10 most interesting African cultures and traditions

In Africa, there are hundreds of different tribes with variant languages, traditions, and religious believes. Some tribes belong to the Muslim, Christian, or Jewish traditions and cultures while there are hundreds of others having their own religious beliefs and traditions unique to their ethnicity. Some of the popular tribes include Maasai tribes in Kenya and Tanzania, the Zulu in South Africa, Afar in Ethiopia, and many others. Some are small tribes just belong to a small area or region. Each of these tribes differs in their traditions and cultural norms. Today, you will learn about the most fascinating and interesting African cultures and traditions of several different tribes.

10 interesting African cultures and traditions

These African traditions and cultures will blow your mind. Keep reading about them in the next headings.

Kidnapping the bride

interesting african cultures and traditions

Photo by Arsenie Coseac CC BY-ND 2.0

In the lands of Sudan, where Latuka tribes live, people can discover a bizarre African tradition and culture of the tribe. According to the tradition, if a man need marry a woman must kidnap her. Elder of his family will go to ask the hand of the bride or the woman. If the girl’s dad agrees, he will beat the suitor as a sign of his acceptance. If he disagrees, the man will forcefully marry the woman.

Khweta Ceremony


According to the Khweta ceremony, when a young boy reaches his age, then sent away for days to the circumcision lodge where he will be facing several tests including dancing until exhaustion. Also he will be circumcised or perform other religious procedures.

Bride comes with a price


During the Lobola ceremony, man, or groom needs to pay the woman’s family to get the bride. Negotiations for the marriage are done on paper. During negotiations, families are not allowed to speak with each other.

Living with animals


The Maasai Mara of Kenya and Tanzania will help you discover the life of Maasai people living along with animals. They live with wild animals from elephants to leopards and other wildlife. It is a tradition and their cultural norm to help protect the wildlife. Every tribe has to protect a special species of any wildlife in Masaai Mara reserves, Tanzania.

Bull jumping


Do you prove your strength and manhood by jumping on wild African bulls? Well! Hamer tribe of Ethiopia does have this tradition in their culture. Young boy must run and jump on a bull to prove his manhood. Jumping on the bull is usually done while naked.

The groom wears a veil


It is one of the most interesting African culture in which groom has to wear a veil. In Muslims, women do wear veil to cover their faces; however, Ahaggaren Tuaregs of Algeria do the opposite. Men wear a tuareg almost all time of the day. The groom also has to wear a taureg before he marries a woman. While in the day, the warm atmosphere of Algeria demands them to cover their faces.

Women have their own houses

In the Gio tribe of Ivory Coast, women must have her own house before she marries and completes her family. Children stay with her until of age. After that they have to move out of their mother’s home to make their own home for spending their life. It is quite useful as everyone will be living independently, carrying one’s own weight.

Uncles raises their nephews


It is one of the most interesting African culture that perform by the tribe of Songo, Northern Angola. In their tradition, when a child reaches the age of 5 must leave his parents’ home to live in the family of his uncle (mother’s side). The reason is the chief of the tribe carries his position through matrilineal lines.

Cows are the riches


In the Pokot tribe of Kenya, wealth is counted by the numbers of cows a person has in his or her home. The more the cows a person holds the richer is the owner. That is why they are the “cow people” in Kenya. Moreover, a person who holds more cows can have more women in his marriage.

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