7 best things to do in Suzdal City

best things to do in Suzdal

Suzdal city is one of the best cities to visit in Russia. There are many serene locations, outstanding buildings, and religious places to visit. To discover and explore the city you should know where to go and what to see. In order to make your job easy, listed below are some of the best things to do in the Suzdal City.

7 best things to do in Suzdal City in a weekly tour

1. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Cathedral of Nativity is an neo-Russian artistry that would surprise you as soon as you reaches near its building located at the Kremlevskaya St, Suzdal. It is a religious building of Orthodox Christianity. Surrounding the building is a serene atmosphere with Kamenka River flows in the near proximity.

2. Suzdal Kremlin

Visit the oldest part of Suzdal city at the kremlin. Originally a fortress, then served as a religious place and administrative center of the city. It is the best place in the city to learn about the art, culture, and traditional of the ancient people of Suzdal City.

3. Shopping Arcades

Get to buy local goods at souvenir shops located in the Suzdal Arcades. Family fun is the best thing offer to customers while they shop, especially families with young ones. Larger shops and stalls sells local goods and other high quality products. It is the best place in Suzdal city for shopping cultural and traditional goods of the city.

4. Wax Museum
A small place that offers you the gems of Russian arts featuring the historical figures and personalities of Russia. Some of the wax figures include Napoleon, Samogonshiki, Kastro, Ekaterina, Alexanderii, Tzvetaeva, and many other paintings. You can visit Wax Museum at Kremlyovskaya ul., 3, Suzdal’, Vladimirskaya oblast’, Russia, 601293.

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5. Svetlaya Banya Bath House
Relax your muscle, dive inside your mind, and feel comfortable after visiting some of the best places of Suzdal. In Svetlaya Banya Bath House, you will be given the best spa treatment in the most friendly atmosphere.

6. Museum Of Wooden Architecture & Peasant Life

Things become really interesting as you explore more in Suzdal. You would be offer to learn the wooden architecture of the ancient people. Also the information about peasant life in rural areas around the city.

7. Spaso-Evfimiyev Monastery

It is great places to visit three religious sites at the same time including Sapso-Evfimiyev Monastery, Bell tower, and Assumption church. On the top of the bell tower you can view other great locations of the city. Get to know the religious theories, arts, and concepts of Orthodox school of Christianity. The complex was built by the Vasili III, Ivan IV and the Pozharsky family of the city.

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