5 Famous Italian mafia today in New York


Watching murders and drug heist in movies is entertaining, but real life doesn’t work like that. People should know that they are living a safe life in their neighborhood. While a few people love peace, but there are still others who hate peace, because peace would stop their income. One way to destroy peace is the killing of single human or mass human shootout. Police, NYPD, and FBI forces keep in check the crime activities in the United.

Crime lords still have the secret weapon of drugs such as cocaine, opium, crystal methamphetamine, PCP, and DMT , which are all small weapon that kills humans like slow poisoning. These drugs come at a high price and only powerful people or drug lords can buy these drugs. Some drug lords are working in small cities, neighborhoods, or downtown area; while some are working in a much bigger scope.


Famous Italian Mafia


Although there are hundreds of different crime lords working in different cities of the US. However, organized mafia family is only found in 26 cities of the US. Italian mob bosses are living for more than a hundred years in the US. In New York, there are 5 famous Italian Mafia families that are still active and operating in different cities of the New York State. Today, you will read all the facts about big 5 Italian crime families, as listed in the next heading.


5 Italian Crime Families in New York


The details of these Italian and American-Italian crime mafia is detailed as follows:


Bonanno Crime Family


Joseph Bonanno was the founder of the crime family. He named the family after his name. It is one of the few American mafia (aka Costa Nostra) that are still active in the New York City. The family is doing organized crimes activities in different cities of the New York State. It is the most powerful crime family among the other mafia in the New York City.


Colombo Crime Family

Colombo Crime Family is the youngest of the other 5 Italian Mafia operating in the New York. The family has seen many internal conflicts and wars. It is the weakest among the other crime families. Colombo mafia family has seen a major conflict when Victor Orena tried to seized the power from Persico. That result in epic bloodshed among the two bosses and finally Persico turned out as the victor.


Gambino Crime Family


Vincent Mangano was the founder of the crime family. It started as a small crime family and soon became the leader in the Underworld mafia. Albert Anastasia murdered Vincent Mangano to become the founder of the family. Later, Carlo Gambino seized the power away from Albert by assassinating him, while he was sitting in a barber shop at the Park Sheraton Hotel, Manhattan, New York.

Genovese Crime Family


Genovese Crime Family is, one of the American Mafia (Costa Nostra), involved in many organized crime activities in the New York City, including: Gambling, robbery, Labor Union, Loan sharking, Fraud, Bribery and other criminal activities. Giuseppe Morello is the founder of the family. It is considered as the most organized crime families in the New York City.


Lucchese crime family


Gaetano Reina started the Lucchese crime group in 1920. Later, Tommy Gagliano overruled the leadership successfully until his death in the year 1951. During the leadership of Tommy Gagliano, crime, family remained peaceful with a small number of operations in Manhattan, Bronx, and New Jersey. After the death of Gagliano, Tommy Lucchese took the leadership and made the family into one of the most influential crime families in the Mafia Commission.

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