7 best places to live in Cork County


best places to live in Cork

Shining, lovely, dazzling, and wonderful country of Ireland give you plenty of space to mark your residence. Peaceful people will welcome you with hearts wide open. There are many great cities and villages in Ireland, but if you want to enjoy urban life with your family, you got Cork County as a great option for a living. There are many best places in the Cork County where you can or rent a home.

5 Reasons to move to Cork County

There are a plenty of reasons to live in the Cork County, but I will narrow it down only to 5 reasons, which would be sufficiently enough to understand the quality of life in the city of Cork.

  1. There are a plenty of education centers and research centers where people can go in the county. Cork City is a university city where a large number of students are living, both locals and the foreign students.
  2. People can take part in several sports including rugby, football, cricket, water sports, and several other activities.
  3. Weather of the county is very good. It is neither too hot and neither too cold. August is the hottest month with an average of 15 degree centigrade. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 5 degree Celsius.
  4. People can enjoy the beautiful culture, music, and festivals. There is an opera house in Cork City that can accommodate 1000 people at a time. People can also visit other music centers and theaters to enjoy their time while living in Cork.
  5. Transport facilities are quite good, as people can access public transport including bus, train, and taxi to travel in and around the city.

Top 7 places to live in Cork County


Balling Collig is a just a small drive away from the Cork City. Every amenity and facilities are available in this town. People can visit different shops and kids can get high education from different schools and colleges in the town. It is considered as one of the best places to live in Cork County.

Likewise Ballincollig, Douglas is a few kilometers drive from the Cork City. In Douglas, people can shop from high malls and great stores including TESCO, Marks & Spencer, and TK Maxx. Kids can go to high schools. People can enjoy their time visiting different park and other fun places of Douglas, Cork.

Shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, cafes, churches, and much more. Every amenity is readily available in the town of Carrigine. House or rental prices are not very high in Carrigaline. Property prices are ranging from €130000 to €365000.


Kinsale is popular for tourism. People come here to enjoy “Gourmet Festival” and other different events that are held in the town every year. Property prices in Kinsale are a bit high as compared to those in Carrigaline. But you have a huge list of houses and rental homes to choose from. You can easily get rental property at a price that suits your budget.


Blackrock is famous for Hurling, Fishing, and other different activities. Moreover, it is a village-town, so you can enjoy a country feel within the areas of the Cork City.


Shandon is a rural area located inside the Cork City. The Shandon Castle is the historic landmark in the town. People can also visit the Cork Butter Museum located at O’Connell Square, Shandon.

Bandon is a town of festivals, food, and music. Property prices are quite cheap ranging from €130,000 to €315,000 in general. Bandon Summer Festival, music festival, and festival of lights are some great events celebrated every year in the town.

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