27 most famous British crime writers

British writers are the pioneers of several different sub-genres of crime fiction novels. A few British writers gave a new direction to the art of storytelling involving twists and turns in their own charismatic ways.

Short stories of Agatha Christie and the crispy detective stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have been an inspiration to the Hollywood film industry.

Detective stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave the life to the fictional detective series of Sherlock Holmes, which you might already have seen in many different T.V shows and movies.

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27 most Popular British crime writers

Books are a uniquely portable magic. ― Stephen King

According to the saying by Stephen King, each book we read has its own voice, different from the other written some other time. People can’t compare books, as well as the writers. Below is the list of best British crime writers, under no specific order.


  1. Peter James – Roy Grace seriesPeter James is the writer of 28 novels, including the Roy Grace series, which have sold 17 million copies Worldwide. Many of his novels have been made into the Hollywood movies such as Children shouldn’t play with dead things, The Neptune Factor, Blood Thing, The bridge of San Luis and many other films.
  2. Wilkie Collins: The Woman in White

    Wilkie Collins, is regarded as an ICON in the art of story-telling. The Moonstone is the first English detective novel written by Wilkie Collins, which is considered best crime novel written by any British writer. There are other many books that Wilkie Collins has left with us so we can remember him every time we read his books.
  3. Agatha Christie
    Agatha Christie dedicated her entire life in writing crime thriller novels. The Agatha Christie foundation has made her crime-detective stories into T.V short films so we can enjoy her work, or we can just read her novels.
    Because reading a story is different from seeing it on the T.V. Reading gives details of the events happening in the story that no T.V movie can show us.
  4. Martina Cole

    Martina Cole is the author of the novel, The Runaway, which has been featured into a British six episodes T.V Miniseries, starring Jack O’Connell as the main protagonist of the series.She has written other popular crime novels such as, the Dangerous Lady, and The Take. You can buy her works from Amazon or iBook store.
  5. Sheila QuigleyAuthor of Bad Moon Rising, Sheila Quigley is another famous British crime writer, who will inspire you with
    her great works in the genre. You can read her books by buying them on Amazon or iTunes store located in your country.
  6. Mark BillinghamMark Billingham is an English writer in the crime genre; his writing Tom Thorne is among the bestsellers of the genre as featured on Amazon and other book stores.
  7. Lee ChildLee Child is the author of the crime thriller series, Jack Reacher, which has been filmed starring Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike as the main cast of the film. There are many other literature works of Lee Child including The Visitor, Personal, Make me, and many other novels.
  8. Simon KernickSimon Kernick is the author of the novel, Relentless, which is one of the best British crime thriller novel on Amazon. Living today, people regard him as a great author of the crime genre novel in the UK.
  9. P. D. James

    The Children of Men is written by the amazing crime writer P.D. James, who has inspired the young generation in continuing her legacy and work in literature. Other novels by P.D. James include the black tower, the lighthouse, death in holy orders, and many other novels and short stories.
  10. David John Moore Cornwell (John le Carré)Known with his pen name “John Le Carre”, David Jon, is an iconic British crime thriller writer. His literature works include The Man who came in from the Cold, A most wanted man, a murder of quality, A perfect spy, and many other novels and short stories. You can download or buy his books from Amazon or iTunes.
  11. Len Deighton

    Popular works of literature by Len Deighton include Funeral in Berlin, Secret file series, Bernard Samson series, and a few other novels. You can read them on Amazon or iTunes.
  12. Geoffrey Edward West Household

    Extraordinary works by Geoffrey Edward are Rogue Male, Rogue Justice, Dance of Dwarfs, and the Rough Shot. Just read his works and you will be addicted to the crime thriller genre of the novels.
  13. Arthur Conan Doyle: The Collected Sherlock Holmes Short Stories
    Who isn’t familiar with the Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories of Sherlock Holmes? Everyone like detective novels and the Sherlock Holmes stories are the best in the genre. You can watch the Mini Series of Sherlock Holmes adventures or you can read the books by buying them from your nearby bookstore.
  14. Dorothy L. Sayers: Murder Must AdvertiseThe amazing crime book, Murder must advertise, is the work of the author, Dorothy L. Sayers. She also has written many other novels and short books. You can review her book collections on the Amazon book store or on books by iTunes.
  15. Anthony Berkeley CoxAnthony Berkeley Cox famous work, the poisoned chocolate, has sold millions of copies Worldwide. His novel, before the fact, was adopted into a movie by Alfred Hitchcock, starring, Cary Grant, and Joan Fontaine. You should read the popular works of Anthony Berkeley Cox, by buying them from Amazon or iBook store.
  16. Eric Ambler: The Mask of DimitriosThe famous spy novels of Eric Ambler has been a great inspiration for other writers in the genre. His popular novels include, Encore, the way ahead, highly dangerous, the purple plain, a night to remember and many other literary works.
  17. Edmund Crispin: The Moving Toyshop
    Popular literature by Edmund Crispin include The moving Toyshop, Love Lies Bleedings, Holy Disorders, The case of Gilded fly, and other different novels.
  18. Ian FlemingThe famous movies of James Bonds are based on the short stories/novels written by Ian Fleming. You can read the list of James Bond novels series on the Wikipedia or other book websites.
  19. E. C. Bentley
    The author of Trent’s Last Case series, E.C. Bentley invented the Clerihew form of the verb. He was a great British crime novel writer who has inspired a generation of writers and other students in crime genre of novel writing.
  20. Ruth Barbara Rendell
    Ruth Barbara Rendell was an inspiring British writer in the genre of crime thriller. Her work of the Chief Inspector Wexford successfully made into short films and T.V miniseries.
    Standalone novels include: the secret house of death, to fear a painted devil, a judgement in stone, and many other novels and novellas.
  21. Margery Louise Allingham
    She is considered as the pioneer of the detective fiction novels. Her popular works include: the crime of Black Dudley, Mystery mile, police at the funeral, death of a ghost, and many other novels and novellas.
  22. Peter Lovesey: The False Inspector Dew
    Golden works of Peter Lovesey include the false inspector dew, upon a dark night, cops to corpse, the stone wife, and many other novels. Just buy the author’s novels on Amazon or iBook store.
  23. Norman Colin Dexter: Inspector Morse
    Norman Colin Dexter is the author of the crime series, Inspector Morse, which has been adapted into T.V shows. He also has written a few novellas and short stories; you can download his books from Amazon or iBook store.
  24. Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow
    The pioneer of Romantic mystery genre of crime novels, Mary Florence was born on 17 September 1916 in Sunderland, England. Her famous fantasy fiction series of Merlin has been a great inspiration for fantasy writers, especially in the area of magic and witchcrafts.

    She also has written three children’s novels including The Little Broomstick, Ludo and the Star Horse, and A Walk in Wolf Wood.

  25. Reginald Charles Hill
    Author of the A Clubbable Woman, Reginald Charles Hill is considered in high regard as one of the best British crime writer in the genre. You can read his books on Amazon or iBook store.
  26. Dick Francis: Whip handMost of the novels of Dick Francis focus on horse riding in England. British sports are the key topic of Dick Francis novels. Whip hand is the masterpiece work of the author, which have sold millions of copies Worldwide. You can buy the novel from Amazon or iBook stores.
  27. Lionel Davidson: The Rose of TibetLionel Davidson masterpiece work of the rose of Tibet is one of the best crime books sold by British writer in this genre. He also has written many other novels such as the Sun Chemist, making good again, the Chelsea murders, and many other novels.

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