8 things you didn’t know about Ellie Goulding

things you didn't know about Ellie Goulding

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Ellie Goulding is one of the best UK female singers with songs trending on the Billboard top 100 list. She has released many successful albums in the past years, and fans are excited about a new album release. If you are Ellie Goulding fan, you might have heard all of her songs. Some fans used to listen to her songs 10s and 100s of time every day of the week. Some fans used to sing and listen Ellie songs while writing or preparing for exams, during work, making meals, eating breakfast, or trying to sleep and wake well soon.


Fun facts people should know about Ellie Goulding


Being Ellie fans you might have listened to her songs, but there are many fun things that you should know about Ellie Goulding, if you haven’t know that fun things before. In the next few headings, I will give you the news and facts of Ellie Goulding that are hidden from your eyes. So let’s start our count of Ellie Goulding facts.


She Tells People She Was A Rebellious Teenager



Teen life is different for everyone. Rebellious mode behavior is a common trait among teens and Ellie Goulding is not exception to it. She accepted the fact of being a rebellious teenager. She has a facial piercing at the age of 14, but did change in the later years.


She Loves to share her pics


There is a lot of talk about her privacy. But is that true? She loves to share her stuff on Instagram. She has her selfies, party pics, and pics of her close group on Instagram, which sometime make people jealous of her.


She’s A Vegetarian




She told the Cosmopolitan magazine about her diet. “Personally, I love being a vegetarian and I thrive on it. I love eating food from the earth – vegetables and grains. I’m one of the strongest people I know and I don’t eat meat at all”. That is a complete definition of being a vegetarian.


She is a “healthy” celebrity





Ellie takes the daring challenge of running six miles a day, and that got the public to witness her being a healthy female singer of these days. She displayed the fitness app by Nike to be adopted by her fans.

She expressed her feelings saying, “When I first started training and it became obvious that I was into fitness, it was quite frowned upon – especially by music critics. Mocked is quite a strong word, but people would often review my music and add in the fact I was into fitness, which I found a bit weird and quite unfair.”


She feel Nervous About her fame





She told the HungerTV, “I think people definitely recognize me a lot more now, and that affects me. I actually freaked out when people stare at me or start taking pictures. I’ll never really get used to that. I’d enjoy being slightly more anonymous again. The other day I got on the tube, and everyone turned to look at me”.

As public surrounds the music star, she feels a little scared or nervous about being noticed by so many people around her. Fans love her, which is great, but the singer cares about her freedom.


Her Song Writing Style has changed




She is going to make her song writing topics not just about boys and love, she wants to go ahead and write about the other things that girls feel in the teen life.
“I think the message is going to be way more positive on my next record. My priorities in terms of what I write about and what I want to draw attention to have changed. I’m not really interested in writing about boys anymore,” said Ellie in an interview.

She’s A Wedding Singer


Ellie did sing some songs for wedding ceremonies. Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was the one where she has been spotted. She sang, “Your song” for the couple’s first dance, followed by a few of her own songs. She was happy and felt pride in singing for the royal ceremony saying, “Singing for the royal family is like treasure forever”.


She Almost Gave Up On her being a pop-star





She told the press about her being a little anxious about her look, which is strange. She is pretty and should not think this way, but now she has a positive approach of her appearance on the stage. She told the press, “if you think you are awesome you will be awesome.”

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