25 best places to live in Netherlands

People love cities where they can find jobs, fun, adventure, music, nightlife, and affordable cost of living. Weather is also an important aspect. In Netherlands you can enjoy life with fun, entertainments, jobs, and easy cost of living. Moreover, Amsterdam provides people a large number of jobs and business opportunities that make it one of the best cities to live in Netherlands.

Whether you are looking for country lifestyle of urban living, Netherlands offers all of it to you. Talking about life in Amsterdam, you should know that it is one of best destinations to visit in Netherlands.

Instead of talking about travel and adventure in Netherlands, let’s talk about where you can find the best lifestyle facilities at the most affordable prices. In the next heading, you can find the list of 25 best cities/places to live in Netherlands.

Top 25 best places to live in Netherlands

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and most lively city in Netherlands. A huge number of businesses and job opportunities are available in the city. Moreover, there are a lot of fun things and places to visit in Amsterdam. You can enjoy your weekends at one of best destinations in Europe. Theater and nightlife are also one of the best features of the city. For that reason, Amsterdam is said to be the best city to live in Holland or Netherlands.

2. Utrecht (Education)

Utrecht provides its residence high quality education, one of the best in Europe. The Utrecht University is the biggest education center in Netherlands. Culture, theater, film, street life, guess everything is available in this beautiful city of Holland.
3. Amstelveen

Amstelveen is the host of Dutch biggest Airlines, i.e. KLM. There are other companies’s headquarters located in the city. KPMG head office is also located in Amstelveen municipality of Netherlands. Theaters, museums, and art galleries are some places that people can visit here during their weekend holidays.

4. Haarlem
Haarlem is one of the top places to live in Netherlands. It is not only a great place to live but also people can visit some of the top museums and theatres. Also people enjoy the color, musical, and nightlife while living in the city. Football is a famous sport in Haarlem.
5. s-Hertogenbosch
S-Hertogenbosch is a center of culture, industry, education, and economy in the country. There are several great companies in the city including, Tyco international, Epic, Heineken, and many other companies. People enjoy a lot of musical and cultural events in the city. International Vocal Competition, November Music, and Jazz in Duketown are some of the few musical events to enjoy in s-Hertogenbosch.

6. Den Haag

Den Haag or the Haag is a city of international politics and other different aspects. The building of International criminal court is located in the city. The Peace palace in Den Haag is one of the notable feature of the city. The city is influenced by European criminal laws, foreign affairs, and other aspects of justice and peace of the region.

7. Haarlemmermeer

Haarlemmermeer is one of the most developed town in Netherlands. It derives its economy mainly from the transport industry. Several companies are located in the city. Most importantly, the Schiphol Airport is also located in this part of the country. Another great thing about Haarlemmermeer is that there are several monuments, parks, theaters, and educational institutes in the town. It will provide you every aspect and need for your living inside its boundaries.

8. Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the oldest city in Netherlands. It has a rich cultural heritage which date back to the time of Romans. There are several museums to visit in the city including, Valkhof museum, Velorama, House of history, Africa museum, and several others. Another great thing is that people can enjoy playing football as the major sport of the Nijmegen city.

9. Leiden (Education)

People can get quality education from Leiden University, oldest in Netherlands. It provides people great medication and modern facilities. One of the World’s most famous painter, i.e.  Rembrandt was born in this city. There are several architectural landmarks, historic building, and other points of interest to visit in the city.

10. Rotterdam

Sporting, education, culture, fun, and adventure, guess you can get anything you needed for a great life in this beautiful city. People from different religions are living in harmony in the Rotterdam city. There are a great number of education institutes in the city. Plenty of fun opportunities are available to enjoy here in Rotterdam. There is no doubt in saying that Rotterdam is one of the best places to live in Netherlands.

11. Amersfoort

Amersfoort is one of the most developed city in Netherlands. It has the Netherlands largest railway station. It is an old city that just celebrated its 750th birthday. The city derives a huge economy to the country. There are several great museums in the city including, The Mondriaan museum, Flehite, Armando, and the Dutch Cavalry museum.

12. Eindhoven

People can get high education from the great number of schools and colleges in the Eindhoven. It has a large and diversified population of people from different locations and religion. People speak several languages in the city of Eindhoven. European Institute of Innovation and Technology is the notable institute of science and technology that lies in the boundaries of the city.

13. Arnhem (Culture and History)

Arnhem has a rich history coming from the medieval era. It also played a significant rule in World War II. In addition, there are several science and technology institutes in the city. There are several museums and historic sites to see in the city of Arnhem.

14. Dordrecht (Culture and Places)

People can enjoy their time visiting several different places of interest. There are several festivals that they can celebrate every year. Such as Christmas, Queensday, funfair, and the Ascension. People can live calm, healthy, and pleasant life while living in this beautiful city.

15. Zwolle

Zwolle is famous for sports, culture, and tourism. Famous sports include, hockey, football, boxing, tennis, and a few other games. Moreover, there are several institutes and educational facilities that provide quality education to the city’s residents. It is no doubt, one of the best places to live in Netherlands.

16. Alphen aan den Rijn (Tourism)

Aplhen aan den Rijn is a city famous for tourism. People come here to visit some of the beautiful natural parks and heritage sites. Also, people can enjoy visiting their some notable places including, Avifauna Bird Park, Archeon, and Zegersloot Recreation Park. There are several other parks that people can visit while living here. Furthermore, the head office of  Wolters Kluwer is located in the city.


17. Leidschendam-Voorburg

Life in safe in Leidschendam-Voorburg. People can enjoy rural-country lifestyle with everything available just a few minutes walk from their homes. You will feel an urban atmosphere in this beautiful town of Netherlands.

18. Gouda

In South Holland, people can live in great city of Gouda. The city is famous for its cheese production in the World. Other famous goods in Gouda are smoking pipes, stroopwafels, linen, and other retail goods.

19. Tilburg

Tilburg economy depends upon local and foreign investment. Moreover, many companies such as japanese film making company Fujifilm open its franchise in the city of Tilburg. Interpolis is the largest insurance company in Tilburg, Netherlands.

20. Velsen

Tata steel has its manufacturing unit located in Velsen. There are other different companies that have their offices in the city. Another thing you need to know is that the ruins of Roman naval base also lies in the city.

21. Ede

Ede is a small municipality that lies between Arnhem and Utrecht. Tourism is the main source of economy of the city Education is another important area that help in improving quality of life standards of people of the city. People enjoy calm life as the population is small and there are a lot of vacant spaces that people can buy for their living in Ede.

22. Groningen

Gronigen University and Hanze University of Applied Science are the great higher education institutes of the city. There are many notable building and places to visit in the city. The city provide its people a calm and beautiful life.

23. Delft

The green city of Delft has got its all to provides a great lifestyle to the people living in the city. Also, there are several parks, religious places, and historic sites to visit in the city.

24. Hilversum

Hilversum also known as the “The Media city” is a center of culture and radio in the Netherlands. It is a beautiful city as there are trees, meadows, and lakes in it. There are several notable places to visit in Hilversum including, Noordse Bosje shopping street, Hilversum media park, and several other different places.

25. Purmerend

Purmerend is a center of trade in Netherlands. People love to go to the city to get their children quality education and health services. Het Twiske, Theater De Purmaryn, burggolf, city museum, Tingieterij Holland, and several other sights.


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