7 best Sochi beaches people need to see

best beaches in Sochi

Sochi, summer city of Russia has plenty of beaches to offer to the tourists. People would be amazed to know that there are plenty of summer beaches in several different cities. Sochi is one of the most visited summer attraction in Russia. People come here to enjoy their time as the strong winds from the Black Sea would give them a freshening experience as compared to the extreme cold temperatures in Moscow and other cities.

So get to know what are some best Sochi beaches and how to travel there. You will also know about their location and how to access the beaches.

7 Best beaches in Sochi City

Imeretinskaya Embankment

Imeretinskaya Embankment is a beautiful yet serene option for beach lovers visiting Sochi. People can enjoy swimming in clean water, walk on warm sand, and enjoy the sun bath on comfortable wooden beds. Eat tasty foods at the nearby hotels in Sochi. It is the top most visit beach in Sochi as voted on the Tripadvisor.

Rosa Beach (Esto-Sadok)

Nature’s beauty, clean water coming straight from the mountains. It is the perfect place to enjoy swimming in clean water and then resting on the comfortable wooden beds. The sight of the lake is amazing as it is surrounded by mountains. It is one of the best Sochi beaches that people can visit on their weekly tours.

Resort U Chyortovykh Vorot (Khosta)

Enjoy BBQs on the nearby hotels at Resort U Chyortovykh. Picturesque the beautiful sights of the river and the surrounding areas. Families, couples, and friend group, all people can find fun in this beautiful resort. You should also know that it is a trendy location rated on the third place on Tripadvisor.

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Central Beach Dagomys (Dagomys)

Dagomys is a beautiful microdistrict in Sochi City. There are a large number of hotels in Dagomys and several high priced resorts mostly owned by the travel agencies. Tourist must visit the Dagomys central beach and other travel spots in the district.

FUN AQUA (Adler)

Adler provide fun to many foreign tourists and locals at this beautiful beach and fun resort. Eat, play, swim, and enjoy the cheers of the local crowd and the foreigners traveled to the city.

Chaika Beach (Lazarevskoye)

Surf, swim, walk, and play on the beautiful beach of Chaika on the Black Sea. Clean water and delicious food will make you an unforgettable tour of the city.

Beach Laguna (Lazarevskoye)

Last to discover Sochi best beach is Laguna or Lazarevskoye. Pure beauty that you can access easily while your stay in the near Laguna resort. It is very easy to get to any of the beautiful beaches in Sochi as there plenty of taxis, public buses, and vehicles to ride on.

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