10 famous Thai celebrity chefs people need to know

famous thai celebrity chefs

There are many great McDangs or Thai celebrity chefs from Thailand that are working inside their country or in the foreign lands. People love Thai food recipes as there are readily available in almost all the countries of the World. Beside eating delicious foods from Thailand, people can learn how to cook these recipes from some of the most famous Thai celebrity chefs in the World.

Famous cooks from Thailand will give you live tutorial on television broadcasts or at their own youtube channels. You can learn how to cook recipes by following their tutorials. Nevertheless, you can eat the delicious Thai recipes from any five star hotels nearby your home or office.

Top 10 famous Thai celebrity chefs

Let’s get to know about the famous Thai celebrity chefs; channels on which they give their tutorials; and their official websites.

1. Sirichalerm Svastivadhana

Mom Luang Sirichalerm Svasti is no doubt the most famous Thai celebrity chef. He not only cook delicious recipes but also has written several books and guides on cooking Thai recipes. He is the only chef in Thailand to have his own training class at Le Cordon Bleu College of culinary arts


2. Nan Bunyasaranand

Nan Bunyasaranand is a famous Thai cook who learned cooking delicious recipes and eateries from CIA (the culinary institute of America). At the institute she learn and refined her art under the apprenticeship of Jean-George Vongerichten and Thomas Keller. Her recipes include combination of French and American flavors with the organic and natural foods in Thailand. This gives a more modern/contemporary taste to her recipes.

3. Chef Ian Kittichai

Ian Kittichai is a hardworking Thai cook who started his career from the streets of Bangkok. From his early age he helped his mom in her kitchen, making delicious Thai curries. Cooking eateries carved the love to culinary art on his her which pushed him to go abroad and work at the Waldorf Hotel THF. The hotel chef saw an artist inside Ian so he helped him study at the London School of Culinary. You can read more about him at his official website.

4. Master Chef Nooror

Nooror was born in a family that loves culinary, organic foods, and Thai ingredients. They own their own local hotel in Chachoengsao province of Thailand. Under the apprenticeship of her sister and her mom, she improved her art of making delicious foods and cuisines. She also founded the Blue Elephant restaurant with the help of her husband and their Berlin partners. Her cookeries are featured in more than 30 countries of the World. To explore her recipes you can visit the Blue Elephant restaurant’s official website.

Site: http://www.blueelephant.com

5. Zra Jiraratana

Zra Jiraratana is a graduate in computer science from Assumption University, Bangkok. After graduation, he decided to move his interest from technology to kitchen where he can make delicious eateries and drinks. Beside making recipes for his friend, he opted cooking as his official job. He started his own restaurant, Aston Gastro Bar, in the year 2010. People consider his as one of the best cooks in Thailand.

6. Apirawat Chaopo-en

Apirawat is one of the most famous chef from Thailand. He is the executive of Whale’s Belly Restaurant & Bar. People praise him for his great culinary skills. People can meet the chef at the Whale’s Belly restaurant located at Sukhumvit soi 39, 39 Boulevard Tower, 2nd Floor, Bangkok.

7. Thitid Tassanakajohn

Thitid Ton Tassanakajohn mastered his skills at the Culinary Institute of America. He refined his while working in different restaurants and bars in America. While working abroad he got the charisma of making delicious recipes but still his heart lies in his country. He went back to start making delicious Thai foods which gave him prominence in his country.

8. Thaninthorn Chantrawan

Thaninthorn has his influence from the British celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsay and Heston Bluementhal. Learning under several star chefs in Britain and the US, he went back home to start working as a master chef of Thai food recipes. He is now the chief the of Osha bangkok restaurant.

Site: http://oshabangkok.com

9. Master chef Changthong

Changthong is a chef from Thailand at the Thai-kun restaurant in Austin, Texas. He is working at the restaurant owned by his fellow chef Paul Qui. His culinary skills are well appreciated by the customer that comes to the restaurant. To learn more about him you can visit the Thai-Kun official website.

Site: http://thaikun.com

10. Jet Tila

Jet Tila is a master chef in Thai recipes. He is the chief chef at the The Charleston restaurant in Los Angeles, and Pakpao Thai in Dallas Texas. In media, Jet Tila appeared at the reality-tv chopped, Cutthroat kitchen, Iron chef America, and the best thing I ever ate.

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