. He took his team to the final match of Asia Dota 2 champion and finally won the cup for his team.

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