100 creative writing prompts for bloggers

creative writing prompts for bloggers

New blog geeks find it hard to write new topics on their blogs. Creative writing is a unique trait but you should also know how to implement your writing skills and what you should write about. If your blog focuses on a smaller topic such as food, it will be very difficult to write hundreds of posts and drive huge traffic to your site. But if you have a blog that has a bigger scope you can write about anything. Still you need to know where to stay and what to write on your blog.

100+ blog topic and creative writing prompts

  1. Travel: Write about your last trip to the best destinations in your city, country, or other places of your interest. People will love to read your story, and it will help them to plan their tours to your recommended destinations. Travel stories inspire people, which will bring users to your website or blog.
  2. Food: Do you love eating delicious Spanish recipes or you have an eastern taste. Tradition food in your areas will also motivate people to eat your recommendation or start cooking in their kitchens. Make it compelling and easy to understand for your readers.
  3. Story writing: People love short stories in the category of horror, romance, thrillers, and other genre. To find genres you can visit Goodreads.
  4. Animals: Writing about animal kingdom will bring you hundreds of different topics. Choose your favorite animal and write things you know about the animal.
  5. Insects: Writing about big animals is one thing, but there is a huge world that lives underneath our feet. Discover the world of insects and start writing about them.
  6. BBC miniseries: There are several great mini-series developed by BBC such as the Animal Planet or the Band of Brothers; start writing about them.
  7. Love stories: Write about inspiring love stories that brought people together and bounded them in a serious live together or marriage relationships. Love stories of famous people will also be another idea that you can consider in your blog.
  8. Journals: Write your day to day work or things you have done today as journal entries. For example, the diary of nobody or perks of being a wallflower are some relevant ideas.
  9. Astronomy: Milky Way is our galaxy and we all love it. Astronomy geeks would love to read new fun facts about different planets and stars. Don’t just stuck to Milky Way!
  10. Celebrity Gossip: Write about celebrities trending on media channels and social media sites. You can read celebrity news at MSN, Google trends, Facebook trends, or any other blog site.
  11. Poetry or poems: Poetry writing is a unique trait but you can find poets on Tumblr or WordPress that write hundreds of poems every week. You can get inspiration from them. Write children poems and inspire your young crowd.
  12. Dragon: Eye catching story about mythical creatures such as dragons is also a great idea for your blog. You can share insights about any famous dragon from the TV or movies.
  13. History:
    It covers a huge area so you can write about any famous past events. You can break it down to several different sub-categories. Get the idea from history category at Wikipedia platform.
  14. Listings: It is the easiest and the most popular category in blogging. People love to make listing such as top 10s, 100 best, or 500 best things.
  15. Sports: Write about your favorite sport, famous sports figure, or any famous matches of the history. You can also write about your favorite sport person, and his or her complete photography.
  16. Health: Teach people to keep up and running in the best means possible. Also you can talk about your healthy routine life. Things that keep you on the track as you spend your 24 hours. 
  17. Search engine optimization: People in the SEO field can share tips on getting website to the top pages of search engine. Share advance techniques and ways to get the website on the top of search engine especially the big G.
  18. Social media marketing: What are some ways to get people like or share your share your social media posts. Share recent insights about top social media sites of Facebook, Google +, and Instagram.
  19. Inspiring bloggers:
    Write about famous or top bloggers in the market such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Rand Fishkin, Harvey Levin, and others. You can write how they started and what brought them to the top in the industry.
  20. Science ideas for kids: Kids from kindergarten or in the middle classes love to play with different science materials and equipment. They will love to experiment new fun science ideas. Do you have one; do share any safe and interesting ideas with kids.
  21. Stay away from drugs: Write about cannabis and its side effects. Interesting facts about drug will educate people in understanding the effects of drug on our body.
  22. Addiction: Everyone has a passion or addiction, what are your things that you can’t live without.
  23. People: Write about famous people or notorious figures in the history. Do you admire Einstein or you love great politicians such as Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, or any other famous person of the history.
  24. Politics: It is a very fast industry and also need complete commitment to write about. News and events take place every hour of the day. So you need a complete team to write on politics.
  25. Friendship: Share your friendship stories, write about your BFF. Share with people your experience with your friend. Let people know some friendship ideas, gifts, and tips to keep your friends happy hereafter.
  26. Goods: Write about everyday goods and products that you consume in your daily routine. You can also share with people about the most used goods in the World.
  27. Vegetables: Write about all types of vegetables that people consume in their routine. Fun facts about any daily to use vegetable will educate people to learn their importance for a healthy living.
  28. Fruits: Just like vegetables, what are the most used fruits in the World. Write their fun facts and their advantages to the human bodies.
  29. Bees and bugs: Do you know that bees are important for the existence of our planet. You can write their fun facts and importance to our ecosystem.
  30. Big fat liar: Write an obvious lie and share it with your readers on your site and social media pages. People will hate you or criticize you, but still it will increase your website lead which is what you needed the most.
  31. Fears and nightmares: Write about your greatest fears or the worst nightmare you have in your life. It is fun and people will love it.
  32. How it is made: Write about stuff that is being made every day. Detail all the steps with pictures for easy understanding.
  33. Leaks: It is great to release news or spoilers about something new coming in your relevant (niche) market. People will definitely read the leaks but share true facts not just lies. However, some lies will also work for a small time period.
  34. Historic Gems: Some people live forever as they have inspired so many people generations over generations and people will follow their paths. Such as Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), Isaac Newton, Prophet Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and several hundreds of great people of the history.
  35. Great Minds: Beside writing about Historic icons you can also write about great minds in different of chemistry, physics, medicine, astronomy, and other fields of science. The first names would be Einstein or Newton.
  36. Great Authors: Writers who have inspired you and other bookworms would be a great idea. Write about J. R. R. Tolkien, Oscar Wilde, J. K. Rowling, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, and many other great authors.
  37. Smartphones: Apple iphone, Samsung galaxy, Nokia Lumia, and other smartphone related topics; their new updates and features.
  38. Hotels: Write reviews on hundreds of different hotels in different countries of the World. It is a very competitive category. So you should expect a strong competition from your rivals in the niche area.
  39. Fashion: It is great to talk about new trends in fashion. You can cover a lot of sub-categories such as trending now, best in the business, etc.
  40. Famous Artists: Write about greatest artists and their works.
  41. Revolutionaries: Talk about people who changed the course of history. Such as Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Che Guevara, George W. Washington, John Adam, and other revolutionary leaders of the history.
  42. Quotes and sayings: One of the most shared posts on social media are the sayings of famous people of the history. Share your favorite quotes with your blog readers.
  43. Critics: They work quite well as far as you are telling the truth and making obvious mistakes or flaws in something of your interest such as movie or TV show.
  44. Technology: Write new innovations and changes in the technology. What new products are making our life easy, let people know.
  45. How do you miss that: A flashback or event in the TV show or movie that people miss but you got it. Share it with your crowd.
  46. Antiques: Talk about some antique pieces, how you get them, and what make you a collect these objects.
  47. DIY craft: It is a very popular subject, and hundreds of popular blog are writing on DIY crafts. You can get the ideas from Pinterest.
  48. Home decors: It is time to decorate your room, gallery, or gathering room. Share home decor idea with your blog community.
  49. Puzzles: It is a popular topic in blogging but not an easy one to do. You can read ideas of Buzzfeed and other popular blogs in the business.
  50. Real Estate: If there is one category that can make you a rich blogger, it would be real estate. But it is also a competitive category and not very easy to take on.
  51. Law: If you know about law then it is your area. Write about criminal law, violence, accident cases, and other sub-categories.
  52. Apparels: Are you interested in jewelry and other apparels. Write about expensive jewelry brands and other popular names in the industry.
  53. New Words in the Dictionary: It is fun to share some new words and their meanings. You can find them at Thesaurus dictionary of words.
  54. Vampires and werewolves: These are very popular topics in the media. Write about these creatures and share the famous books and shows about vampires and werewolves.
  55. Favorite subject: Write about your favorite subject from your school life. You can also talk about your favorite teachers and why you love them.
  56. Interviews: Get the chance of taking interview with famous people in media? Write the whole story of your interview.
  57. Good vibes: Share the things that make you smile or change your mood.
  58. Six abs: Tricks and tips that can help guys to make six abs. Fitness posts are very easy to write but the competition is very high.
  59. Marvel Comics: Do you have an interest in marvel comics. You can share your comics with your blog crowd. Need skills of an artist or Photoshop expert.
  60. Web designing: Designing is a complete new story and there are hundreds of great web designing blogs. If this is your area, then share your designing skills with your web readers.
  61. Photoshop: Beside designing, Photoshop expertise and how to posts would be another topic to discus.
  62. Hardware and softwares: How to use different softwares and other related topics is also an area if you are a computer geek.
  63. Myths and folklore: People love myths and folklores. Share some famous arab folklore or your home town story with your crowd.
  64. Human: Homospaniens or human are curious creatures. Write different facts about human body and its different functionalities.
  65. Diseases and cures: A few centuries ago, smallpox killed masses of people in Europe and other continents. Talk about such diseases and their cures.
  66. Parent advice and tips: Writing for moms and toddlers is a great idea. You can give your thoughts and guides to parents and women with pregnancy. Moms would be very happy to read parental advice from your blog.
  67. How they do it: You might have seen magic and other stuff. See videos and share dirty tricks of magicians with your crowd. It is fun and will create curiosity for people interested in magic.
  68. Spells and potions: Write on the topic of spells in the Harry Potter series and other books in magic. People love potions and other magical objects.
  69. Pollution and hazards: It is a good thing to let people know about gasses and material that are destroying our ecosystem. What are different types of population and their side effects?
  70. Pet bloggers: Write about cats and dogs, their favorite food, and hobbies.
  71. Tweets: These are very popular these days. Share dirty tweets of famous people in the media, politics, entertainment, and other industries.
  72. Photography: This category can be further divided into street-art, earth-porn, and natural places and other great buildings of the World. But you should have good camera and photography skills.
  73. Green houses: It is also a popular area to talk about. Educate people about green houses and how to safe your ecosystem.  
  74. World War II: Although it is a subject of history but you can create a separate category about World War II, aftermaths, and conspiracy theories.
  75. Psychology: It is an interesting subject; and you must have an interest in the subject.
  76. Destinations: Where would you like to travel in summer vacations? Share destination travel with your blog crowd.
  77. Celebrations: Talk about yearly celebrations such as Christmas, Eid, Holi, Carnival, and other famous events.
  78. City ranking: Would you like to share your city review with your crowd. Just tell what they need to know.
  79. Quality of life: What is the quality of life in some remote area of the country, city, or town? Share your views.
  80. Money: Tell your crowd about how to make money with blogging. What are some good tips and other dirty ways in the blogging field?
  81. Beaches: Are you fan of beaches, share your review about the best beaches in your city, state, or your country.
  82. Deserts: Besides talking about green lands, you can also write on Sahara desert and other big deserts of the World.
  83. New Seven Wonders of the World: Discuss about the wonders of the World, their history, and myths.
  84. Life reserves: Talk about African life reserves and masses of animals living in different countries of Africa.
  85. Oceans: There is a huge life in green lands and deserts, but Ocean is a separate top. New species are discover every day in Oceans. Write about life inside the big water reserves.
  86. Megastructures: How some of the greatest megastructures of the World were created. Talk about Palm Jumeirah, Burj-khalifa, and other big buildings and bridges in the World.
  87. Yoga practices and Meditation: Share your tips in the topic of Yoga and Meditation. However, it need special expertise in the field.
  88. Disasters: Share your views and knowledge about some traffic events and natural disasters of the history.
  89. Unexpected Journeys: Did you went somewhere else. Write your unexpected journey to known or unknown place of your knowledge.
  90. Markets: Write about mega markets and malls in the World. Such as Dubai Mall or the old market in the Istanbul city.
  91. How to start a blog: Guide people how to start own blog posts and what they need to know before they start writing.
  92. Programming: Are you a programmer? Let people know how to solve some common errors and other problems in the field.
  93. Instagram: Your Instagram posts can also drive traffic to your site and also your site takes it back to your Instagram profile.
  94. Gifs: A lot of people use gifs in their posts to make them appealing and mesmerizing for their crowd. Make your own gifs or get common right gifs from different photo websites.
  95. Memes: You already have know about memes as they can get your blog a huge traffic or leads. These are spread very fast and people will love to share any funny meme on their social media pages.
  96. Backpacks: Write about stuff that people can keep in their backpacks while planning for their tour to their dream destinations.
  97. Books: Write about top books in different genres. You can find some popular books in the goodreads site.
  98. Trending Now: News on different categories get instant traffic from social media and search engines. You can find trending topics from Google trends or at MSN website.
  99. Telekinetics: Talk about things that human can achieve if they can explore the hidden secrets of our brain. Is it possible to move objects without touching them. What are the theories? and what science and religions says about it.
  100. Conspiracy theories: Talk about several conspiracy theories of the past and present. What are your views about the famous conspiracy theories and what your readers say. Ask their feedback.
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