10 famous Russian chefs everyone should know

top 10 Russian chefs

There are many famous Russian chefs celebrities who came to prominence due to the spice in their recipes that everyone loves. Foods in Russia have their own unique taste and spice; cooking such foods need extra efforts. Russian chefs help people in making these recipes through different media channels. In the next heading, you will read about the ten famous Russian chefs and a lot more about them.

Top 10 famous Russian chefs

1. Sergei Berezutsky

30 years old Sergie Berezuksky is trained under American chef, Grant Achatz, in Chicago at the Alinea restaurant. Partnered with his brother Ivan who is also a famous chef, he won the 2014 San Pellegrino Cooking Cup. He loves to cook traditional Russian recipes which is why people in the country loves and appreciates him. He along with his brother Ivan, opened a restaurant in Moscow, i.e. ‘Twins’ restaurant.

2. Julia Vysotskaya

Julia Vysotskaya is a television presenter, actress, and host on the show, “Let’s Eat at home”. Her show is broadcasted on the NTV and STB TV channels. She also released several books on making delicious recipes, including, Let’s Eat at Home. Recipes by Julia Vysotskaya, Gloss, Tasty Notes, Cooking for Kids of All Ages, and several other books.

3. Lucien Olivier

Lucien Olivier was a Russian celebrity chef who made his own unique Salad, known as Olivier salad. People refers Olivier Salad as Russian Salad, due to their love and affliction with the salad. Ingredient of the salad was not opened to the public, and the secret recipes goes away to his grave. At the age of 45, Lucien died in the year 1883. Even after his death, people still have different variants of the Olivier Salad.

4. Anatoly Komm

Anatoly Komm is a famous Russian chef and restaurateur. He started his career in the computer business. However, changed his career to the fashion industry. Later, he started as a chef and opened a restaurant, Green, in Moscow. He is the first Russian chef whose restaurant ‘Green’ is listed in the Michelin guide.

5. Laura Bridge

Lover of traveling and cooking, Laura Bridge was born in London, UK. Her love of cooking brought her to the Moscow City in Russia. She has traveled across different countries in Europe to spread her expertise of cooking delicious recipes. She is know an executive chef in Soho Rooms in Moscow City.

6. Glen Ballis

Glen Ballis is initially from Australia where he started his career in the culinary industry. To explore more of his skills he went abroad and traveled in different countries of Asia. He also went to England where he get the opportunity to oversee the operations of London’s famous department store, Harrods. After working for a few years in Harrods, he was offered a position of a restaurant with Arkady Novikov’s flagship in Moscow. Now he has several restaurants and bars in the Moscow City.

7. Andrei Makhov

Andrei Makhov is one of the most famous Russian chefs and has a deep understanding of how delicious recipes work. He think of cooking as a profession, not some position thing. He feels recipes from heart, that is why his recipes works on the heart of people. He is a chef of his own restaurant “Pushkin” in the Moscow City.

8. Vladimir Mukhin

Vladimir Mukhin ideas rebels his father’s idea of classic Russian recipes. Vladimir inclines to the modern European ideas with ingredients from the Black Sea and other raw foods. He likes to copy from the Russian foods to make his own menu of delicious recipes. In every season of Chef’s Table, Vladmiri Mukhin offers a different menu for his fans.

9. Boris Akimov

Boris Akimov mission is to revive Russian traditional recipes refined by modern ideas and ingredients. He says it is not just about buying and eating foods, it is also about how they got the ingredients and what are the main source of each ingredient. His firm LavkaLavka provides foods and eateries to the different cities in Russia.

10. Dmitry Zotov
Dmitry Zotov takes the 10th position in the list of top 10 chefs in Russia. He is a chief chef on two famous restaurants, i.e. Zoloty, and Antrekot. You can also taste Dmitry Zotov recipes at the famous pub, Krylyshko ili Nozhka (Wing or Leg), Moscow City.

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