8 best places to live in Berlin


Living in the capital of Germany is a great thing and many people would like to move their luggage to the best places to live in Berlin. Why? Because Germany offers people quality education for their kids and teens. The country has some of the best universities in the World. Germany is one of the best economies of Europe. There are many business and employment opportunities that people can enjoy while living in Germany. So why not you move your house to the best places to stay and live in Berlin. Why living in the capital? Simply because capital is the city where you get most of the business opportunities. A smaller percentage of the cost of living as compared to North American countries such as the USA.


8 best places to stay and live in Berlin


Berliners enjoy a beautiful culture & art, street life, food, and nightlife. Cheap price of fast food and smaller rents is a great thing, especially to outsiders coming to the Berlin. Today, we will not only be talking about the benefits of living in Berlin, but also about, the best places to live in Berlin City.


  1. Prenzlauer Berg

    Prenzlauer Berg

    It is the southern and the urban most area of Berlin. Several different kinds of ethnic groups live in Prenzlauer. There are several divisions and people are grouped into separate classes such as the rich and the low earning community. There are bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. People can enjoy their weekends in some of the best public parks in the country. Over and all, it is the best place to buy homes in Berlin.

  2. Mitte

    Mitte is one of the most important borough of Berlin City. The city museum, Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden, Potsdamer Platz, the Reichstag and Berlin Hauptbahnh all are located in the Mitte borough of Berlin City. So you have already pictured the idea that it is one of the biggest tourist place to go in Berlin City. Why not move your luggage to the Mitte Borough!

  3. Kreuzberg

    Kreuzberg is a historic borough located on the south of Mitte. It is one of the best places to live and stay in Germany. It is a cultural, historic, and the traveling center of the Berlin city. Buying a home in Kreuzberg wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  4. Schoeneberg 


    Let just say, Schoeneberg was the hometown of World’s most notable science… who? Albert Einstein. No way, Yes, Schoeneberg was the hometown of Einstein where he used to live from the year 1914 to the year 1933. You can also stay in Schoeneberg and I can assure you it is one of the best places to live in Germany.

  5. Friedrichshain

    best places to live in Berlin
    It is a historic borough adjacent to the borough of Mitte. People can live in cheap rented houses, while enjoying all the certain needs of human being in the current century.

  6. Charlottenburg
    Charlottenburg is famous for being the host of the last remaining roman palace in the Berlin city; i.e. Charlottenburg Palace. There are many other travel destinations in the borough. Plus, you can live in cheap rent houses and cost of living in this area is way better than living in the cities of the United States and other Western countries.
  7. Neukolln

    Neukolln receives the highest percentage of immigrants in the German capital. The cost of living is attractive for the migrants and that is you. Just move your luggage to this very part of Germany.

  8. Köpenick
    Kopenic gives panoramic views of Müggelsee following through the town and side by side to the different parts of the Kopenic town of Berlin city. People love the healthy environment and charming atmosphere. Rest assured you will be paying very small rent, and cheap grocery prices. Let’s say it straight, “a stress free live!”

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